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China shows off Navy – sells uniforms on Trademe


On display yesterday in China...

I’ve posted about our defence review and and feel that many New Zealanders have failed to comprehend the threat to New Zealand that China potentially presents.

No, I’m not suggesting we’re about to be invaded, if anything does happen it won’t be that sort of confrontation. Many people here cushioned by our distance from Asia are complacent about what China represents, they tend to dismiss the sorts of assertions I’m making a a bit hysterical.

The fact is that China is a quasi-Communist Nationalist Dictatorship. The people in power do whatever is necessary to stay in power, and this is something that people just don’t seem to get. These aren’t fuzzy friendly Panda’s, China’s leader are ruthless, if they wouldn’t hesitate to gun down their own people, they won’t think twice about strong arming some little resource-rich but weak country in the South Pacific.

But I digress. This post is about celebrating China’s Naval power.

... available on Trademe today!

... available on Trademe today!


They had a display of this yesterday, showing the world how things are changing there and this display is probably a precursor to the launch of their blue water Navy sometime in the next year when they finish their air craft carrier.

Take a look at the photo’s with the flash ships, submarines and as usual the dashing uniforms.

In true Chinese tradition of flogging anything off for a buck, if uniform excite you too can join in the fun by buying (what looks like a current) Chinese Navy uniform on Trademe.

Possibly our Navy might be able to pick up one of those submarines they have on Trademe some time soon – looks like we might need them!


NZ Immigration department really are stupid… Marina Lewycka fiasco.

Having had a fair bit to do with the Immigration ‘Service‘ over the years there is one thing about them that is consistent, they aren’t too smart.

There’s corruption on the fringes and possibly within the department, they suspect it, but won’t do anything about it because of the repercussions. People get into NZ who have no business being here and they usually lie and cheat to do so, potential immigrants who follow the rules slavisly are rewarded by being treated with the utmost contempt, in fact I’d hazard a guess that the Prision Service treats it’s clients better.

The problem is that ‘ordinary’ kiwi’s don’t actually deal with the Immigration Service, by it’s very nature it’s clients are not New Zealanders and therefore cannot complain about piss-poor service. Oh sure, they can complain, but it would guarantee that their application would take so long they’d have about as much chance of getting here than of winning Powerball this week (and the odd’s of that are stacked against you).

So if you needed any more confirmation that the beaucrates running NZ immigration were lazy and inept this story would confirm it.

Now, what do you do when you want to know something about anything? Google it right?

It didn’t take me very long, less than 10 minutes to find out all about Marina Lewycka and her husband David Feickert, who is, erm, a trade union researcher by the looks of things (great).

Granted, it doesn’t have a wedding date, but a bit of digging shows this isn’t some ‘marriage of convience’ or that these two are about to cheat their way into NZ, Mr Feickert is allowed to be here being a New Zealander.

You’d think someone in immigration would have just jumped online at the mention of Marina’s profession being a writer, checked it out, and gone to a manager. But ohhh no, they just kept on digging, just not on the net, into a hole. Possibly I’m being harsh and Immigration doesn’t allow it’s staff online because maybe they tried to sell visa’s on ebay or something.

One could say that this shows that immigration are doing their job, but sadly it doens’t as every week people arrive here who shouldn’t and then we find down the track their highly dubious stories weren’t in fact true, mainly because immigration didn’t do it’s job.

Immigration would get ‘Dick of the Week’ but sorry guy’s Trevor Mallard beat you to it, better luck next time.

Wainuiomata residents banned from Hotel, Trevor Mallard show’s what a dick he is.

Some motelier in Palmerston North (Excitement Capital of the North Island, no, really!) has had a guts full of annoying visitors from Wainuiomata. I had to check Google Maps to find out where Wainuiomata is, best described as being down a culdesac from Lower Hutt.

Anyway, this trivia caught my eye because clearly this is a high risk business promotional technique, not for the faint hearted, it can, and does go badly wrong.

It looks like Mr Steve Donnelly (the owner) has hit pay dirt this time though. The press worked out he was Australian, so that’s always good for a bit of bigoted generalisation.

The good folk of Wainuiomata, rather than expressing disappointment at their students poor behaviour and leaving it at that, have come out swinging and the media has dragged “prominent” resident’s into the fray. Well, given there’s only about 17,000 residents, they ended up getting the local MP, Labour do gooder Trevor Mallard.

I’m now wondering if Steve actually paid Trev to say this, because it is priceless…

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, born and bred in Wainuiomata, said the move was absolutely outrageous.

“It’s stupid and very, very unfair. It shows the sort of blind prejudice I thought we didn’t have in New Zealand anymore. I’m not surprised the [owner’s] Australian.”

uh, right, good one Trev.

So next time your’e passing through Palmerston North and you want somewhere quiet to stay, clearly this is the place

Update: Oh dear, I see everyone else is blogging about this, I swear I saw it in the paper not on another blog.

