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Mt Albert voters a bit ‘slow’


Surprised Mt Albert citizen "wait, WTF! I though bulldozers were little yellow things???, run for your life"

Surprised Mt Albert citizen "wait, WTF! I though bulldozers were little yellow things???, run for your life"

If the nut-job racist locum Pharmacist hadn’t told you volumes about the sort of voter Mt Albert had (aside from voting for Helen for years), then the Motorway situation surely does.

If you were a voter in Mt Albert and wanted the tunnel option, then surely it must have occurred to you that as National has a majority in Parliament, that they were the horse to back? Helen only gave you the outrageously expensive tunnel option to win some votes.

Miss Clark got 14894 votes last election, based on the extra cost of $1.5 billion that’s $110,711.69 per voter, in other words, Labour were prepared to grease the palms of Mt Albert voters with your taxes by $110,711.69 per head to ensure control of the seat.

Why would National bother? It doesn’t need to votes or extra seat to stay in power. Not having the seat already it has nothing to lose by looking fiscally responsible and shoving the road through over land – like it was planned for in the dark ages 1950’s.

The only way to change that would be for the 14894 Labour voters to figure out they are about to be lumbered with a light-weight ring-in Labour MP, and realise that if they voted National, then National might be obligated to mitigate the effects of the road, because they would be in the same position as Labour.

The rest of us in Auckland are sick to death with the endless delays in finishing the roading system in Auckland and our patience with the twits in Mt Albert who are threatening to stand in front of the bulldozers ran out years ago. Just build the damn road, yesterday!

It’s also a demonstration of Nationals business acumen that they’ve decided to go ahead with the over land option – because buying up those properties in Mt Albert in the current property market would be a bargain, they must have dropped by at least 50% it not being the most attractive part of Auckland, just putting that out there!


Wainuiomata residents banned from Hotel, Trevor Mallard show’s what a dick he is.

Some motelier in Palmerston North (Excitement Capital of the North Island, no, really!) has had a guts full of annoying visitors from Wainuiomata. I had to check Google Maps to find out where Wainuiomata is, best described as being down a culdesac from Lower Hutt.

Anyway, this trivia caught my eye because clearly this is a high risk business promotional technique, not for the faint hearted, it can, and does go badly wrong.

It looks like Mr Steve Donnelly (the owner) has hit pay dirt this time though. The press worked out he was Australian, so that’s always good for a bit of bigoted generalisation.

The good folk of Wainuiomata, rather than expressing disappointment at their students poor behaviour and leaving it at that, have come out swinging and the media has dragged “prominent” resident’s into the fray. Well, given there’s only about 17,000 residents, they ended up getting the local MP, Labour do gooder Trevor Mallard.

I’m now wondering if Steve actually paid Trev to say this, because it is priceless…

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, born and bred in Wainuiomata, said the move was absolutely outrageous.

“It’s stupid and very, very unfair. It shows the sort of blind prejudice I thought we didn’t have in New Zealand anymore. I’m not surprised the [owner’s] Australian.”

uh, right, good one Trev.

So next time your’e passing through Palmerston North and you want somewhere quiet to stay, clearly this is the place

Update: Oh dear, I see everyone else is blogging about this, I swear I saw it in the paper not on another blog.

Further Update: It’s get’s better, clearly trying to ride the publicity for all it’s worth Steve says today ” “is not a marae or a Housing New Zealand home”. Might be stating the obvious there, I thought he was running a Motel!

Traditional Honors to be restored

Personally I didn’t ever see this happening, so it is interesting that John Key has decided to reinstate the UK based Honors system (and retain the PC version Labour introduced).

I always thought the Labour system was a joke, if you were ideologically against something, why replace it with a meaningless half baked facsimile, why not ditch it altogether?

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Why we should be grateful to Labour

langecabinet-august1987No, not the last Labour Government, the Lange / Douglas Labour Government of the 80’s.

We should be grateful that they made NZ more competitive and ditched subsidies for farming and manufacturing and lowered import tariffs on products.


Because imagine how those subsidised business would be doing right now? Imagine if a huge sector of our employment was based on subsidised businesses manufacturing products that were being sold on the international market.

We used to ‘make’ cars here, imagine if we were still doing that. What would GM and Ford (and Toyota for that matter) be doing about their plants in NZ if there were still here. They would be hot footing it down to Wellington for some taxpayer cash in order to ‘perserve’ the jobs at their factories, with the alternative being that they pull out of NZ leaving thousands of people unemployed. Can you see a National Government telling them to stick it? not likely.

All those businesses that left wingers of the Jim Anderton type wail about being wiped out in the 80’s that relied on taxpayer subsidies of one kind or another, would right now be lined up in front of John Key demanding rescue package involving sums of money that make Key’s current ‘bail out’ package look like a happy meal. Not only would we have been subsidising these businesses, but now we would have been borrowing money to prop them up just like the Americans are having to do with GM.

Least we forget, most jobs (excluding the railways which we now are going to have to prop up) in NZ are real jobs created by actual business, not by taxpayer subsidies and political expediency.

We owe Roger Douglas and the team that saved NZ from financial ruin in the 80’s a huge debt. Because without their actions we could be currently throwing millions of dollars borrowed on behalf of the taxpayer at those business that only survived because of taxpayer largess.

