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Traditional Honors to be restored

Personally I didn’t ever see this happening, so it is interesting that John Key has decided to reinstate the UK based Honors system (and retain the PC version Labour introduced).

I always thought the Labour system was a joke, if you were ideologically against something, why replace it with a meaningless half baked facsimile, why not ditch it altogether?

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Where is our ‘new’ government?


Key: "oh look Paula, isn't that those naughtly kids from Henderson back there?" Paula:"yes John, I'll box their ears when I get hold of them, why, and look, isn't that Fiji in the background, how fascinating!"

I don’t always agree with Garth George, he is a curmudgeonly old duffer and a weeny bit too conservative, in a big-state-muldoon kind of way for my liking. But today I do agree with him. WTF is John Key and his merry band up too?

There was always a sneaking suspicion that the Conservatives led by Key were just sleepwalking to power after Labour and Klark lost their way, but part of me hoped that that in fact they would, with the help of ACT, actually have a plan, and that in fact this plan would rather suit the dreadful economic situation we now find ourselves in.

So, here we are, it’s 2009 and by all accounts we are facing the most serious economic crisis since the depression of 1920.

Obama has just got through a package of something like US$819 BILLION of spending and calls the situation a “disaster”.

The German’s, Japanese, English, Australians, Russians, Chinese, Koreans are all committing billions of dollars, yen, euros and whatever to pull themselves out of the shit, the Singaporeans have actually broken into their piggy bank, a formally sacrosanct fund of the nations retirement savings to avert disaster!

And what’s Key up too?

Um, well, he’s had a break with the family. His social welfare Minister has boxed some kids ears in Henderson (West Auckland), there’s some shit going down (again) between him and his finance minister Bill English, and, well the Maori’s want to fly a freaking flag of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Oh, and there’s some fuss in Fiji, big fucking deal. Who gives a shit about the Fijian’s, their economies probably smaller than the annual social welfare budget for South Auckland, let them work their own problems out, we have bigger fish to fry!

Look guy’s, I know it’s holiday season in NZ, most of us went back to work last week (if we still had jobs to go too) and actually there’s some very serious stuff going on that affects everyone here and we need to know what the hell is going to happen here to mitigate this. You know, like a PLAN, something beyond the autopilot of the reserve bank dropping interest rates (which the Banks seem to be ignoring anyway).

You’d hope someone like Key, who has been involved in the industry that sparked the current crisis, would understand the deep trouble we are in. Maybe he does, and maybe it’s so incredibly bad he doesn’t know what to do, he is trapped in the headlights like a opossum.

I sincerely hope not, because if Key & Co don’t have a plan, quite frankly we are fucked.

And while I’m expressing my doubts and disappointments, where is hell is ACT is all of this. Where is Rodney?

Of all the people I’d hope to see riding in on a white horse with a plan to save the day it’d be Rodney, backed by Heather and Roger, with a plan to save NZ and transform the economy into a winner of the economic crisis.

Not a freaking peep.

Well, it’s got me thinking. Is this so bad that everyone actually cut and run?

An awful lot of MP’s seem to be overseas at the moment, maybe they have cashed up their travel allowances, super funds, and buggered off to the Bahamas?

Our new government of ‘hope’ is currently AWOL. It’s not good enough and that wasn’t what we voted for. Unless something is done soon this will be the shortest National Government in history. Because when the jobs start drying up and the shit hits the fan in a few months it will be way too late.

We need some leadership now!

Opportunity for Maori Party

maoripartyThe Maori party are at a set of cross roads and how they deal with it will determine whether they remain a relevant voice for their voters, or end up gradually disappearing into irrelevance.

You’ll note I say ” a voice for their voters”, as I think it would be arrogant for them to claim to be a voice for Maori. Maori didn’t exactly break any records for voter turn out this election and not every Maori who did bother, voted for the Maori Party. So they can’t claim to be a voice for all Maori. 

The Green Party here has failed to get over it’s left-of-Labour ideology, and because it’s got a lot of ex-Alliance members and Unionists in it, it can’t be viewed as a real Green Party as say the Green Party in Germany is. How not smacking your kids is good for the environment is lost of me, and obviously a lot of other voters. The Green Party here actually has a real problem because it’s not an environmental issues political movement, it’s a left wing political movement with a lot of Big Government, Statist, Unionist type policies. The fact that they can’t bring themselves to deal with National shows they have lost the plot. I’m sure if they were just an environmental political movement, they could, like the Green’s in Germany have with the Conservative and Liberal parties, have found some common ground with National. This is a huge loss for the Green’s and until they get rid of left wing unionist and ex communists from their ranks and focus on the environment, they are going to become more irrelevant.

This is where the Maori Party comes in.

They can either allow the left wing Maori Sovereignty idealists of their party to push a certain type of political ideology on them, or they can become a party focused on issues important to their voters (and lets face it, every other NZder). This way, they can (like the German Greens) work an agreement with any party who will give them some ground (left or right). Indeed the Maori Party really needs to run a mile from such tags that the MSM will try and pin on them. Like ACT, who I don’t see as being right wing (that’s a convenient MSM tag) the Maori Party should be able to work with anyone.

