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Chinese propganda right here in NZ

You’d probably think that when someone immigrates to a new country, that they will in some way embrace the life style and culture of that new society – otherwise they would have been better off staying at home.

So with Chinese immigrants you’d naturally think they would be willing to embrace the freedoms both political and economic offered by immigrating from a Nationalist Dictatorship with Communist trappings, to a liberal democracy in NZ.

But maybe this isn’t what’s happening.

Anne-Marie Brady is an expert in Chinese propaganda and is such a high level expert that she has given a presentation to a United States security commission.

Unfortunately she says, and this is not difficult to confirm, that in fact many ‘local’ Chinese immigrants and still heavily influenced by the Chinese regimes propoganda.

There would be an easy way to counter this, starting in schools, and all NZders have something to learn from it. Start teaching history, make it compulsory and include Asian history in the curriculum.

China is going to be an important player in our area in the next decade, better we start teaching our young about their history and what has happened, and immigrants offspring the truth, so that they are able to make informed decision without being influenced by the Chinese regime.

The last we we need in NZ if we run into difficulties with the Chinese is a sizable domestic population in thrall of wrong headed and untrue propaganda!


NZ Immigration department really are stupid… Marina Lewycka fiasco.

Having had a fair bit to do with the Immigration ‘Service‘ over the years there is one thing about them that is consistent, they aren’t too smart.

There’s corruption on the fringes and possibly within the department, they suspect it, but won’t do anything about it because of the repercussions. People get into NZ who have no business being here and they usually lie and cheat to do so, potential immigrants who follow the rules slavisly are rewarded by being treated with the utmost contempt, in fact I’d hazard a guess that the Prision Service treats it’s clients better.

The problem is that ‘ordinary’ kiwi’s don’t actually deal with the Immigration Service, by it’s very nature it’s clients are not New Zealanders and therefore cannot complain about piss-poor service. Oh sure, they can complain, but it would guarantee that their application would take so long they’d have about as much chance of getting here than of winning Powerball this week (and the odd’s of that are stacked against you).

So if you needed any more confirmation that the beaucrates running NZ immigration were lazy and inept this story would confirm it.

Now, what do you do when you want to know something about anything? Google it right?

It didn’t take me very long, less than 10 minutes to find out all about Marina Lewycka and her husband David Feickert, who is, erm, a trade union researcher by the looks of things (great).

Granted, it doesn’t have a wedding date, but a bit of digging shows this isn’t some ‘marriage of convience’ or that these two are about to cheat their way into NZ, Mr Feickert is allowed to be here being a New Zealander.

You’d think someone in immigration would have just jumped online at the mention of Marina’s profession being a writer, checked it out, and gone to a manager. But ohhh no, they just kept on digging, just not on the net, into a hole. Possibly I’m being harsh and Immigration doesn’t allow it’s staff online because maybe they tried to sell visa’s on ebay or something.

One could say that this shows that immigration are doing their job, but sadly it doens’t as every week people arrive here who shouldn’t and then we find down the track their highly dubious stories weren’t in fact true, mainly because immigration didn’t do it’s job.

Immigration would get ‘Dick of the Week’ but sorry guy’s Trevor Mallard beat you to it, better luck next time.

Pssssst, want to live in NZ, permanently? Ali Panah discovers a shortcut

If you don’t meet the standard criteria for immigrants, don’t want to spend the money, can’t be arsed dealing with the Immigration Department (who are really a bunch of tossers), then there is a slightly easier, and definately cheaper way to come and live here, especially if you are from a Muslim country.

I know this sounds red neck, but this is no different from marriages of convenience. It just opens the opportunity for abuse. What would happen if all Chinese immigrants converted on mass to Falung Gong, and then used that to argue, quite rightly, that they would face persecution if they were sent home? 

If Mr Panah converted once, like anything, what’s to stop him converting back once he has citizenship? Would he be deported immediately? Wouldn’t that be a breach of his rights as a NZ citizen? 

There are many well deserving people wishing to immigrate to NZ, they have waiting months, usually years, and suffer all sorts of indignities at the hands of the immigration department. People like this just throw on a hunger strike, get some left wing Christians around them, and jump the queue!

The message here folks is, if you are thinking of coming to NZ, there are easier ways that going through all that fuss with NZ Immigration.

YAWN! NZ First like a broken record

You know it’s election time when NZ First, or should that now be NZ Last break out the immigration card. 

One is left thinking that either NZ First think their voters, the die hards, are really thick, or in fact they are really thick. I tending towards them just being really thick. 

That anyone would vote for a party which has single handedly managed to demonstrate they are complete and utter hypocrites, shows there are still a good 120,000 or so people populating the bottom of the bell curve who are telling pollsters “NZ Firsts the one for me”.

And this weekend, completely predictably, they get stuck into immigrants. 

Apparently they don’t want people from countries with a “class system”, they didn’t define that of course, but it seems to rule out people from the UK which still has a class system, in fact it probably rules out anyone, which is what they maybe want.

