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Get shopping, save the economy!

In the interests of pure consumerism and in celebration of the power of the dollar you need to get out there in support of the retail worker whom without your dollar will be shortly joining the queues at the local ‘Work’ and Income office.

As has pointed out, it’s a great time to get out there and buy, because desperate retailers are going on sale even earlier this year. If you want to buy a house, there’s no better time to beat that financially stricken speculative investor down and pick up their ‘rental investment’ at half of Government Valuation!

You economy needs you!

The MSM are almost having an orgasm over all the bad economic news, they just love that shit, there’s nothing like a plane crash, train wreck or an economy toppling over to get TV, News Papers and the rest of the media into a frenzy of exaggerated excitement. The prospects of the entire world economy hitting the skids is almost too much for some of them, to be able to bleat on every night at 6pm about some new disaster is what these guys have been training for.

So chuck your TV out the window, ignore the rubbish from the MSM and get out there and keep spending!


Where supermarkets get a bargain

It’s now pretty clear that the major shareholders of The Warehouse just want out, and they reckon the most profitable way to achieve this is by selling out to either Progressive or Foodstuffs.

I’m not personally convinced the grocery section of The Warehouse wasn’t making any money, and there’s no way we will ever know whether they have or not. It was always going to take a while and it simply hasn’t been there long enough to have had any chance to succeed.

There is no doubt that Progressive wanted The Warehouse to ensure a possible competitor didn’t appear because as they are struggling against Foodstuffs a third player was more likely to damage Progressives sales that Foodstuffs.

The whole thing looks like a huge setup and of course there is nothing the Commerce Commission can, or will be able to do about it.

This is a bad day for consumers and we can only home that a third player will eventually appear in the market. The Warehouse presented the best hope and that is not going to happen now.

Bunning’s service

Because I am in the midst of on going house renovations I had the ‘pleasure’ of spending quite a bit of time in the three main DIY stores – Bunnings, Mitre 10 and Placemakers.

Despite some of the negative things I’ve heard about Bunnings – paying their staff badly, being Australian owned etc – I’ve always found the service very good, and the prices competitive, especially compared to Placemakers.

I’ve seen a bit about poor service from teenagers, but let’s be honest, unless you wanted to know something about which polish will shine up your stick-on spinning ‘chrome’ hub caps, or which cable wire would be good for your car’s sub woofer, would you seriously ask a teenager working in Bunnings for advice? No, of course not. You need to find someone over 40 who probably knows something about DIY or at least will find someone who does. I’ve found the advice not only useful but enthusiastic (in fact sometimes you find yourself relating your entire DIY experience while backing towards the checkout).

I found out that Bunnings gives it’s employees share options, and I’m guessing this must have something to do with the attitude. Staff seem to bustle around as if they owned the place or at least ‘their’ section.

Given the monosyllabic grunts you receive from some hard-ware store ’employees’ and other retailers like The Warehouse, it’s clear that other companies need to seriously look at this as a way of inspiring employee to show a bit more interest in their jobs.

I would imagine that for retailers like Michael Hill and Noel Leemings, that share options would be a clever way of getting that extra bit of customer service from an employee.