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The Awesome ARC… not!

Gosh aren’t the ARC fantastic, we get such good value for money from them (as they always point out).

Last time I blogged about them it was because they were shiftily bypassing the democratic process to impose a regional petrol tax on us all. Remember this was the tax they needed because they were short of funds to spend on roads and public transport.

Despite requiring the petrol tax they managed to find enough money to bring David Beckam out here and then piss that money up against the wall. Great one Mike, the best defense they could offer was “community engagement, giving Aucklanders a world-class opportunity, relationships with the Fifa football body, the development of football and Auckland being a major events destination”

WTF, so now this is ARC’s job, to help make Auckland a “major events destination”, not content with roads and parks, and being a complete pain is the ass with the RMA, the ARC has given it’s self yet more things to spend our rates money on.

These are the guy’s who are pitching themselves to be the operators of the possible ‘Super Auckland’ council… oh dear.

What we need is something passed into law preventing any Local council engaging in any activity other than roads, sewage, water, parks and town planning. Anything else they get involved is is invariable a complete screw up and a waste of time and money.


Miss Universe

Miss Universe doing her 'bunny impersonation'

Communist-led Vietnam spent nearly $20 million on the event, including $7 million on a new resort and convention centre to host the pageant, in a bid to promote tourism to the Southeast Asian nation.

It’s a strange world when a supposedly communist country spends $20 million on a Miss Universe Pageant. It’s not like Vietnam is a rich country I would imagine that there are a heap of far more important things to spend that money on – mind you, it’s no different from all the dosh China is spending on the Olympics when a large proportion of the population doesn’t even have proper running water and electricity!