So far I haven’t seen queues of NZ First voting pensioners lining up to pick fruit and work in rest homes, but then these people haven’t given a lot of thought to exactly how jobs will get done with low unemployment (still) and the remainder not willing to work full stop. Logic not being a strong point with NZ First, or principals, or the truth for that matter.

Apart from beating up on immigrants, soliciting money from big business, and lying through their teeth to NZ First have any policies at all?

NZ Backdoor to Australia?

Proposed ANZAC Flag

I see that there has been some grumbling about the numbers that show some recent immigrants to New Zealand are disappearing off to Australia.

I don’t see what the fuss is about, a lot of NZ born New Zealanders are taking off to Australia as well.

It’s really only very recently that people stopped over-selling NZ as an immigration destination, possibly this might have coincided with the tighter management of immigration consultants, but buried on the Immigration Services web site is this very frank assessment of NZ as a potential new home…

A lot of immigrants have previously been given a pretty rosy picture of life here, and given that many of them are economic migrants, business and job opportunities are obviously an important part of what is a major decision. This is the area where we are a bit lacking in dynamism, and the Australians aren’t.

You can hardly blame people who have already uprooted their families once, not to do it again if they think their prospects are better over the ditch, and clearly a lot of ‘native’ New Zealanders feel the same way given the high numbers making a permanent move.

Instead of having a big bleat about it and blaming the immigrants, we need to look at the reasons and how we can make New Zealand an more attractive place not just for recent immigrants but for the thousands of New Zealanders who disappear every month.

We can’t do much about the weather unfortunately, but global warming might fix that long term, but we can do something about the general economy.

We have gone from being ahead of Australia to well behind them. We need to seriously look at our taxes system comparison to Australian rates, and making the country an economic power house in the region, instead of a back water.  Tax is really the one area we can do something about, by taking the same approach as Ireland (and I know we don’t have the subsidies coming the other way) by setting some highly competitive tax rates for business that create high tech, high value service focused jobs for the country.

This isn’t about ceding control or cultural identity to Australia, it’s about looking at our future and how we can put ourselves in a strong position globally. Even if it were to end up as NZ becoming another state of Australia, we would still retain our unique culture just a states in the USA do. It won’t be an entire solution and like everything has it’s disadvantages. As a medium sized but lightly populated country we already have lost control of huge parts of our economy (if we ever really had control) so in fact becoming part of a wider union wouldn’t be nearly as painful as people think.

The other option is to vigorously pursue closer economic ties with Australia starting with the currency. Our legal system and a increasing amount of regulation is done in partnership with Australia.

Maybe it does require a bit of boldness on this issue – tinkering on the edges won’t change anything – a seismic shift in the relationship with our closest neighbour is what’s needed. It’s whether any political party has the guts to kick off the debate on this issue?

It’s one that will become more important as globalisation grows, and one we need to confront, better to be prepared and have debated the issues than have our heads in the sand on it. We’ve been left behind by Australia because of a myopic world view, it’s time that we started to take a look at what’s going on and open a debate on the issue.

New Start, New Opportunities… uh, right…

Well it was probably long overdue. Having had the ‘pleasure’ of dealing with the Immigration Department on a number of occasions my experience was not pleasant – and I’m a ‘native’ New Zealander.

I suspect one of the problems with the Immigration Department is that the people it ‘serves’ are not tax paying residents. This seems to mean that any pretense at customer service that you would find at any other tax payer funded service, got discarded years ago.

The corruption allegations are not at all surprising, it’s surprising that it has taken so long. I raised this issue with the department in the 90’s, it was around Chinese Nationals being able to pay for visitors visa’s (USD2000 at the time). The only problem was that the department wouldn’t give ‘immunity’ to the Chinese immigrants who had paid for their visa’s, so of course, it never went any further. I got the distinct impression they knew what was going on, but had little interest in stamping it out.

The Immigration department is a national disgrace. No tax payer would accept the rude obstructive behaviour of officers, who may well have taken training in China as some of the bizarre advice and decisions could only emanate from a truly horrifying bureaucratic tradition that is alive and well in China and other communist countries.

This is the first experience new immigrants to NZ have of the country, and I have yet to find a single person who found it helpful or enjoyable. We are competing for quality immigrants globally, and it simply is not good enough to treat potential New Zealanders in such an off-hand way.

You come away from the experience wondering if in fact the goal is to discourage immigrants, because although the web site and literature provided makes it look like we want immigrants, the attitude a of officers is the opposite, often downright rude, convoluted and illogical service all combine to make one wish they could just pay a couple of grand to the officer as a back hander, just to get it over and done with.

Maybe the service needs to be privatised; given a mission statement, a target number and allow some companies to provide a proper service, rather than the corrupt sham we currently subject immigrants too. It surely couldn’t be any worse than what is currently on offer!