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Key “out of control”… not

God Helen is such a bore… 

After the TV debate she is claiming that Key had a tantrum. If this had really happened I don’t doubt for a second the MSM would have jumped on it.

It is so pathetic that this is the best that Helen can offer us, the same old repetitive personal attacks on John Key. If being inexperienced means you’re not a cynical vote buying bastard then having Key would be a breath of fresh air.

I’ve heard Key debating in Parliament and he doesn’t sound like a very excitable person, and given his professional experience (of which Helen has zip) it’s highly unlikely that Key would have got where he got in the banking/finance industry by being excitable.

As for her statement about correcting people when they are telling lies, has this woman no shame? She has led a government that has lied, oh sorry, miss-spoke on so many occasions we have lost track.

To be perfectly honest there isn’t much difference between National and Labour in policy. Labour has come over to the ‘right’ preaching things such has fiscal responsibility and various other things that 30 years ago would have been screamed down, National has moved leftwards, although I regard Muldoon as being the most left wing PM we have ever had, banging on about looking after the poor etc etc.

It’s really a matter of style.

If National ‘wins’ it too will have it’s anti smacking moments, brought about by it’s coalition partners, which are likely to be ACT and the Maori Party.

I guess voters have a choice between style of Government.

If you’re sick of the hectoring duo of Clark and Cullen, the slightly sour faced, green eyed attitude towards those that create wealth and the talking to to us muppets who should know better, then it’s a simple choice… vote National.


Is this how the election will be fought?

“As details over the renationalisation of the rail service began to emerge, Prime Minister Helen Clark said under parliamentary privilege that National Leader John Key had personally profited during the rail network’s chequered financial history…”

It seems the only plan Labour has for the looming election is to constantly bag John Key. I thought perhaps they would tire of this and actually pull out some policy or something to try and improve the level of debate up. Clearly that was a bit silly of me, because so far all we get is the usual childish name calling and school yard accusations directed at the leader of National.

If this is all Labour’s got they really ARE in deep shit. I have news for Clark and Cullen – this is not going to impress anyone (apart from you sycophantic mates) especially not potential voters. We’re not really interested in John Key’s financial affairs, in fact, by continuing to focus on him you’re drawing attention to him, and maybe pointing out that he is capable of making money might be seen my many as a strength rather than a weakness. That Cullen and Clark see this quality as a weakness speaks more about their own values than Keys.

I guess as long a National is drip feeding us policy, the coming months won’t be too mind numbing! 

The Nat’s ACC policy (introducing some competition) looks promising, although it is not entirely new. I recall that this actually saved businesses money, and it was the first thing Cullen trashed – I will never forget him telling business that Labour won, and they were changing things, so we all had to “get over it”, and it was a figment of our imagination that the new ACC flexibility was saving us money.

They were serious

Well, Clark and Co were actually serious, and in another example of election year stupidity  we have the instant solution to South Auckland’s problems (just add huge dollops of cash)…

“The Government has revealed tough measures to clamp down on liquor sales, including allowing councils to prevent outlets opening near schools and to limit opening hours.

Prime Minister Helen Clark said yesterday the Cabinet had considered a raft of changes to liquor laws, including tougher controls on the supply of alcohol to young people and putting more restrictions on the location of off-licences.

She said the Government had prepared legislation(after giving the matter about 30 seconds thought)

Regardless of whether you think this is the solution to the problem, this can’t possibly be  a well drafted piece of legislation. It’s even scarier when they describe it as a ‘raft’, you just know there is a whole lot of other things buried in there. There are already controls on sales of alcohol to “young people”, how about just enforcing the existing laws? You could actually achieve everything you wanted with the existing laws, but this being election year I guess everyone wants to look useful.

I hope this doesn’t get any support in parliament and isn’t passed. It should be seen a blatant electioneering and if it turns out after the dust has settled after the election then the whole thing can be looked at rationally.

I wonder when Clark is going to start using those image consultantsthat transformed her last election, is that lipstick rubbed on her cheek??

Manurewa’s problems won’t be solved by this…

In case everyone forgot it was election year our Dear Leader has come up with her own solution to solve the problems in Glenn Innes Panmure Otara  Manurewa. Less stores selling alcohol.

Banning these will solve the nations problems... not.Gee obviously a lot of thought has gone into this. Probably along the lines of it being an election year and needing some good press and being seen to solve the mess you created in the first place.

Despite billions of dollars being spent on social services, health and education and massive increases in the government bureaucracies and budget allocations, the real solution to social dislocation and poor uneducated people behaving badly is actually to reduce the number of stores selling RTD’s… well, it’s taken the PM over six years to work it out and it’s such a neat cheap solution you wonder why she hadn’t thought of it before.

Sheer genius, there’s so much evidence to show this simple solution will solve the problem… and really, the next step should be to roll it out nationally and have prohibition as that was such a success. The next logical step would be to encourage people to abstain from sex as this will reduce unwanted pregnancy and any social problems stemming from that.

There is no easy answer but a bit of leadership from the Police could be a start. I don’t mean having patrols armed with “Bushmaster” rifles (and in case you thought that was a hunting rifle, a Bushmaster is a modern version of the M16 assault rifle), we have the AOS and guns in some cars so this suggestion is as meaningless as the PM’s suggestion.

The Police Commissioner should sit down with the Mayor (Deputy in this case) and come up with a local solution, and I would suggest that this would involve really concentrated, high profile, long term community policing. The sort of policing the Police hate, getting out of their cars and hitting the pavement, small community stations spread throughout the district. The community getting to know their local Policeman or Policewoman, and that person being around and visible.

I know the Police cultrually seem to hate this method of policing and have steadfastly resisted efforts by governments of all persuasions efforts to introduce it. Well guy’s, you’ve had years to come up with a better solution and not only have your ideas not worked, but you are now officially deeply unpopular with the public. So maybe it’s about time the leadership showed some balls and tried something different, even if your rank and file would rather sit in the comfort of their cars and eyeball people, because the situation is now clearly so bad, that a few Bushmaster rifles is not going to solve this mess.Introducing these won\'t solve the nations problems...

The Police need to actually get out and engage with the public, both law abiding and those on the fringes. You need to give the public confidence and hope, and you simply won’t do that with a bunch of guns. The Police might even start attracting a different kind of recruit interested in real community policing. Sadly it is going to take some creative thinking and courage to undertake the change, and to date the current leadership in the Police has shown a woeful lack of this quality.

This won’t solve the problem over night and will take a commitment beyond an elected politicians three year vision, but over time it may helpto change attitudes towards the Police and the public attitude – both from those who commit crime and those who could help to stop it. This won’t stop major crime, but it will help prevent small crimes that lead to young people moving onto bigger things.

Even if it stopped one in five kids becoming hardened criminals thats a step towards breaking a cycle that closing a few stores selling alcohol won’t make a bit of difference too.