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Helen Clark is pathetic

Apparently Miss Clark has been feeling rejected by New Zealanders after losing the election…

No shit!

So she should. She led a Labour Party that was arrogant and out of touch, and given the tight control she had of the party the blame falls squarely on her shoulders so damn right she should feel rejected – most of us were sick of her and her party – totally sick of it!

And in case you were thinking she wasn’t arrogant, here’s what he husband says…

“I think she felt rejected, because she felt she had done a good job – which I also believe – and had put her best foot forward and had been an almost incomparable Prime Minister and yet somehow the public had not seen that the same way,”

Too right we didn’t see it that way, what we saw was someone who clearly felt they were “incomparable” and had lost all sense of proportion. Hell, she even tried to shut down the opposition using legislation to prevent free speech.

Good luck at the UN Helen, you’ll be missed… not.


Winston & Helen, racing off with your money.

Nestled in an article on this morning was this paragraph that made me choke on my flat white!

Mr Peters is the darling of the racing industry after announcing in May that the Government would put up $9 million over three years in prizes for some of New Zealand’s premier races, as part of a co-sponsorship deal with the industry.

This is the hypocrite who has been caught well and truly with his pants down with the completely shonky set up of NZ First in order to avoid spending caps and to disguise donations from the ‘big money’ entities Winston likes to rail against.

You’d think there was an election in a few months, oh, wait, there is!

That would explain the $9 million of your hard earned wages that Auntie Helen has taken from you, given to Winston, and he is using to shore up support in the racing industry in an attempt to get re elected.

$9 million folks…

…for the racing industry. Think about that for a minute.

That’s not for more hip-replacements, a 12 month Herceptin program, 100 extra police or a couple more teachers at little Jonny’s school. No, it’s for a bunch of horses running around a track… wow, I feel better already, what a wise sensible use of taxes. NOT.

When you go home tonight consider this, 20 – 39% of your wages that you worked today to earn, was taken by the IRD, filtered through a whole bunch of high cost bureaucracy (public sector workers are now paid higher than their private sector counterparts) and Winston and Helen just wrote a cheque out to the frigging racing industry on your behalf in some “co-sponsorship deal”.

I have no idea what the co-sponsorship deal was, because the “meerkat’ at The Press didn’t bother to find out, he was more interested in Winston’s bloody hair. 

As I have no way of knowing what the sponsorship was for I can only guess it was along the lines of, “here’s some cash, you sponsor (i.e. vote) us back into Parliament this year”. I am at a loss to think what other practical purpose it could have, or what the hell you and I would want to “sponsor” in the racing industry.

If the racing industry needs $9 million of our taxes to survive then maybe it’s time to call in the vet and have it put down. I have no interest in racing, and if they can’t survive as a commercial entity that’s because the market says “not enough people are prepared to pay for this”.

If, on the other hand the racing industry doesn’t need $9 million from us, then WTF are Winston & Helen giving it to them for???

I’ve seen all the flash houses out at Karaka with sleek million dollar horses lounging around the perfectly manicured countryside. It doesn’t strike me as an industry in dire trouble, like, say sheep farming.

So if you’re wondering why Michael Cullen couldn’t give your cash back in a tax cut, it’s because they were busy doing sponsorship deals with anyone who would take the cash, anyone but you or I. Helen and Mike both know how to spend your money more productively than you do, this being a shining example.

This alone should be a reason not to vote for either party in the upcoming election. This high-lights the unhealthy relationship between Labour (transpose National if you like), NZ First and whatever ‘baubles of office’ Winston Peters requires in order to give the government his parties vote of confidence… that’s unhealthy enough, the racing industry, whose been making donations to NZ First is another matter all together!

Bill English appologises… for what?

I see Bill English has apologised for “not choosing his words well” (which sounds dangerously like saying you’ve ‘miss-spoke’).

This is just dumb, I don’t know what he needs to apologise for, nothing he said would surprise any National supporter, or for that matter anyone currently planning to cast their vote for National.

There isa hell of a lot that needs to be sorted out, and I thought he showed that he was remarkably in tune with a lot of NZders thinking on things like ‘Working’ for families (I’ll work for your family). People I talk to are completely pissed off with what amounts to a shameless electoral bribe with their taxes contributions. The fact that English said it would be looked at (Christ, he didn’t even say there was a policy) should give hope to those of us who are sick to death of working 60+ hour weeks only to Auntie Helen and Uncle Mike raid my pay and redistribute it to a bunch of their voters.

