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Sharples willfully stupid

The Maori Party has come up with some sensible sounding stuff, but then every now and again we get a glimpse of some really, really stupid stuff...

Is this really how they think in the party?

Pita Sharples is either mindlessly being populist, or just willfully stupid. He correctly points out that “Pakeha was more than 20 percentage points higher – 83 per cent of young men and 89 per cent of young women” make it through NCEA vs 63 per cent of young Maori men and 67 per cent of young Maori women left school with at least NCEA level one (given history I’d say that was a good thing as it’s improving).

To solve this ‘imbance’ Sharples says Maori should be given open entry to University.

How does Pita think every other NZder made it into Uni? By being given a free pass??

Not at all, it is a level playing field – the only group that currently gets special treatment is Maori. They already get affirmative action slots for Med school and the like. This means they are not required to meet the same high standards that every other NZder is required to meet.

Say, hypothetically, the rest of us accepted Pita’s logic and gave Maori a free pass to Uni. Is it a finite thing? Does it last for 5 years, 10 years, for ever? Like every other privilege that’s handed to Maori, can it be withdrawn later when it’s shown not to be of any further benefit?

Isn’t this dumbing down of education? Isn’t Pita suggesting that Maori are mentally inferior to everyone else so need to have everything dumbed down so they can get the same paper qulifications as everyone else?

It sure looks like it.

Yet again the Maori Party knows best, and yet again they are treating Maori like a bunch of special needs children that need to be wrapped in cotton wool and given preferential treatment.

Affirmative action is pointless and does not change reality.

Pita would be better to concentrate on pushing Maori parents into taking responsibility for getting their kids to school and feeding them and clothing them properly. Get the basics right, look at what other NZders do to help their kids into Uni and then emulate that.


Shane Jones is no democrat

“Over-concentration of power in the hands of a few people will gut local democracy and leave [Auckland] the poorer for it”

Shane Jones

On the other hand, allocating a few seats based on race to one particular group whilst others get no special benefit is highly democratic… not.

You wonder how people like Shane Jones work this sort of logic out, especially coming from a group of people who aren’t exactly renowned for sharing power. 

If we regard ourselves as a mature democratic country, then we have no need for allocated positions on elected bodies based on race. The other option is that we use the census to determine racially based position allocation for all groups, white, Indian, Chinese, Samoan, Tongan etc etc splitting it down to things likes ex Scots, South African, Croation or Welsh if they so require. This is the logical extension of the Maori seats if we are going to be fair and democratic about it.

Naturally this is daft, I don’t even know how to start to identify my ethnic heritage, and it’s worth considering that almost every ‘Maori’ has European or other heritage just as I have a mixture of Dutch, English and Italian heritage.

What are people like Shane Jones so scared of?

We now have Asians and Islanders represented in parliament, as well as Women and Gay’s, sure you could argue that the split isn’t perfect, but political parties have offered up candidates from a range of groups within NZ. It isn’t like if all preference for Maori’s was abolished that there would suddenly be no Maori representation.

Isn’t it somewhat insulting to the excellent Maori MP’s to insinuate that they are incapable of getting elected unless they have some special dispensation and guaranteed seats in Parliament (or local Councils)?

I think it is, these people should be elected because of what they can offer their voters, not based on the colour fo their skin or which ethnic heritage they feel they relate too.

The continued existence of a separate system giving advantages to one group over another does nothing to further Maori New Zealanders political ambitions, most other New Zealanders don’t bother voting for Maori political groups because they see them as already being guaranteed a place, this just means that the weak justifications for those guarantees will continue.

Maori New Zealanders have shown themselves to be very adept politically both within their tribal groups and nationally, they are just as capable as any other New Zealanders at getting elected and should by now feel they don’t need artificial support to be represented. 

Shane Jones should have a bit more faith in ‘his people’ and if he was really interested in real democracy, he should be campaigning against retention of so called positive discrimination in our electoral system for one particular group over another.

Opportunity for Maori Party

maoripartyThe Maori party are at a set of cross roads and how they deal with it will determine whether they remain a relevant voice for their voters, or end up gradually disappearing into irrelevance.

You’ll note I say ” a voice for their voters”, as I think it would be arrogant for them to claim to be a voice for Maori. Maori didn’t exactly break any records for voter turn out this election and not every Maori who did bother, voted for the Maori Party. So they can’t claim to be a voice for all Maori. 

The Green Party here has failed to get over it’s left-of-Labour ideology, and because it’s got a lot of ex-Alliance members and Unionists in it, it can’t be viewed as a real Green Party as say the Green Party in Germany is. How not smacking your kids is good for the environment is lost of me, and obviously a lot of other voters. The Green Party here actually has a real problem because it’s not an environmental issues political movement, it’s a left wing political movement with a lot of Big Government, Statist, Unionist type policies. The fact that they can’t bring themselves to deal with National shows they have lost the plot. I’m sure if they were just an environmental political movement, they could, like the Green’s in Germany have with the Conservative and Liberal parties, have found some common ground with National. This is a huge loss for the Green’s and until they get rid of left wing unionist and ex communists from their ranks and focus on the environment, they are going to become more irrelevant.

