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Police AOS play with their toys in Napier shooting

First off the shooting in Napier was a tradegy, a policeman lost his life and I’m not about to criticise the way they dealt with the situation, only one other person died – the offender.

In the aftermath we are going to get the usual hand-wringing and silly miss-informed nonsense about guns and gun licencing and how things should be restricted and people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. All this will ignore that Jan Molenaar wasn’t a licenced gun user so he would have done what he did regardless of how gun licences are managed.


The AOS keeping a low profile. Note empty seat in front - why risk injury on the outside?

My contention is that in a way, the Police themselves (possibly deliberately) play into the hands of those who want to ban legal guns. Why? have a look at these photo’s from the NZ Herald. 

What do you see? Lots of guy’s running around dressed up in  more equipment than a Marine on patrol in Baghdad, festooned with semi automatic rifles. Add to that uniformed officers wandering around far from the scene of the siege with semiautomatic rifles slug over their shoulders.

The public have seen these particular guns before, every night on TV when they see something about Iraqi or Afghanistan. This gets everyone worried that the streets are descending into chaos with Police having to arm themselves to the teeth to keep us all safe. Talk-back has been buzzing with it.

I’m puzzled as to why a Policeman escorting a lady with shopping back to here house requires a semiautomatic rifle to perform this task? Were they worried Mr Molenaar was going to break out of the Police cordon and this officer was going to protect the lady with a Bushmaster? Surely if the aim was to protect the civilian then a bullet proof jacket would suffice? The officers patrolling the cordon – which was well back from the actual scene, did not require semi automatic rifles, was there an imminent threat of a gun fight with groups of spectators standing by? If there was, then surely the cordon should have been further back.

The other thing that is all a bit odd is why the AOS insist on riding around hanging onto the outside 4WD’s. Initially I thought it was a budgetary constraint, the AOS couldn’t afford many 4WD’s so some of the officers were forced to ride shot gun, but then I saw that in a number of photo’s there is clearly room on the inside of the vehicle. Why can’t they ride vehicles like everyone else? Surely OSH would require them to ride safely in a vehicle? There’s no immediate threat that is going to see them shooting from the running boards – if such a thing were possible, and in any case, this is very dangerous and what use is it to the public if an AOS officer is injured riding in such a silly way, especially when there is plenty of room inside the vehicle.  The more likely explanation is that these guys have been watching way to many movies.

All this rather dramatic display of weaponry, and in the case of riding outside the vehicle, stupidity, is hardly discrete, in fact it’s in-your-face high profile stuff. It’s also operationally unnecessary. Sure’ it might make for good TV and give the MSM the chance to go crazy/insane/crazed with over the top headlines, but it also gives people the incorrect impression that the Police require lots of guns to deal with a situation.

If you’re a law abiding gun owner you should worried about whether the licencing is going to be affected by events like this. It’s not just that some nutter has shot people using an illegal gun that’s the issue, it’s that the highly visible Police response reinforces the perception amongst a large portion of the population that there are criminals on every corner popping caps in peoples heads and that the Police need officers running around decked out with automatic rifles and ballaclavers to cope. Over time this can only suit those who want to take away your legal right to own a firearm for perfectly legitimate reasons.


Are you a New Zealander? – Census Dilemma

Something that has always irked me on census forms, and indeed a great number of other forms we have to complete is the ‘ethnicity’ component.

I object to “pakeha” as much as I object to “European” as a label.

I was born here in New Zealand so I am an New Zealander, that is my ‘ethnicity’. Wikipedia describes ethnicity as;

“An ethnic group is a group of human beings whose members identify with each other, through a common heritage that is real or presumed.[1][2] Ethnic identity is further marked by the recognition from others of a group’s distinctiveness[3] and the recognition of common culturallinguisticreligiousbehavioral or biological traits,[1][4] real or presumed, as indicators of contrast to other groups.”

I’m not a European, wasn’t born in the EU and am not an EU citizen. I have English ‘heritage’ but then that’s a mixture of different backgrounds.

My racial ancestors arriving in the UK...

My racial ancestors arriving in the UK...

The NZ census is once again going to continue with European as an ethnic group. I also see support comes from the health sector for this term because it helps identify groups for specific treatment and planning. This is fair enough but it also sheds light on what is going on here.

This is actually about race not ethnicity. As Wikipedia says, ethnicity is almost an emotional construct, race on the other hand is a method of classification of humans.

This is what the problem is and it’s about being politically correct. The term that should be used is “racial group” – what is your racial background. In my case the answer is as complicated as anyone elses but it is a lot easier to put down a lot of tick boxes for something that is undeniable – racially I am Caucasian.

That may not help the Government much, but then NZ European doesn’t mean stuff-all and just annoys people like me because of the second thing that going on that no one wants to admit which is about sensitivities towards Maori. 

