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Air NZ CEO now running Finance Ministry – Bill English to resign


I know you want tax cuts up here, but this is where I say they should be, down there!

I see Rob Fyfe has decided that he’s got enough time on his hands to start making comments about Government Tax Policy.

I’m going to assume this is the same Rob Fyfe who has presided of Air NZ’s latest impressive profit announcement? The one where profit fell 84%. Apparently Air NZ hope to “pull up” from this, but on the other hand, Rob probably won’t sweat it too much because as the tax payer owns Air NZ if things get really messy then he can ask the tax payer for a bail out.

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Grabaseat mess

I zink we should find a new veb dezigner!

Oh dear oh dear, Air NZ management has clearly been dazzled by some IT geek into allowing them to ‘work their magic’ on their Grabaseat website.

I’ve posted previously on the Grabaseat website, (previously) it was a clear, simple, easy to use web interface.

I’m no great fan of Air NZ. It’s funded by you and I, the NZ taxpayers, as we are the major shareholders of it. This is another of Mr Cullen’s ‘gifts’ to taxpayers when he was playing up to the nationalist vote and prevented Singapore Airlines (a vastly superior airline) from buying a stake in Air NZ, and thus denying the flying public the benefit of Singapore Airlines vastly better service.

Back to Grabaseat…

Grabaseat was a clever, simple, website solely dedicated to moving vacant seats on Air NZ flights at very cheap prices – for example, $800 one way to Japan, or more recently $13 to Sydney (conveniently coinciding with Jet Star’s launch in NZ). It was simple, loaded quickly, easy to use, uncluttered and did one thing effectively.

It’s likely that it’s success (because of it’s simplicity) has inspired Air NZ or their genius IT consultants to eff around with it… wrong move people!

Less is More.

This site worked because it wasn’t cluttered with all the other BS Air NZ have now crammed into the space. 

This is a great example of people not understanding that when something isn’t broken, fixing it just makes a huge mess. 

Clearly someone thought the last effort wasn’t enough, now they have different sorts of ‘best deals’, come on guys, either a ‘deal’ is good or it isn’t, why complicate things with different menus? If I need to be subjected to your ‘everyday low fares’ I can figure that out for myself, I don’t need a flashing banner to tell be about it.

Busy, flashing adverts, full screen with different boxes and confusion, ‘special deals’ and then ‘even more special deals’ makes you wonder whether you are about to be ripped off… it looks like a porn site!

It sucks, it wasn’t necessary, and Air NZ have turned a clever, air simple website into a complete mess.

Well done guys, just further confirmation that as an airline you really suck at reading what your customers really want.

Air New Zealand’s Web Site

Now I’ll admit I’m not a great fan of Air NZ. I’ll use them only if I have too as I find their service indifferent at the best of times, and they aren’t very competitive. I also object to being a defacto shareholder due to the wisdom of Mr Cullen and one of his many spend ups. We should have let the Singaporeans run it, they would have done a good job of it and at least us tax payers wouldn’t have taken a hit every time the share price dropped. It wasn’t a strategic asset so as usual it was a silly nationalistic decision based not on business but politics… but I digress.

This isn’t to bag Air NZ, but to point out that they have developed a very good web presence. The ‘grabaseat’ page where they flick off cheap seats – yesterday $699 return to Tokyo – is very useful. There is also a neat feature so that if you mouse over a offer there are suggestions of what to do at the destination, you know, things like ‘freeze your bollocks off in Invercargil’, with links to main site where you can book you whole holiday.

Air NZ’s website and booking system online is excellent, one of the best I’ve used.

Now all they need to do is allow you to check in online (which you can) and then actually have a clearly defined seperate queue for checking your luggage in at the airport for international flights. There’s nothing worse doing half their work for them, then having to stand in those mind bending queues at the airport to give them your luggage.