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Genocide in Burma?

While the MSM is distracted with the antics of Hamas in Gaza, a crisis involving millions of innocent people is occuring in Asia.

It appears the rather odd isolationist regime currently ‘running’ Burma is practicing something close to genocide on various ethnic groups in the country.

The latest victims of the Military Regime are the Chin people in the western parts of Burma. Clearly the Chin and other ethnic groups have done something to piss off the generals otherwise why else would they be trying to starve them to death?

By rights Burma should be a moderately wealthy country and once upon a time it was one of the wealthiest in the region. It should potentially be able to kick Thailand’s ass when it comes to tourism, and it has the greatest amount of valuable natural resources in the region – that is, unless the Chinese and Indian don’t loot the lot.

Unfortunately it is run by a group of slightly loony paranoid generals whose main aim in life is cash in on the natural resources as quickly as possible while oppressing the people in the cruelest ways possible.

2008-05-07The reason the regime hasn’t collapsed is that it’s large neighbours, China and India, bail it out by ‘buying’ it’s commodities at bargain basement prices. In return for having ‘eclusive’ rights in assisting the General’s looting of the countries resources, China and India help out by blocking UN resolutions, ASEAN attempts to find a solution, and supplying the weapons and military materiel needed by the regime to oppress it’s people, and generally obstructing any attempts to improve the lives of Burmese. 

China’s behaviour is perfectly consistent as it too is a dictatorship. India on the other hand should be ashamed of itself. It’s people enjoy democratic rights that Burmese people should have, yet it turns a blind eye to this for it’s own business interests.

Closer to home SOE Kordia / Orcon has been involved in infrastructure projects in Burma, presumably paid for by the regime. One wonders how the Government can justify allowing a SOE to operate in such a country – surely there are other opportunities out there that don’t involve helping a regime that practices genocide?

I’m looking forward to seeing all those protesters who got so indignant over Gaza protesting outside the Chinese & Indian consulates, demanding they withdraw support for the military regime in Burma. I also look forward to a huge fuss and demands of consumer boycott of Kordia/Orcon. I’ll particularly enjoy seeing Green MP’s grilling the government about Kordia businesses in Burma and Thailand, because one can only assume they were a bit busy to do this while they were in coalition with Labour.

Unfortunately there are no helpful photo’s of kiddies covered in blood, and no nasty Jew’s in tanks shelling hospitals – because the Burmese regime doesn’t allow any journalists into the country. I guess that means that once again this tragedy will be met with a deafening silence.


‘Wonderful’ Chinese Olympics

Well, the Olympics just gets better, aside from the cheating China has reneged on it’s word that the Olympics would bring change and freedom… Clearly the Chinese Communist Regime has an interesting interpretation of ‘freedom’.

In a sign that should reassure all those that fell for China and said they were going to be different, Chinese Police in Beijing have sentenced two women in the 70’s to a reeducation camp.

These women’s crime?

They had requested permission to protest at the designated protest areas because they claimed they had not been given fair compensation for their properties that were taken from them by the Regime to build flash venues for the Olympics.

They hadn’t actually got to protest, they merely asked for permission.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics, I guess those in the west who have been apologists for the Communist Regime are safe in the knowledge that their grandmothers won’t be packed of to reeducation camp because they object to having their properties taken from them for a pittance.

For me the whole farce is tainted by the complete lack of respect for Chinese Citizens rights, even very basic rights that we in the ‘west’ wouldn’t think twice about. All the new buildings and facilities have been build on the backs and blood of Chinese citizens. If people think that is what the Olympics is about and if people in democracies can ignore the flagrant abuse of people human rights all in the name of a sporting event, then we’re all screwed

To get the full story (it gets better, one of them is blind and they both need walking sticks) go here.

Communist Olympics

Bare with me as this is quite a long quote…

Sun Ruonan’s ancestors opened the building as a restaurant on the axis south of Tiananmen Square a long time ago. The city tried to raze it last year to plant grass and ornamental shrubs beside the Olympic cycling route. Sun and her younger sister, Ruoyu, an Australian citizen, refused to vacate.

On Tuesday, Sun, 57, sat alone in the dining room of the restaurant, surrounded by her cats. Festive paper lanterns still hung in the dining room, which was redolent of cat litter and decay. It was 4 p.m. and Sun was still in her pajamas.

“I don’t really want to oppose the government,” she said, breaking into tears. “For those of us who have lived through the Cultural Revolution, this life is like heaven.”

The city has bullied her to leave. One night last year a bulldozer slammed into the building. Neighbors are paid to keep watch over her, and notify the police when she has guests. Sun said officials had pressed her doctor into refusing to give her care.

Her building is falling apart. The government, for the sake of appearances, has put up scaffolding with green netting around it.

As the cyclists race past her home in August, it will be easy for spectators to miss the posters, begging for help, taped to the door.

“I’m hanging here like a nail,” she said.

I think the Olympics is a load of rubbish, all the supposed high ideals about amateur sport undermined by drugs cheats and politics.

The Chinese regime and it’s appologists can carry on all they want about seperating politics from sport, but they were the ones who use politics when it suits them so they are stuck with it.

This deeply sad story is only one of thousands and the result of a regime that is completely out of touch and has no respect for it’s citizens.

I hope that every visitor and participant in this farce of a sporting events pauses to consider that by participating in the Olympics they are in their own small way legitimising this sort of abuse of peoples basic human rights.

Boiled down to the bare facts there is no other way to spin this. Every minute of time, every dollar of advertising revenue gives the communist regime the recognition and legitimacy it craves.

Kungfu Panda and Chinese Freedom of Expression

“A few weeks ago, when the movie opened in China, there was already a call for a boycott – on the grounds that foreigners had lifted one of China’s most precious symbols, the panda, and were using it for their own profit… …the main question being asked is: how could Western filmmakers have used Chinese themes to create such a brilliant animated movie with such widespread appeal to the Chinese themselves?”

It is strange that this should cause the Chinese so much angst, but points to something that everyone else in the world should not under-estimate.

What should not be under estimated is that the vast majority of Chinese have been brought up in a society that has been carefully managed by Communists with the sole aim at perpetuating their long term grip on power.

Chinese are systematically brainwashed to the whim of the people in power from birth to death.

That’s not to say that people don’t think independently (or are stupid), as they do, they just either end up deeply unhappy, overseas or in prison.

Every time ‘we’ see some strange Chinese reaction to something we take for granted, we need to understand the pervasive brainwashing that has gone on for a number of generations.

How the hell anyone can expect creative spirit (even to create something as banal as a Panda that’s an expert in martial arts) to flourish in a society that controls almost even aspect of peoples thought?  What is surprising is that it should even be discussed.

However, I guess that Chinese are starting to confront these issues is a hopeful sign that they may be collectively questioning the grip the Communist Party has on people’s lives. On the other hand if is boils now to some silly nationalist argument then that will demonstrate how successful the communists have been in controlling thought.