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Tony Veitch quits and gets nailed!

Broadcaster Tony Veitch has resigned from his roles at TVNZ and Radio Sport following revelations that he assaulted his former partner.

Well he’s taken his time. I guess he was seeing if he could wrangle any cash out of the tax payer (TVNZ) before he went. He’s still claims he’s told the truth, but then I guess it’s what he hasn’t said that’s interesting. I wonder if this is the last we hear of him, hopefully!

As a update… it looks like finally his ex has come to her senses!

Tony Veitch’s former partner Kristin Dunne-Powell has laid a formal complaint with police over the attack at his home. A police spokeswoman said Ms Dunne-Powell had approached police within the last 24 hours.”We have received a formal complaint from his former partner.”


Veitch & Fox… more beating

The Herald has also learned TVNZ bosses are considering keeping Veitch off air until after the Olympics – but then allowing him to return to work.

I hope this isn’t true, this is a Labouresk reincarnation, take the problem away from the public for a while then they’ll all forget, then reinstate them when every ones preoccupied.

The one hope strangely enough comes from business. Any business would be nuts to have any sponsorship anywhere near someone like Tony Vietch. I can’t imagine any product or service that would benefit from being associated with him, surely he would be a toxic touch. If no company will have a bar of him, then TVNZ won’t be able to use him again.

What puzzles me is why they are even thinking about it. Is the talent pool that shallow that the only option for sports presenters is an admitted wife beater? surely not. There must be a number of suitable people who could be promoted. Are TVNZ that devoid of creative thinking that all they can think about is continuing Veitch’s employment regardless?… no, wait don’t answer that, we’re talking about TVNZ.

Meanwhile across at the Maori Party they are struggling with their own PR disaster as Labout has dropped them in the shit – not the sort of thing that you’d expect from a potential coalition partner in the looming elections, but then I had heard that Clark was going to play dirty, and has she been playing dirrrrty so far!

The Fox scenario is slightly different, his partner is talking to the media and we can get a fuller story, hes also appeared to have stated his regret unreservedly. But you have to wonder what the hell this means from the Maori Party co leader…

“The other co-leader, Pita Sharples, said Mr Fox’s contribution to broadcasting and print journalism as well as being Wairoa mayor in the intervening years shouldn’t be forgotten”

because I read this as Sharples saying that they’re going to be a bit flexible here because this is a potentially high profile candidate that they want because it’ll give them a good public profile at the polls…

But then again, like TVNZ they might have missed public opinion on this. Are both TVNZ and the Maori Party saying it’s OK to beat someone up, then apologise and you’ll be fine and can go on being a public figure and by extension be a role model for young people?  Because when you strip all the BS away that’s what you get in my opinion. It’s a pretty powerful message, and so very very wrong.

(I was struggling for a picture, but fortunately found a snap shot from a recent TVNZ motivational conference, held somewhere sandy and warm, Taupo is so passe these days for SOE’s)

Tony Veitch Update

I see Mr Veitch has ‘come clean’ and admitted to assaulting his former partner.

Veitch’s assault on his former partner was so vicious that he broke her back in four places. He said he wasn’t making any excuses for his actions, his relationship had just ended and he’d been working seven days a week at two jobs and was on medication for emotional and physical exhaustion.

“I was at the lowest ebb of my life and I needed help.”

He said the reason he hadn’t spoken out before now was that the couple had a confidentiallity agreement because he did not want it to be played out in public.

I don’t see how anyone can possibly continue in a public role such as his after this. He’s had years to come clean, and take responsibility for his actions but rather he tried to pay his victim off in the hope that the incident would go away.

That was naive and stupid and almost as bad as the incident itself, although kicking someone so you fracture their vertebrae seems to be able as bad as it gets as he must have been damn close to either permanently paralysing her, or worse, killing her.

There’s no excuse, and he shouldn’t try to make one it just makes it more obvious that he is someone who cannot take responsibility for his actions. He said he wasn’t making excuses and then roles out a bunch of rubbish which looked exactly like excuses. I don’t give a shit if he was stressed because of his job because he was working seven days a week, hell my job’s stressful and I don’t go around smacking people over and use that as a justification! There are thousands of NZders that work seven days a week and they don’t use that as a reason to beat people up. It awfully thoughtful of him not to want it played out in the media so he paid her off, real generous of him.

No one else should defend him and I hope to hell we don’t see some sort of ‘support Tony Veitch’ group.

I’d still like to know what took TVNZ so bloody long to act, If they’ve known about this for a while that is absolutely inexcusable.

Tony Veitch & TVNZ

This really isn’t about Tony Veitch personally, although the fact that he is refusing to comment on the allegations that he apparently beat up his ex partner (and not just a slap, but in a way that could land anyone in else in prison) doesn’t look good.

It’s TVNZs reaction that is most odd. As soon as the claims surfaced they should have reacted with lightening speed. If the allegations are true TVNZ cannot have someone publicly fronting programs who commits serious assault – whether or not they are prosecuted for it. It can’t be difficult to sort out this issue, if he admits to doing it then he needs to go, you can’t send the message that it’s OK to beat up women (or anyone else) try and cover it up, and then you can end up being a public figure.

It’s stupid for TVNZ to say it’s a private matter, if you are a public celebrity, nothings that private anymore. I suspect if it has been a private company they would not be nearly so supportive and would have had it sorted out very quickly. The longer this drags on the worse it looks, don’t TVNZ have a PR department?

TVNZ is standing by presenter Tony Veitch, despite an outcry from family violence groups who say the state broadcaster is condoning domestic violence by allowing him to remain on air.

It is understood TVNZ knew that Veitch had assaulted former partner Kristin Dunne-Powell, who needed hospital treatment and was confined to a wheelchair.

Updates on this issue are here and here


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