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No “compromise” over Maori Seats for Auckland Supercity

It doesn’t matter how the subject is spun by those Maori (and there isn’t a consensus) who want a different and separate form of ‘democracy’ based on race. Separatly elected seats for a group based on some ethnic or racial system is quite simply undemocratic and racist.

ACT and Rodney Hide are quite right to hang tough on this one, not only because it goes against the parties basic principals, but also because the whole local government reform process is a major plant of ACT’s agreement with National.

It’s a bit rich for Pita Sharples to say that it would be a pity for Rodney to resign over this small issue, Pita’s party already got the stuff they wanted from National, like the foreshore, and it now looks like in typical fashion, they are coming back for seconds. I would imagine there would be large amounts of toy throwing from the Maori Party if National had decided to fudge the issue on the Foreshore.

Anyway, isn’t it about time Maori learned to stand on their own two feet? Are they that lacking in confidence that they think Aucklanders wouldn’t vote for a Maori who stood for election and who happened to have good policies?

One wonders whether the real issue is that many things people like Pita really want are so unpalatable to the majority and undemocratic, that the only way for them to achieve this is by having an undemocratic system of them getting power in government, both local and nationally.

At some point Key need to stop being like Tony Blair and compromising with everyone who objects to anything he is trying to do. If they go ahead and compromise on Maori seats, then you have to wonder whether Kay’s government is being held ransom by every noisy minority with an agenda contrary to both National’s and ACT’s core values.

The Maori seats have to go at some point, and Maori who have an undemocratic agenda need to start to get their heads around this issue. Auckland Supercity would be a good place to turn a new page… so let’s just get on with it!


Have New Zealanders become a bunch of whinging girlie men?

Scrolling through the news this morning would give anyone the impression that New Zealanders had become a bunch of PC softies.

As the dedate about smacking rages in the papers and on the talk back channels, and kids assault teachers and everyone wonders why there is no discipline in the class room anymore, elsewhere there is more to show have pervasive political correctness has become here.


Stupid humans, exploring garbage compactors in galaxies far far away.

First off the rank, a former New Zealand teacher, resident in the UK goes on the piss, and decides to sleep it off in the dumpster, the fatal flaw in this plan is that he is crushed to death when the rubbish is collected. Don’t get me wrong, this is a tragedy, it’s awful. But his family are now calling for better safety measures to prevent this from happening again. At first I was thinking maybe they meant some sort of screening program for genetic stupidity, but they actually want something done about the bins t0 make them safer for people to sleep in… Folks, I know this is hard to accept, but that was a r u b b i s h  b i n, they are for rubbish, no sleeping in. Everyone on the planet knows that a huge truck comes along and empties the rubbish into a rubbish compacter, so therefore sleeping in one is just plain stupid. It would be great to legislate against human stupidity, it would save a great many lives, but so far it’s proved impossible – OSH being the closest thing we have to that.

Second, a toy shop somewhere south of the Bombay Hills ran an ad for some toys, which included some soft air guns. Had the store owner been pedaling P, or dolls that looks like Pol Pot or Mao, probably this would have gone unnoticed, his mistake was to try and sell some plastic replicas of guns that shoot little plastic pellets – every young boy’s wet dream. It seems that these days even perfectly legal businesses are not off limits to those that feel they need to control every facet of our lives. A complaint has been made to the Police – what on earth for I don’t know, as no crime has been committed and last time I checked the Police were overrun with work fighting real crime. What’s even more extraordinary, that the apparently overworked and underfunded Police are actually sending someone around to tell the business owner how to suck eggs.

The Police couldn’t even manage a software contract so what they could possibly offer store owner Tony Allen in the way of business advise has me stumped. The Police acknowledge that he has done nothing wrong, but they’ll have a chat with him anyway. It appears the Police are now tools of every PC nutter out there.

And finally today, apparently John Key is worried that some of our… Whenever we are feeling a bit inadequate about our military (with good reason) we love to harp on about how hard arse the SAS is. Highly trained killing machines they are apparently. Just don’t send them where they might get killed.

I’m actually kind of lost for words. Having just returned from the UK where I witnessed a daily MSM led hand wringing about about British soldiers being killed in Afghanistan, and wondered what people thought the army did for a living, it’s remarkable to see that John Key has figured that are supposedly elite armed forces are better off at home because it’s safe and they won’t get killed. As a society we have reached a point where the military is some sort of glorified police cum litter collecting service, as a career there is little risk that you will either fire a shot or be shot at, let alone killed.