Labour’s mess, a familiar cycle

The squeals from the Labour opposition about possible privatisations and the cuts in spending are laughable.

What isn’t so laughable is the mess they have left the country in.

Every time we get socialists running the country they do this, and I include the socialist government of Muldoon in that category. They can’t help themselves, in order to bribe the electorate with bigger and bigger spending promises they have to loot different parts of Governments savings to pay for the extravagant social policies that are in reality unsustainable.

Since the ‘Fiscal Responsibility Act’ governments have become cleverer at bypassing the restraints and finding new creative ways of hiding their spending and looting. I guess it’s really no surprise that as the Banks, Finance companies and various other dodgy funds that were set up to appeal to peoples greed, that the Labour government should do something very similar with public finances.

As naive investors have discovered with the likes of Hanover, so to have taxpayers discovered that Labour has been playing fast and loose with the public finances… and like dodgy finance companies, should any one really be surprised?

The more pious Michael Cullen was about being a reliable custodian of the public purse, the more suspicious I was that they were up to something.

A more cynical person would think that possibly Labour are relieved to have lost the election because sooner or later the mess with ACC would have to be sorted out, and clearly Labour weren’t expecting the credit crunch which has wiped out any growth prospects and the accompanying loss of revenue.

Naturally voters have very short memories, and like with previous tax and spend governments who leave the mess for some-one else to clean up, the rose tinted spectacles will go on next time they are promised increases in social spending beyond their wildest dreams. So too is there a new crop of silly investors with large sums of cash ready to invest in shonky finance companies promising rates of return that only people blinded by greed would accept…

National can hardly be blamed if they are dusting off privatisation plans, no doubt some will be necessary, and some will be ideological, but if anyone is to blame for this it’s voters who accepted Labour promises without considering how it was all going to be paid for and what would happen if the economy hit the skids. 

It’s been said many times, if some-one promises you something that sounds to good to be true, it usually is, that this applied to both Labour’s term in Government and the mess caused by finance companies, the property market and loose leading from banks.

And, it’s also worth pointing out that those who fail to learn from history and doomed to repeat it, and here we are with yet another Labour government whose really been following the same old tax and spend rules – only this time they spent the money that was meant to go into ACC – so if you voted for Labour, it’s actually your fault if it does get partially privatised, not Nationals.

Key “out of control”… not

God Helen is such a bore… 

After the TV debate she is claiming that Key had a tantrum. If this had really happened I don’t doubt for a second the MSM would have jumped on it.

It is so pathetic that this is the best that Helen can offer us, the same old repetitive personal attacks on John Key. If being inexperienced means you’re not a cynical vote buying bastard then having Key would be a breath of fresh air.

I’ve heard Key debating in Parliament and he doesn’t sound like a very excitable person, and given his professional experience (of which Helen has zip) it’s highly unlikely that Key would have got where he got in the banking/finance industry by being excitable.

As for her statement about correcting people when they are telling lies, has this woman no shame? She has led a government that has lied, oh sorry, miss-spoke on so many occasions we have lost track.

To be perfectly honest there isn’t much difference between National and Labour in policy. Labour has come over to the ‘right’ preaching things such has fiscal responsibility and various other things that 30 years ago would have been screamed down, National has moved leftwards, although I regard Muldoon as being the most left wing PM we have ever had, banging on about looking after the poor etc etc.

It’s really a matter of style.

If National ‘wins’ it too will have it’s anti smacking moments, brought about by it’s coalition partners, which are likely to be ACT and the Maori Party.

I guess voters have a choice between style of Government.

If you’re sick of the hectoring duo of Clark and Cullen, the slightly sour faced, green eyed attitude towards those that create wealth and the talking to to us muppets who should know better, then it’s a simple choice… vote National.

Boring Election

Is it just me or has the election here become really really boring?

Normally I find politics fascinating, but for some reason after all the fire works over Winston Peters fizzled the whole thing kind of lost its spark. 

This wasn’t helped by Nationals fizzer of a tax package, blinked and you could have missed it. Helen and her mates are just straight out boring, they now just sound like whining kids in the sweet aisle of a supermarket; once upon a time you could have given them a clip round the ear, now you can’t, so you end up just blocking them out altogether. It’s almost like we are zoning out and thinking of the time in December when we won’t have to listen to that snide prick Cullen talking down to us all the time.

Actually I think has a lot to do with the EFA. The elections have become decidedly socialist, like the ‘elections’ they hold in China or Russia, where everyone goes through the motions but the majority of the population just gets on with their lives and ignores the politicians, because the decisions already been made. There isn’t even the Brethren to get worked up about, because Labour and the Green (beacons of Democratic principal) have legislated all the fun out of elections. 

In many ways Labour has inadvertently shot itself in the foot with the EFA. If it hadn’t been in such a hurry to legislate in a attempt to cement itself in power, it would have realised that the Brethren actually did it a favour last election. If they had allowed that sort of thing to continue they could have used it to scare voters, but now they can’t.

By the time the election actually rolls around I suspect voters will be so apathetic that it will turn out to be the lowest turnout for a while.

The parties have only a few weeks to get the electorate excited, but the EFA seems to have killed that possibility dead.