Further Update: It’s get’s better, clearly trying to ride the publicity for all it’s worth Steve says today ” “is not a marae or a Housing New Zealand home”. Might be stating the obvious there, I thought he was running a Motel!

Jackie Chan Communist Lap Dog

The Chinese regime still loves using terms like ‘capitalist roader’ and ‘colonialists’ so I’m quite comfortable with calling ‘Movie Star’ Jackie Chan a communist lap dog.


Chan & Friend demonstrating loyalty to the communist party.

I noticed when the Chinese were having a good old squeak about the bronze statues a month ago that they rolled out Jackie Chan presumably because they figured he’d be a credible mouth piece for Western audiences, I guess they figured if people will listen to the likes on Bono about Africa and climate change, they’ll feel Chan will be accepted as a good guy with some valid opinions.

You have to say it’s kind of unexpected that someone who had all the benefits of the relative freedoms of Hong Kong would suddenly side with a bunch of communist dictators.  After all surely Jackie would want ordinary Chinese to enjoy the same freedoms he’s enjoyed, right?

Apparently not.

Mr Chan’s now come out and uneqiviolicly sided with the communist dictators that run China. 

I guess like many western celebrities that go off the tracks, Jackie’s self importance has gone to his head.

He’s now suggesting that actually (other) Chinese are all a bit stupid and need to be controlled. Naturally this doesn’t apply to himself as he should be free to say whatever he wants and travel freely around the world living an opulent lifestyle while ordinary Chinese struggle under semi feudal conditions.

All this bollocks and rank hypocrisy goes down well with the Communist elite in China and soon they’ll have him sitting in their rubber stamp parliament. If I were Chinese I’d be hurling his DVD’s onto a big bonfire in protest.

Greepeace gives up on real whales, saves paper ones instead.

Fresh from thier succesful campagin savings whales in the South Pacific, Greenepeace have launched a new campagin to save yet more whales…

Oh wait, that wasn’t Greenpeace, that was Sea Shepherd… I forgot, Greenpeace didn’t bother treking down south to help whales this year, they clearly had more important things to do and hell, whales are so yesterday when you can run around saving the world from Global Warming!


whadya mean Greenpeace are busy! do we have to do this by ourselves now???

A quick glance at Greenpeace’s blog tag cloud says it all, a dirty great big Global Warming, the Whales stuck down the corner somewhere in tiny writing.

Naturally Greenpeace is happy to take your cash for saving whales, but don’t expect them to actually get wet trying to protect actual real live whales, because they are now far to corporate to do that sort of thing anymore. Instead some clever marketing department has come up with some trite cmapagin around origami whales. Nice slick way of raising money, any large global corporate would be proud of such a slick cmapagin.

Not sure the poor old whales are so enthusaed though, we’ll never know how the 600 odd whales that got shot to bits by Japanese whalers think about the “gourgeous origami whales cmapagin” because they are currently working their way through some person’s digestive system.

Nice one Greenpeace, pity about the real whales eh?

What Tony Veitch got away with

Well, technically he may never have done this stuff, but then again, if he so strongly believed he was innocent like he did in August, he’d have been happy to defend the charges…

The charges that were dropped are:

Injuring with reckless disregard: 
January 29, 2006.

Male assaults female:
December 18, 2006, at AucklandDropped

Male assaults female: 
November 5, 2005, at AucklandDropped

Male assaults female: 
July 8, 2005, at AucklandDropped

Male assaults female: 
June 3-4, 2005, at RotoruaDropped

Male assaults female: 
Between April 14, 2003, and April 9, 2005, at MangawhaiDropped

Male assaults female: 
Between March 15, 2002, and April 19, 2003, at AucklandDropped

This can only leave the impression that some of the allegations had substance, hence him doing a plea bargain to avoid prision. It also shows an alarming pattern, this wasn’t a one off thing like Veitch pretended when he claimed he “lashed out”, yeah sure, he seems to have “lashed out” quite a bit!

Tony Veitch ‘clears his name’

In August last year Tony Veitch indicated he wanted to clear his name… today he has pleaded guilty to “injuring his ex-partner with reckless disregard”, in what was likely to be a plea bargain, the other assault charges were dropped.

I expect that supporters of Tony Vietch will feel vindicated in their support of him, clearly injuring with disregard rather than being convicted of assault makes him a model citizen and fantastic role model.

No doubt had Mr Veitch had different colour skin and lived out in South Auckland he wouldn’t have got off so likely, nor would he have had high profile ‘celebraties’ coming out in support of him either. I guess Tony’s just lucky he’s white and famous.

Looking forward to seeing the morally convoluted arguments from his supporters justifying his innocence, and pushing for him to return to his previous job. Good luck there, everyone can now see he is a liar and someone prone to lashing out and unable to control his anger. What’s more this is someone who has consistently avoided accepting responsibilities for his actions, he deserves no sympathy or support.