I understand the Maori Party are keen on vouchers for school children, they have this system in place already and it works well. ACT’s for this as well, and obviously there’s some synergies. Hell, I’d vote for the Maori Party if it was going to see a voucher system put in place because if it works for them, it’ll work for everyone else.

The Maori Party too understands that Social Welfare is not helping it’s voters, and here again they actually have some common ground with ACT.

If the Maori Party can become a practical ‘issues’ party, a bit like ACT, instead of being stuck as left or right (ACT is very socially liberal, much more so than National), then they have a long and successful future ahead of them, and there’s every reason to believe that they will have more than just Maori votes, but in fact have a broader appeal just like the Green’s in Germany have.

If, on the other hand, they allow extreme ideologues to dominate the debate and come out with things about Maori Sovereignty, then they can expect to inhabit the fringes and the practical policies that would not only benefit Maori, but everyone else as well, will never see the light of day. 

That’s why the Maori Party are about to make the most important decision in their existence, and for all our sakes given some of the excellent policy ideas coming out (apart from the silly $500 for all Maori families for Christmas type policies) I hope they decide to take the path of a party focused on progressive social and education policy and not run by academics and ideologues like the Green Party is.

Is Wong right, or Wang wrong?

I’ve got to wonder if this is just another cunning stunt from ACT to get itself some free publicity and get around the EFA?

Kenneth Wang is standing for ACT is the new Botany electorate, his billboards suggest that by giving him the electorate vote constituents will end up with two ethnic Chinese MP’s, this is because Pinsy Pansy is assured a seat because of her high list placing. This all makes perfect sense, except that this election with have got the efforts of Labour and friends desperate attempt to stop anyone else advertising themselves this elections.

The EFA is a load of steaming shite, and a normal persons reading of it would indicate that Ken is not asking you to vote for Wong, rather he’s saying vote for me (Wang), because then you’ll get me (Wang) and her (Wong). The EFA seems to be designed to keep lawyers employed, so I’m sure there will be a far more legalistic interpretation that goes in the other direction.

As a publicity stunt It seems to be working a treat because Pinsy Pansy Wong walked right into this one… she should have just shut up and said nothing, then again, seeing she is going to get back in anyway it’s National 2005, and they’re going to fight for every vote, even if it is wasted.

If you are in Botany, and you aren’t going to be voting for Labour, Greens, NZ First or whatever Jimbo’s party is called, and you’d like to see a National led government, and you’d like a bit more Asian-Chinese representation, then following Wangs advice is the way to go.

The ad below is not authorised by me, or anyone else… so there!

Owen Glenn for ACT?

My pick for the as-yet-unfilled position of number five on the ACT party list is…

Owen Glenn

Why, well firstly based on this comment in the NZ Herald;

“I would have thought our MPs would behave in a better manner all round. They should be running the country. I think New Zealanders have a right to be better represented.”

And then the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Clark has been bloody rude to him, unforgivably rude, Winston ditto. I can’t imagine someone like Glenn would have been too impressed, and it wouldn’t be inconceivable that he would bare a bit of a grudge against them.

Number five is high enough to warrant attention, but just low enough not to get into Parliament, as I would imagine he would have enough to worry about with his businesses.

But boy would he and ACT be able to have some fun during the election, the guy who financed Labour standing for ACT. This would bring back some life to ACT which would further cement their credentials as a maverick party based on principals, and Glenn would be able to talk about Labour’s principals from first hand experience.

ACT could claim they left the spot open and then Glenn approached them, he’s already given a lot of money back to NZ via the Auckland University, so he could claim to want to make the ultimate donation and stand for public office.

Roger Douglas interview

I have a lot of respect for Sir Roger Douglas. The fact that many people are still in denial (and will probably remain so until they die) does not change the fact that he was a key part of a government that saved New Zealand from a nightmarish South American scenario when the IMF was on the verge of running the country. So many peolpe forget this, some, who have presumably never bothered to find out the facts, don’t even know this.

Sir Roger Douglas is someone who genuinely cares about New Zealand and the success of every citizen. I won’t deny that he is deeply unpopular with some New Zealanders and has been blamed for all sorts of things. But the politicians those people support, are quite prepared to miss-speak to remain in power and really care about little beyond staying in power.

If you are thinking of voting for National in the coming election consider this; There is not a lot that separates National and Labour with policy, and I’m sure that what we will see is carefully nuanced policy differences released by National over the coming months, and you can guarantee these will all be flexible. It is more important than ever to clean up NZ politics which looks like spinning off down a corrupt path. ACT will genuinely offer a check on National, and the current team of two have shown consistency in this regard. National won’t want to share power, they will want to be ensuring that any partner will be as small and as weak as possible. So every voter needs to seriously consider splitting their vote to ensure that policies like tax cuts are not fudged.

I guess that sounds like a party political broadcast for ACT (I’m not a member), but it’s something that voters seem to forget – espeically voters on the ‘right’ – and this year more than ever it will be important.

Here is an excellent interview with Sir Roger done by Conrad Reyners, on the Salient blog, enjoy!