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Dr Smith sticks foot in mouth?

Dear old Lockwood Smith, I would guess that just about every leader of National cringes when he opens his month because often he engages mouth before operating brain.

His latest comments about immigrant labour are interesting.

He’s reported as saying that companies should be allowed to bring in more Asians as seasonal workers because Islanders hands were too big for doing work on vines, and Asian were better suited to this.

The Government is always screwing around with immigration and their latest toy is the temporary visa scheme for seasonal workers.

Last year companies could bring in workers from where ever they wanted, and unsurprisingly they went for Asians. This wasn’t really PC enough for the Government so they have tweaked it to give Islanders priority (after all it wouldn’t be the first time Labour encouraged the enrolling of non resident immigrants onto the electoral roll to boost their vote during an election.

Apparently Lockwood has been talking to companies that employ immigrant labour and this was the feedback…

I suspect what they or maybe he, really want to say is that Asians work a hell of a lot harder than Islanders, they don’t ask for loans, get pissed, skip work, fight, behave sullenly when asked to do something they don’t feel like doing, and then skip the visa and go bush in South Auckland.

I know a bit about this are Islanders are the least desirable (and that’s being polite) of any immigrant workers. Horticulturalists prefer Asians because they are fast and reliable, and interestingly they usually make more money than islanders because of this. They don’t usually skip the visas because they have farms to go back to and they usually already have horticultural experience.

Naturally the MSM and every other PC tosser would have had a coronary if Lockwood has really spelled out the reason people want to have access to Asian workers… it ain’t racist, it’s just a fact that horticulturists are unlikely to admit to the MSM.


Student Loan Pork Barrel Election Bribe

There have been a lot of reasons given why Labour’s cynically blatant election bribe is bad.

The economy is headed into recession and the books have been opened to show just how fiscally responsible Cullen really has been (not very, it appears) and as everyone is doing some belt tightening out comes Labour with universal student benefits.

No one whom this policy is aimed at, students and their parents, is going to turn down a free lunch, self interest is too strong.

I personally think the reason this is a dreadful policy is because it creates a culture of dependence on the state. Once again we are bringing up people with a sense of entitlement that will be near impossible to shake in the future.

In a country that struggles to house and feed the poor and disadvantaged, has waiting lines of people waiting for quite basic operations and struggles with major infrastructure needs, Labour think it’s smart to finance the privileged few through university into above average wages on the backs of the majority of tax payers who don’t enjoy such advantages, is this meant to be fair or equatable?

If Labour thinks that having a degree somehow confers instant success on individuals, then maybe we could just shortcut the process and the Government could print out and issue degrees en mass. 

These sorts of policy miss the point, and attempt to hide the reality of the inescapable bell curve. If everyone has degrees then the value of said degrees and the affect on someones earning power reduces. The more people the government shoves through university by dumbing down requirements and making it ‘free’, the higher the number of graduates and the lower the value employers will put on the degrees. It’s also painfully obvious to employers that the bit of paper with “degree” printed on it doesn’t mean that the person applying for the job is literate, intelligent or of a standard that a graduate would have been 20 years ago.

It’s already apparent in the real world. As student numbers have increased and the numbers of people flooding into the work force with degrees increases, so the average salary and job status of graduates has reduced. A degree is seen as a standard requirement for lots of pretty mundane jobs with salaries of $35-45,000 pa. Hardly a good return for your substantial student loan.

So the solution is to reduce the level of borrowing but pouring tax payers dollars into the mix. The obvious affect will be that more students will make that decision and be less choosy about the courses and the likely employment options at the end of it, because you and I are paying for it, not them.

These students will develop a sense of entitlement and dependency on the state, that somehow they are not required to take financial responsibly for their choices and that the ‘government’ (i.e. you and I as taxpayers) will come along and finance them through University into a nice, highly paid job.

A cynical person might look at such a irresponsible policy and think that Labour were trying to create themselves a long term voter base – those, along with public servants, ‘teachers’ and health professionals, who will be beholden to Labour’s largess.

Key “out of control”… not

God Helen is such a bore… 

After the TV debate she is claiming that Key had a tantrum. If this had really happened I don’t doubt for a second the MSM would have jumped on it.

It is so pathetic that this is the best that Helen can offer us, the same old repetitive personal attacks on John Key. If being inexperienced means you’re not a cynical vote buying bastard then having Key would be a breath of fresh air.

I’ve heard Key debating in Parliament and he doesn’t sound like a very excitable person, and given his professional experience (of which Helen has zip) it’s highly unlikely that Key would have got where he got in the banking/finance industry by being excitable.

As for her statement about correcting people when they are telling lies, has this woman no shame? She has led a government that has lied, oh sorry, miss-spoke on so many occasions we have lost track.

To be perfectly honest there isn’t much difference between National and Labour in policy. Labour has come over to the ‘right’ preaching things such has fiscal responsibility and various other things that 30 years ago would have been screamed down, National has moved leftwards, although I regard Muldoon as being the most left wing PM we have ever had, banging on about looking after the poor etc etc.

It’s really a matter of style.

