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What Tony Veitch got away with

Well, technically he may never have done this stuff, but then again, if he so strongly believed he was innocent like he did in August, he’d have been happy to defend the charges…

The charges that were dropped are:

Injuring with reckless disregard: 
January 29, 2006.

Male assaults female:
December 18, 2006, at AucklandDropped

Male assaults female: 
November 5, 2005, at AucklandDropped

Male assaults female: 
July 8, 2005, at AucklandDropped

Male assaults female: 
June 3-4, 2005, at RotoruaDropped

Male assaults female: 
Between April 14, 2003, and April 9, 2005, at MangawhaiDropped

Male assaults female: 
Between March 15, 2002, and April 19, 2003, at AucklandDropped

This can only leave the impression that some of the allegations had substance, hence him doing a plea bargain to avoid prision. It also shows an alarming pattern, this wasn’t a one off thing like Veitch pretended when he claimed he “lashed out”, yeah sure, he seems to have “lashed out” quite a bit!


Tony Veitch ‘clears his name’

In August last year Tony Veitch indicated he wanted to clear his name… today he has pleaded guilty to “injuring his ex-partner with reckless disregard”, in what was likely to be a plea bargain, the other assault charges were dropped.

I expect that supporters of Tony Vietch will feel vindicated in their support of him, clearly injuring with disregard rather than being convicted of assault makes him a model citizen and fantastic role model.

No doubt had Mr Veitch had different colour skin and lived out in South Auckland he wouldn’t have got off so likely, nor would he have had high profile ‘celebraties’ coming out in support of him either. I guess Tony’s just lucky he’s white and famous.

Looking forward to seeing the morally convoluted arguments from his supporters justifying his innocence, and pushing for him to return to his previous job. Good luck there, everyone can now see he is a liar and someone prone to lashing out and unable to control his anger. What’s more this is someone who has consistently avoided accepting responsibilities for his actions, he deserves no sympathy or support.

Tony Veitch to return to TV thanks to Murray Deaker

I see hidden away on on Sunday was the news that Tony Veitch is set to return to the TV screens.

Murray Deaker has decided he “couldn’t care less” about what people think and that “He hasn’t had any work for six months and the case is many months away from being heard so, in my opinion, it’s time he got back on the horse again.” Murray is going to have Veitch on his Sky TV show, I’d heard it was going to be renamed ‘Misogynist Sports Buffet’ but I could have miss-understood.

Well having listened to Murray a bit (not by choice) I never thought he was a particularly considered or thoughtful person, so this really just confirms my suspicions. Murray does say that he has “thought this through and I don’t care. I firmly believe people should be given a right to use their skill and to work”.

I guess it’s just lucky for the rest of us that people like Murray Deaker aren’t running the country, because if you extend that sort of logic, then I guess you could argue that anyone currently locked up, or awaiting trial should be allowed to work, hell, lets just do away things like bail and holding people in custody until trial, because they have the right to “use their skill and to work”.

Of course, I suspect when Murray gave it his considered thought he was really thinking about a fellow talking head, and naturally, they should be treated differently from us mere mortals as they have special celebrity status. We should forgive them for their little weaknesses because they have special talents that benefit society… uh right.

Speaking of ‘talent’ I see Murray is listed on Talent Online as a speaker whose “no nonsense” style is exciting and entertaining”. Whatever. Anyone can be “controversial” and “no nonsense” by being an misogynist dinosaur who thinks giving people a bit of a slap is OK sometimes, especially if you are a celebrity. It doesn’t require any special talent to bare your soul to Listener in promotion of your book either, just a motivation to build your public profile. 

As we see so often in this world of instant gratification and glossy, slick and shallow TV becoming a celebrity just requires a laser like attention to self aggrandisement, and an ability to turn your fuck-ups into opportunities.

Obviously Deaker and Sky TV are working to rehabilitate this towering talent that Veitch represents, and so turn his exceedingly poor judgement (that would get you sacked instantly in any other field) to his advantage. I expect Murray is going to help him put a book together explaining how he got through this “dark time in his life” and how he coped with his depression and climbed his way back to fame and fortune. No doubt in that condescending ‘self help’ tone that these sort of celebrities take – ignoring the fact that other women bashers and alcoholics don’t have the highly paid jobs and employers willing to turn a blind eye to their weaknesses if there’s a buck to be made.