The RMA is clearly a joke, when I have to pay more in fees to the Council that the cost of the project, and a few farmers wanting to get cashed up can stop the cables to supply electricity to a city housing a third of the population there is something seriously wrong.

You could just as easily turn the argument (made by the Left) around and say he didn’t really say National were going to do anything concrete and really he was playing it up for the audience (which seemed to include someone from the Labour Party). In fact National might be going to “look at” a lot of things, which means bugger-all when you think about it. Hell, I’m “looking at” buying an Aston Martin, there’s just the small problem of money.

The suggestions that there is some “secret agenda” are getting tiresome. It seems that all Helen can do in the absence of any meaningful policy of her own is guffaw in her deep manly way, and bang on about how National are running a massive secret agenda… from their top secret base hidden in the depths of Rangitoto run by sneaky secret undercover agents and financed by secret organisations so secret Helen would have to kill you if she revealed who they were… and so on. Now that it is clear that Labour’s super special secret weapon against National the EFA has failed, next we’ll be hearing about how Helen and Mike have sent the SAS (the SFO now being disbanded) to find the naughty secret base where National is hatching a secret plans.

If National want my vote they had better be planning at “looking at” the Working for Families policy, and I’d bloody well hope they would be looking at planning to ditch Kiwi Bank which, everyone seems to have forgotten, was Jim Anderson’s pressie for supporting Labour. WTF is the Government running a freaking Bank for, haven’t they got more important things to do??? While they are at it, Air NZ, Kiwi Rail, Orcon, NZ Post and another business they’re involved in as well. If National want to seek a mandate from the Electorate for privatisation next election I suppose that’s a good idea, and they’ve made it pretty clear that’s the plan.

No, it’s not Bill English who should be apologising, it’s Mike and Helen, they created this mess.

Labour are clearly in complete panic mode, and I would imagine Miss Clark will find plenty more things “hilarious” over the coming months, one of them being the “crazy” way her poll ratings are plummeting!

Winston First

Listening to the kiddies at play in their sandpit Parliament yesterday I noticed that National spent most of their time going for Clark. Winston even made some comment after his ‘speech’ to the effect of “is that all” when there was only mild murmuring from the opposition benches.

I dawned on me ( a bit slow ) why Key and National were leaving Winston alone… they need his vote after the election if they are to form a Government.

I see a lot of ‘right’ and ‘left’ wing bloggers have been railing against Winston, but now I believe this is miss guided, actually they should be getting stuck into Labour and National, they are the ones who give NZ First and Winston life blood. So what if he gets five percent, if he wasn’t there with the profile and baubles of office, he would be polling down where ACT is (sorry guy’s but it’s true).

Winston is like a habitually spoilt child, stamping his feet and demanding the shiny toys, then strutting around the playground grandstanding and showing off, his parents (pick Labour or National, they’ve both been there) stand on the side lines like blushing parents willing to excuse their off springs every little fault.

And so was Clark today, who cares if he was legally right, he is morally wrong and an epic hypocrite, and she knows it but she’ll say whatever it takes to keep her government together. This unedifying spectacle will be repeated again and again probably with National next time.

There is a way out, but Clark didn’t have the balls, so it’s unlikely Key will either.

National needs to come out and state that it will not form a coalition with NZ First or any party involving Winston, his politics is not the sort of thing National thinks is good for NZ and if people want to vote for him that’s their right, but his options lie with Labour not with National and voters will need to consider that at the polling booth.

This would cut of the life support (it surely must be good for 2 – 3%) that these two parties have given Winston, and so voters that National is serious about making a break from the sleazy politics that become stock in trade of the Labour government.

The chances of National and Key doing this are low, and that’s why I think National represents ‘Labour Lite’, a kind of light purple in shade of Labour. Disappointing, but political reality as this is not the team that will make any changes and move NZ forward, they could, they have the talent, but I suspect that the prospect of being the Government will be too much for them and they will give in to Winston an the circus will repeat itself.

In six years time, maybe sooner we will be seeing the same spectacle, just with different prime ministers.

C’mon National show some spine!