This is where the Maori Party comes in.

They can either allow the left wing Maori Sovereignty idealists of their party to push a certain type of political ideology on them, or they can become a party focused on issues important to their voters (and lets face it, every other NZder). This way, they can (like the German Greens) work an agreement with any party who will give them some ground (left or right). Indeed the Maori Party really needs to run a mile from such tags that the MSM will try and pin on them. Like ACT, who I don’t see as being right wing (that’s a convenient MSM tag) the Maori Party should be able to work with anyone.

I understand the Maori Party are keen on vouchers for school children, they have this system in place already and it works well. ACT’s for this as well, and obviously there’s some synergies. Hell, I’d vote for the Maori Party if it was going to see a voucher system put in place because if it works for them, it’ll work for everyone else.

The Maori Party too understands that Social Welfare is not helping it’s voters, and here again they actually have some common ground with ACT.

If the Maori Party can become a practical ‘issues’ party, a bit like ACT, instead of being stuck as left or right (ACT is very socially liberal, much more so than National), then they have a long and successful future ahead of them, and there’s every reason to believe that they will have more than just Maori votes, but in fact have a broader appeal just like the Green’s in Germany have.

If, on the other hand, they allow extreme ideologues to dominate the debate and come out with things about Maori Sovereignty, then they can expect to inhabit the fringes and the practical policies that would not only benefit Maori, but everyone else as well, will never see the light of day. 

That’s why the Maori Party are about to make the most important decision in their existence, and for all our sakes given some of the excellent policy ideas coming out (apart from the silly $500 for all Maori families for Christmas type policies) I hope they decide to take the path of a party focused on progressive social and education policy and not run by academics and ideologues like the Green Party is.

Veitch & Fox… more beating

The Herald has also learned TVNZ bosses are considering keeping Veitch off air until after the Olympics – but then allowing him to return to work.

I hope this isn’t true, this is a Labouresk reincarnation, take the problem away from the public for a while then they’ll all forget, then reinstate them when every ones preoccupied.

The one hope strangely enough comes from business. Any business would be nuts to have any sponsorship anywhere near someone like Tony Vietch. I can’t imagine any product or service that would benefit from being associated with him, surely he would be a toxic touch. If no company will have a bar of him, then TVNZ won’t be able to use him again.

What puzzles me is why they are even thinking about it. Is the talent pool that shallow that the only option for sports presenters is an admitted wife beater? surely not. There must be a number of suitable people who could be promoted. Are TVNZ that devoid of creative thinking that all they can think about is continuing Veitch’s employment regardless?… no, wait don’t answer that, we’re talking about TVNZ.

Meanwhile across at the Maori Party they are struggling with their own PR disaster as Labout has dropped them in the shit – not the sort of thing that you’d expect from a potential coalition partner in the looming elections, but then I had heard that Clark was going to play dirty, and has she been playing dirrrrty so far!

The Fox scenario is slightly different, his partner is talking to the media and we can get a fuller story, hes also appeared to have stated his regret unreservedly. But you have to wonder what the hell this means from the Maori Party co leader…

“The other co-leader, Pita Sharples, said Mr Fox’s contribution to broadcasting and print journalism as well as being Wairoa mayor in the intervening years shouldn’t be forgotten”

because I read this as Sharples saying that they’re going to be a bit flexible here because this is a potentially high profile candidate that they want because it’ll give them a good public profile at the polls…

But then again, like TVNZ they might have missed public opinion on this. Are both TVNZ and the Maori Party saying it’s OK to beat someone up, then apologise and you’ll be fine and can go on being a public figure and by extension be a role model for young people?  Because when you strip all the BS away that’s what you get in my opinion. It’s a pretty powerful message, and so very very wrong.

(I was struggling for a picture, but fortunately found a snap shot from a recent TVNZ motivational conference, held somewhere sandy and warm, Taupo is so passe these days for SOE’s)

Apologise for Vietnam ????

WTF, sometimes I am really torn about MMP, on one hand it allows small parties a bit of a voice and people don’t feel they’ve wasted their vote (then again, possibly they do), on the other we are subjected to this kind of rubbish…

Turia is a class A fringe dweller who lives in a strange world far far away from the rest of us. This is made worse by the rarefied atmosphere of her current environment that you and I fund through our taxes.

It’s shameful enough that Labour have dragged their feet over the whole Vietnam vets situation, if you were cynical you would almost think they hoped that they would all die off and the problem would go away. It must be pretty tough for someone like Klark to have to offer such an apology… .

I guess it’s been a quiet month for the Maori Party, and hey, an election is coming up, so making daft statement like this is one way to get some coverage. On the other hand not surprising that a socialist would want the government to appologise for a war that was part of the battle against the spread of communism.