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King of Shaves razor review

A reader found the new (to NZ) Kong of Shaves Razor was being sold in Pack’n’Save Albany, so I went over to get one as I haven’t seen them anywhere else (so far).

It was a bit bizarre. Pack’n’Save had only one KOS product on offer, the razor. There were no other shaving products from the range anywhere to be seen. The shelves were full of shaving cream from other suppliers, but there were no KOS oils of gels, or any of the pre/post shave face care products. There didn’t seem to be any space for anything else, so either the competitions merchandisers have done a bloody good job of squeezing KOS out of the shelves, or Pack’n’Save in it’s wisdom has decided not to bother with the other products – which is a shame because they leave the competition for dead! From KOS’s point of view it’s a massive missed opportunity, here’s the first new blade on the market for years, and the range of products to go with it is nowhere to been seen.

Anyway, back to the razor, or should that be ‘azor’.index_azor1

It’s a very different looking razor that what else is on the market, a simple smooth design and very very light (it actually floats). It’s worth reading the instructions, yeah I know, who does that? but it’s worth it because there are some important point about how to use this blade, – as it is different from other blades it’s important you do this unless you want to cut yourself up on the first attempt.

I have not idea what a “hybrid synergy system razor” or a “reflex living hinge” is (I’m pretty sure the razor was very very dead, and no part of it’s alive, but if it’s disappeared when I get home tonight I’ll eat my words), and I’m afraid you won’t find anything here to enlighten you about what is some pretty overworked marketing jargon, but on the other hand it’s no worse than some of the other claims made by razor manufacturers so it could just be a piss take.

So how does it shave? very bloody close, and in one motion too. I went with the grain of the stubble and I did not need to go back over that spot again.

In the past I’ve switched blades and felt like I had taken to my face with a cheese grater afterwards, this usually improved after my face got used to it, but hardly an experience that you want to put yourself through.

The instructions suggested a light touch (helped by the lightness of the handle) and this worked well and it did in fact cut the shaving time, if only by a few seconds. The head was flexible and because of the way the flexible system works it flexes in any direction (maybe where the ‘living’ bit comes from) unlike Gillette and Schick whose blades have ‘mechanical’ hinges and thus only give in the direction the hinge allows. It will be interesting to see if this blade influences the competitors designs.

The only draw back (a common one with 99% of blades) is that the width of the blade cassette won’t allow you to do that bit under your nose very well.

It wasn’t too expensive and the blade weren’t outrageously priced either, and hopefully they will last a bit longer.

For anyone that still is holding out on trying KOS products, this is well worth trying out, I highly recommend it, and if your retailers stocks the shaving gels or oils, definitely try these out as well, and if they don’t, hassle them until they do!


King of Shaves – NZ Retailers

I posted this week about the new KOS razor (called the AZOR) that wasn’t here, but may be going to be arriving here next year.

The Australasian agent has kindly sent me a list of New Zealand retailers and the products they stock. It’s a bit difficult to put this list up here, but if anyone wants the list email me  and I’ll send it too you.

Although it looks like this is turning into a bit of a KOS cheerleader site, it’s purely self interest, the more people I can persuade to use these products the bigger the range will get and then I’ll be able to buy them at the supermarket instead of overseas, or online, or by treking arcoss Auckland.

King of Shaves ‘AZOR’

hopefully coming to a store near you 2009

I blogged previously about the lamentable lack of what I would argue are the best shaving products around in New Zealand.

Adding to that misery there is now another product we won’t be able to try here [update – until 2009 see comments], KOS have launched a razor (called AZOR). This is pretty ballsy of them and I see they are describing the marketing push as asymmetrical. Given the sheer amount of cash the likes of Gillette spend on marketing that’s a bit of an understatement!

The prices seem pretty competitive. In the UK a handle and  3 blades costs GBP4.49 or NZ$12, compare this to a Gillette Fusion handle and two blades $15.97. The replacement blades are $23.14 for 8 blades compared to Gillette’s eye watering $23.72 for only 4 blades… ouch!

There have been some good independent reviews of this razor and it would be good to try one, so if I can get my hands on one I’ll write a review.

We are struggling with a decent range of products here so I’m not holding my breath on actually seeing the blades here. 

I reccomend trying what products are available (see previous post) they are so much better, remember if you change a product often the first few days are a bit raw as you face gets used to the change, but I swear you’ll be better off long term… and if you are already using these products start hassling your retailers to carry the range. 


I have been told by the Australasian agent that the AZOR is due out early next year. It also looks like Mr King himself is possibly due to visit down under so maybe that will coincide with the launch.

You can buy the products online at, but obviously the best thing would be to hassle the hell out of you retailer and get them to carry a better range of these products!

If you want to check out the full range go to and also

King of Shaves

Shaving is an unpleasant daily chore, I guess I could just not shave but full facial beards aren’t in fashion and the trimmed pubic arrangements that some men adorn their faces with look naff and you still need to shave.

Some days it feels like I rubbed the stubble off with a belt sander. I’ve tried everything going, eagerly trying every new blade on the market and every new gel, cream, oil etc. In the end I stuck with the older style Sensor Gillette blades as the newer ones with multiple blades seemed to be worse, and the vibrating types added nothing (except giving Gillette’s parent company more battery sales).

Then I discovered King of Shaves products. I picked some up in the UK and they were great, the shaving oil is very good, but the gel products seem to be even better. The pre and after shave range was very good and these seem to make the most difference. Fortunately I got a bit of a supply, topping up in Australia earlier in the year, but now it’s all run out and you can’t get the full range here.

This is because of the supermarket policy about how much shelf space they will devote to shaving products. The two major supermarket chains in NZ have allocated limited space to shaving products (and without regular supermarket business no dry goods importer can survive long) and most of this space is given over to products from Proctor & Gamble (who own Gillette). This leaves King of Shaves with about three product spaces – enough for a couple of the base level oils and a shave gel.

This isn’t good enough. The problem with the duopoly that we have with supermarkets is that they are more focused on their ‘rebates’ than with product variety, and I’m guessing that P&G offer the most lucrative rebates.

King of Shaves (in my opinion) make much better shaving products (gels, oils and creams) than Gillette. The range covers a variety of different skin types and personal preferences. The products are not cheap, so I would have thought that they offered supermarkets a chance to up sell. If the supermarkets can devote a huge space to a myriad of different blades, why not other shaving products?

If you can get your hands on them (the top end supermarkets offer a sligthly better range) I highly recommend the ‘Kinexium ST Shaving Oil’ over the ‘AlphaOil Shaving Oil’, or try the ‘AlphaGlide ALS Shaving Gel’ or ‘MagnaGel MME Shaving Gel’.

You’ll have to wait for the ‘XCD Primer Pre Shave Face Wash’, and ‘K-BLM Soothing Balm’ both of which are excellent, because so far no retailer thinks it’s important to carry them.

Bizarrely I’ve found a bigger range in Christchurch than in Auckland!

I’ve talked to the local agent and until they can get the supermarkets to give them more space they can’t economically import them.

Next time you’re overseas check out the range, or even better, start asking your supermarket manager to stock them – this does work, a few people asking for a product will get results.