I don’t know whether Murray has a daughter, but if he did, and she was treated the way Veitch allegedly treated Kirsten Dunne-Powell, I wonder just how “no nonsense” or forgiving Murray would be with Vietch. I expect he’d probably want to take a visit to ‘sort him out’ rather than welcome him onto his program.

On the other hand maybe Deaker the Dinosaur really has miss-read public opinion on Veitch. I sincerely hope so, because I’d rather hoped we’d all matured a bit in NZ enough to get past superficial celebrity and realise that sometimes you just have to take responsibility for your actions and bow out with some diginity. Sometimes in life there isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card, and I don’t think Deaker is in a position to be dishing them out.

There’s plenty of other fish in the ‘sports news reading’ sea and it’s a big pond, do we really need to try and pump life back into damaged goods like Vietch?

Veitch Update

Hmmm, seems to be a few too many updates over the last week!

Anyway, Veitch got what probably coming to him, but should have happened a lot sooner.

I have to agree with David Farrar, this is not something to be played out in the public arena, but hey, hundreds of people are blogging and talking about it so I guess that’s a bit hypocritical.

What is it with the Police, it seems the lowering of standards in recruiting are starting to show through. They will probably stuff the case up completely as they have a habit of doing with high profile cases.

As I predicted we are going to see a whole bunch of ‘for’ and ‘against’ wheeled out over the coming months, so we’ll all get to make up our minds before the jury does and then trash the verdict if we don’t agree with it.

It is somewhat ironic that the court case will become a bit like a reality TV show, except this is reality, not a bunch of wannabe TV starlets trying to hit the big time, and on one will be the winner at the end of it even if he does escape prison – which I reckon is worth putting money on.

I’m glad I don’t have a TV (yes, that’s right, I haven’t owned a TV for four years now) because no doubt it will be played out each night and everyone who does have a TV will be subjected to highly balanced and in dept 30 second coverage on prime time news.

I wonder how TV1 will cover it?

Let the games begin!

Taking responsiblity for your actions

I guess the situation with Tony Veitch has got me thinking about why people seem so reluctant to take responsibility for their actions. When you make a mistake, admit it, apologise, do what you can to rectify the situation and then everyone can move on. It seems to have become surprisingly hard to do this recently, every apology seems to be qualified by an excuse which usually is blaming something wider for your actions.

I could say it’s the current government who have been responsible for the cultural change in New Zealand, but I can’t as it’s been growing for a while, although I do feel they have perfected the art and made it more acceptable.

I link this failure for individuals to take responsibility for their actions to Political Correctness.

In the world of PC every action is the result of some external force. Maori can blame white people for all their ills because of the actions of colonists over a hundred years ago. Overweight people can blame multinational food companies for their obesity. Smokers dying of cancer can blame cigarette companies for their horrible afflictions. Just about anyone committing some crime can blame ‘society’ for disadvantaging them in some way which lead them to lose control of themselves. And last night Tony Veitch got to blame working seven days and being a bit stressed for kicking the stuffing out of his girlfriend.

This politically correct nonsense has now gone to such lengths that increasingly people don’t even feel the need to apologise at all. After all, everyone should know by now that it isn’t an individuals fault, it’s some external cause originating from the society we live in. Why apologise or take responsibly for your actions when you no longer have any control of your life?

Now the government doesn’t bother apologising or take responsibility for it’s actions, and I include government departments and public servants in this. Offenders will just go to ground and sit it out usually with the complicit backing of those around them. When they do apologise it’s usually has some weasel words in the apology which it can use later on to claim it wasn’t really apologising for it’s mistakes, but someone else’s (witness the agent orange ‘apology’ to Vietnam veterans) and the apology has been so thoroughly vetted by armies of lawyers that it loses all common language meaning and decents into obscure legalese which results in something that really isn’t an apology but a complex excuse. Why should people take responsibility, no other public servant, elected or otherwise does anymore. Even worse the government has now become a vehicle for this corruption, providing support and finance for the blame business whether it be the Treaty of Waitangi industry or the rapidly expanding social services.

You can lie (sorry, miss-speak), cheat, bully, assault, steal and not only not have to apologise because it really isn’t your fault, you’ll actually have a whole bunch of supportive people behind from public figures, the media and academics ready to justify your actions for some obscure historical or societal reason.

