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ARC David Beckham Fiasco

money-down-toiletIt seems a bit odd that this story just seems to be gaining traction now, well at least in the MSM. I posted about the waste of ratepayers money in December!

In the latest article from the NZ Herald I notice that the cost is huge, $2.9 million.

This one event (although there are plenty more) shows exactly why there should be some kind of legislation preventing local body politicians from getting involved in any sort of business type exercise. They should prevented by law from doing anything other than a range of services directly related to the immediate needs of local communities – water, roads, footpaths, building consents, public spaces etc – and in most situations all they should be involved in is overseeing contracts to ensure they meet a simple set of demand based criteria.

Three other aspects of this really piss me off;

Firstly Peter Winder, the ARC’s CEO, has tried to cover the whole thing up and refuses to release financial information on the basis that it is “commercially sensitive” and subject to contract. The only way the information got released was under the OIA which means the ARC must have resisted releasing the information. This is unacceptable from a publicly financed body responsible to ratepayers.

Secondly, it appears the ‘review’ of the fiasco was carried out by Mr Winder. WTF, so how’s that independent? Unsurprisingly Mr Winders review didn’t seem to find anyone in the ARC responsible for pissing away almost $2 million of ratepayers money, it all seemed to be down to outside factors, in fact, you almost get the impression Mr Winder is blaming us the ratepayers for not attending their event.

Thirdly, and this really shows just what a complete twat Mr Winder is, he claims that…

“losses on the event would not fall on ratepayers”

I have no idea how he figures this one out. We as taxpayers finance the ARC’s operations, they make a loss, it’s our money, so we will bear the loss. The ARC have a $1.79 million hole in their finances so unless Mr Winder is going to require all staff responsible to take a pay cut to finance the loss, they are going to fill that hole with rates money.

Like the rubbish with DHB’s and The Corrections Department, we are now hopefully in an era where people take responsibilities for their actions.¬†

Mr Winder is responsible for using our money wisely. Ratepayers have infinitely more pressing needs that seeing David Beckham kicking a football around, Mr Winder should know this.

Mr Winder appears to be incompetent, irresponsible and arrogant and should resign immediately.