If National ‘wins’ it too will have it’s anti smacking moments, brought about by it’s coalition partners, which are likely to be ACT and the Maori Party.

I guess voters have a choice between style of Government.

If you’re sick of the hectoring duo of Clark and Cullen, the slightly sour faced, green eyed attitude towards those that create wealth and the talking to to us muppets who should know better, then it’s a simple choice… vote National.

Boring Election

Is it just me or has the election here become really really boring?

Normally I find politics fascinating, but for some reason after all the fire works over Winston Peters fizzled the whole thing kind of lost its spark. 

This wasn’t helped by Nationals fizzer of a tax package, blinked and you could have missed it. Helen and her mates are just straight out boring, they now just sound like whining kids in the sweet aisle of a supermarket; once upon a time you could have given them a clip round the ear, now you can’t, so you end up just blocking them out altogether. It’s almost like we are zoning out and thinking of the time in December when we won’t have to listen to that snide prick Cullen talking down to us all the time.

Actually I think has a lot to do with the EFA. The elections have become decidedly socialist, like the ‘elections’ they hold in China or Russia, where everyone goes through the motions but the majority of the population just gets on with their lives and ignores the politicians, because the decisions already been made. There isn’t even the Brethren to get worked up about, because Labour and the Green (beacons of Democratic principal) have legislated all the fun out of elections. 

In many ways Labour has inadvertently shot itself in the foot with the EFA. If it hadn’t been in such a hurry to legislate in a attempt to cement itself in power, it would have realised that the Brethren actually did it a favour last election. If they had allowed that sort of thing to continue they could have used it to scare voters, but now they can’t.

By the time the election actually rolls around I suspect voters will be so apathetic that it will turn out to be the lowest turnout for a while.

The parties have only a few weeks to get the electorate excited, but the EFA seems to have killed that possibility dead.

Union BS just in time for the election

Found this gem over at Whaleoil

Seems that although Labour and Friends have tried real hard to stop the nasty ‘right wing’ from spreading their nasty evil this election with the EFA, the Unions on the other hand are niiiiiccccceee and goooooood. They are there to help you and protect you from the nasty capitalists (repeat 100 times before bed).

This little work of useful electionerring is courtesy of Labours Mates, the Unions (not sure which one) but probably the CTU…

Isn’t it funny how it’s somehow bad for the weirdo Brethren to support National, requiring draconian legislation, endless leftist navel gazing, hand wringing, silly plays and books, but when it’s a semi commie trade union that doesn’t count, somehow it’s OK??? really?

I note that the CTU in the interests of informed debate haven’t bothered to ‘inform’ the public exactly how an Aussie ACC provider would be bad, or why the hell we need a state run bank when there’s plenty of other private ones doing a perfectly effective job (including locally owned banks) for the majority of the population. 

Clearly these numb skulls think that merely invoking the mystical words, “sell” and “privatise” will press all the right buttons in the gullible public… sorry guys, the ‘public’ have been buying this shit for three terms now and it’s proved to be as empty as your leaflet.

Best you save you long suffering members union fees for the fight NEXT election.

Funny how no-one mentions that the money spent on these ad’s isn’t some big corporate or wealthy individual with profits to splash around, but some poor sod factory worker on minimum wage that’s coughed up their union fees in order to get some representation in the event of an employment problem, instead the CTU is pissing their very hard earned cash on supporting the Labour Party… nice, good one guys!

I’d like to see just one of your ‘organisers’ face up to some guy with 6 kids on the poverty line in South Auckland struggling to make ends meet, and explain how taking his union fees and defending something as esoteric as Kiwifuckingbank is good value for his fees?

And while their at it, explain how a National Government is going to see increased Road Tolls??? I’m totally lost on that one, is that because you think they’re bad so therefore they will drive up the road toll, because that’s just totally effed up and shows how completely out touch you really are.

Twat of the week award goes to the CTU, well done guys, wise use of your members money!

An election on ‘trust’

Just in case you were wondering how out of touch politicians can get…

Helen Clark announced the election date last week, and claimed that the election would be fought on “trust”…

Miss Clark used her announcement at the Beehive this afternoon to contrast Labour and National, saying the election would be about which party deserved the trust of voters.

riiiighhht, so then we get this photo of her beside one of Labour’s new bill boards. And for those of you who didn’t know who that is on the bill board, it’s none other than Helen Clark, who is also leaning on the fence in front of the bill board (no it isn’t the bloke who just erected the bill board). And this is the same person who wants to talk to us about trust.

That doesn’t look anything like her, it’s been photoshopped beyond recognition. If she can’t even provide us with an honest photo, how the hell can she claim the election is about “trust“?

Just in case you can’t see that photo clearly, here’s one fresh of Labour’s web site. God only knows what the new branding is meant to be about, is it a flower? a four leaf clover? why is there a kiwi there, are they worried we might get it confused with something else? what’s the recycle logo for, are we all about the be recycled? What was wrong with the old brand, it was unmistakable, now it’s just messy and confusing, fascinating to know who was responsible for that piece of branding.