Long gone are the days that saw people who screwed up, admit it, resign with some grace and quietly go about making good. Often these people would do this with some dignity – thus showing respect to their victims – gain the respect although not the sympathy of the public, and people could feel that they appreciated the depth and affect of their mistakes. In Japan public figures who stuff up apologise in a humiliating public display prostrating themselves before the press conference and victims, be good to see a bit of that here.

Now you can expect a lucrative contract with some trashy magazine spilling your guts about how it was alcohol or some other rubbish, with soppy airbrushed photos and simpering excuses from your mates saying what a decent person you really are, and eventually you’re back in the saddle. Not only have you not apologised, you haven’t taken responsibly AND you’ve made a bit of cash along the way.

Political correctness is morally corrupt. People like to blame big business and capitalism for the moral corruption in society (yet another excuse) but in fact it’s the PC movement itself that has visited this moral vacuum upon society.

If we really want to start to improve things in NZ we need to start with ourselves and the morality (not religious morality, but moral fibre and integrity and taking responsibility for your actions) of the people we elect and put up as role models. We should have a zero tolerance for people who display a flexibility with the truth and who always seek to blame some external source for their actions. Only when we as individuals take responsibilities for our actions, admit it when we have made mistakes without recourse to excuses, will we be able to improve society and behave in a fair, decent and respectful way to one another.

Interesting blog article on the two types of appology often used…

Tony Veitch Update

I see Mr Veitch has ‘come clean’ and admitted to assaulting his former partner.

Veitch’s assault on his former partner was so vicious that he broke her back in four places. He said he wasn’t making any excuses for his actions, his relationship had just ended and he’d been working seven days a week at two jobs and was on medication for emotional and physical exhaustion.

“I was at the lowest ebb of my life and I needed help.”

He said the reason he hadn’t spoken out before now was that the couple had a confidentiallity agreement because he did not want it to be played out in public.

I don’t see how anyone can possibly continue in a public role such as his after this. He’s had years to come clean, and take responsibility for his actions but rather he tried to pay his victim off in the hope that the incident would go away.

That was naive and stupid and almost as bad as the incident itself, although kicking someone so you fracture their vertebrae seems to be able as bad as it gets as he must have been damn close to either permanently paralysing her, or worse, killing her.

There’s no excuse, and he shouldn’t try to make one it just makes it more obvious that he is someone who cannot take responsibility for his actions. He said he wasn’t making excuses and then roles out a bunch of rubbish which looked exactly like excuses. I don’t give a shit if he was stressed because of his job because he was working seven days a week, hell my job’s stressful and I don’t go around smacking people over and use that as a justification! There are thousands of NZders that work seven days a week and they don’t use that as a reason to beat people up. It awfully thoughtful of him not to want it played out in the media so he paid her off, real generous of him.

No one else should defend him and I hope to hell we don’t see some sort of ‘support Tony Veitch’ group.

I’d still like to know what took TVNZ so bloody long to act, If they’ve known about this for a while that is absolutely inexcusable.

Tony Veitch & TVNZ

This really isn’t about Tony Veitch personally, although the fact that he is refusing to comment on the allegations that he apparently beat up his ex partner (and not just a slap, but in a way that could land anyone in else in prison) doesn’t look good.

It’s TVNZs reaction that is most odd. As soon as the claims surfaced they should have reacted with lightening speed. If the allegations are true TVNZ cannot have someone publicly fronting programs who commits serious assault – whether or not they are prosecuted for it. It can’t be difficult to sort out this issue, if he admits to doing it then he needs to go, you can’t send the message that it’s OK to beat up women (or anyone else) try and cover it up, and then you can end up being a public figure.

It’s stupid for TVNZ to say it’s a private matter, if you are a public celebrity, nothings that private anymore. I suspect if it has been a private company they would not be nearly so supportive and would have had it sorted out very quickly. The longer this drags on the worse it looks, don’t TVNZ have a PR department?

TVNZ is standing by presenter Tony Veitch, despite an outcry from family violence groups who say the state broadcaster is condoning domestic violence by allowing him to remain on air.

It is understood TVNZ knew that Veitch had assaulted former partner Kristin Dunne-Powell, who needed hospital treatment and was confined to a wheelchair.

Updates on this issue are here and here


Latest update…