Many Maori could as much claim they were ethically Maori as I could claim I was Roman or Norman, sure dig deep enough you could claim one eighth something or other, but this isn’t a scientific thing, it’s emotional. If it’s emotional what the hell is it doing in a piece of scientific statistical research like the Census?

I suppose one day there will be just genetic profile tests and these will show what the health authorities need, however right now we all feel a bit uncomfortable about letting the government have this sort of information and I personally always will. So we end up with a woolly pretty useless census description that appeals to the politically correct and emotional.

I sympathise with officials who have to put together the census, because it’s political not scientific. The question they want and need to ask they can’t, so they ask something that achieves little instead because to take the question out altogether would mean it would be impossible to put it back in later – at least until we have matured sufficiently as a country.

By the time we do get around to ask the right question it’s quite possible there will be a specific race genetically defined as New Zealanders, until then, NZ European is inaccurate as is New Zealanders.

If the questions is really about our emotional ethnicity, then the term New Zealanders needs to be in there, because emotionally that’s the ethnic group myself, and hopefully millions of other New Zealanders, feel connected to.

The genetic/racial question is a different thing altogether.

Cheap building permits – $2500 with unlimited scope!

If your’e one of the thousands of people who go through the frustration and huge cost of getting a building permit, then there is now a much easier and significantly cheaper way of building your dream house.

For about $2500 you can build anything you you like.

Yes, that’s right $2500.


My new (unpermited) Wharenui

Obviously it would be a good idea to call it a meeting house, or if you want to be really PC, a “Wharenui”, but considering you could be saving yourself anything from $20,000 to over $100,000 for a building permit, I’d personally be happy to have a sign outside call it a wharenui if that’s what it takes.

This is all good news and is clearly part of National’s promised strategy to remove some of the more crazy aspects of the RMA. 

I guess no one quite saw this kind of reform, but it’s obviously going to be welcome news to anyone building a house.

No more idiotic Council requirements, engineers over spec’ing everything at huge cost, arbourists, geotec reports, months of agonising waiting, being nice and polite to Council bureaucrats even though they are just damn lazy and know it, 10’s of thousands of dollars gone from you precious building budget before the first soil has been turned.

No folks, just go straight ahead, get you plans, wack up that building, call it a ‘wharenui’ and send that cheque off to the High Court. 

Hell, after that the Council will actually come along without you waiting and make sure your house is all OK – how’s that for service and pro-activeness!

John Key inconsistent over Swazi Apparel


I say chaps, that's not one of those new Chinese cannons is it?

Barely a week ago our PM was making noises about bailing out Fisher & Paykel because “they are iconic”. 

If it was bad enough that somehow being “iconic” entitled a business to Government largess, F&P manufactures a large portion of their product overseas mainly in China, re-branded their “cheaper lines for New Zealand” ‘Elba’ – presumably we’re too poor here now for the ‘upmarket’ F&P products – and by their own admission, they are really an international company.

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Jimmy Choo and Trademark stupidity

I came across as article this morning that really left me wondering at some peoples common sense.

I don’t have a huge problem with trademarks and I do think companies that deliberately rip off other companies intellectual property for their own profit deserve everything that’s coming to them. But sometime people just act like morons and get a bit too precious over their ‘brand’.

spot the difference...


tough huh? they are virtually identical... NOT

This weeks example is Jimmy Choo’s a shoe company that’s claim to fame is making shoes that are worn by the skinny and unattractive star of Sex and the City.

Mr Choo has got his knickers in a twist about a home based Internet business in Kaukapakapa (that’s a tiny settlement north west of Auckland) called “Kooky Choo” or more correctly

Apparently Mr Choo feels his brand rights have been violated. I invite readers to visit the link about the kookychoo’s site, and then take a look at Jimmy Choo’s site here.

Had a good look?  Similar?

Not one bit, in fact the whole thing would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that Jimmy Choo’s have got themselves lawyered up and ready to sue the arse off the poor couple in Kaukapakapa if they don’t cease and desist using their domain name.

Technically it’s likely that Jimmy Choo’s lawyers, AJ Park, doesn’t really have a strong case but has been busy scouring the net for options to further their revenue gathering. Unfortunately for the owners of Kookychoo, they don’t have the money to fight this so they will have to give in and lose their domain name and in effect the business they have built up.

I hope the lawyers at AJ Park who dreamt up this little money making scheme can sleep easy at night knowing they are screwing over people trying to make a living, because quite frankly this shows why people think lawyers are a bunch of shysters.

I’d be nice to think that Jimmy Choo himself (if such a person exsists) who take a look at this and realise he’s making a proper twat out of himself and call off the lawyers.