John, if this is how you are your government feel, then it’s better you finish the job Labour started and disband the army, navy and what’s left of the air force. It’s just plain embarrassing now. We are pissing off the only allies we have, to the point that we cannot expect any help when the shit hits the fan… and for anyone out there who really believes we live too far away to be affected by countries like China who don’t give a damn about anything other than their national interests, go study some history.

At least with no military we can stop annoying the Americans whom we should be going out of our way to please, and we can start accepting that we will be totally vulnerable to the whims of undemocratic dictatorships like China.

I had personally hoped that the National Government would see that it was in every ones long term interests to warm relations with the USA and Australia, starting with the military. And at least allocating resources and spending in a direction that demonstrated that we understood the strategic importance of an ally like the US. Not only are we consistently failing to do this, but we are provoking the US to the point where they will tell us to go to hell. Currently there is absolutely no strategic reason why they would lift a finger to help us out.

What a bunch of pansies we have become!

Sharples willfully stupid

The Maori Party has come up with some sensible sounding stuff, but then every now and again we get a glimpse of some really, really stupid stuff...

Is this really how they think in the party?

Pita Sharples is either mindlessly being populist, or just willfully stupid. He correctly points out that “Pakeha was more than 20 percentage points higher – 83 per cent of young men and 89 per cent of young women” make it through NCEA vs 63 per cent of young Maori men and 67 per cent of young Maori women left school with at least NCEA level one (given history I’d say that was a good thing as it’s improving).

To solve this ‘imbance’ Sharples says Maori should be given open entry to University.

How does Pita think every other NZder made it into Uni? By being given a free pass??

Not at all, it is a level playing field – the only group that currently gets special treatment is Maori. They already get affirmative action slots for Med school and the like. This means they are not required to meet the same high standards that every other NZder is required to meet.

Say, hypothetically, the rest of us accepted Pita’s logic and gave Maori a free pass to Uni. Is it a finite thing? Does it last for 5 years, 10 years, for ever? Like every other privilege that’s handed to Maori, can it be withdrawn later when it’s shown not to be of any further benefit?

Isn’t this dumbing down of education? Isn’t Pita suggesting that Maori are mentally inferior to everyone else so need to have everything dumbed down so they can get the same paper qulifications as everyone else?

It sure looks like it.

Yet again the Maori Party knows best, and yet again they are treating Maori like a bunch of special needs children that need to be wrapped in cotton wool and given preferential treatment.

Affirmative action is pointless and does not change reality.

Pita would be better to concentrate on pushing Maori parents into taking responsibility for getting their kids to school and feeding them and clothing them properly. Get the basics right, look at what other NZders do to help their kids into Uni and then emulate that.

Kordia should come clean or face consumer boycott

This isn’t some bleeding heart leftie appeal, the military dictatorship in Burma (they call it Myanmar) is the most vile repugnant dictatorship around, probably worse than Zimbabwe.

Captain Orcon, walking all over the 'little' people, destroying democracy, abusing human rights, and treating humans like scum.

Captain Orcon, walking all over the 'little' people, destroying democracy, abusing human rights, and treating humans like scum.

The people in power have no intention of giving up their positions which allow them to systematically loot what is a resource rich country of it’s riches and pocket them.

Once upon a time Burma was the richest country in Asia, by the time these scum bags have finished with it it will be poorer than Cambodia. In connivance with the Chinese (who block any attempt to bring the dictatorship into line) they are raping the countryside of it’s rich mineral, gem and timber resources.

Aung San Suu Kyi has spent 11 of the last 19 years in prison for wining a democratic election.

This week, she was, once again due out, and yet again the generals have found a pretext to throw her back in prison.

Why aren’t more people pissed off about this? The people of Burma deserve better than to be ignored. There may not be some trendy pop star backing a concert or a kindly man in robes to travel the world raising awareness of the people plight. Burma has been forgotten.

In New Zealand, we should be appalled and demand more action, and that could start with an enterprise we own, Kordia. Kordia owns Orcon which is busy pushing it’s broadband products. You and I as taxpayers own Kordia and it’s subsidiaries through the Government. Kordia has done business in Burma and it should stop now.

Kordia needs to come clean about it’s involvement in both Burma and Laos (another Communist country with a piss poor human rights record). It should immediately cease any business in these countries or face a full consumer boycott.

It’s not good enough for a tax payer owned business to be doing business with the Government of Burma.

Auckland Museum thinks we’re all “screaming” idiots

It seems that there is a bit of a pattern emerging in the disagreement over ‘ownership rights’ of Sir Edmund Hillary’s papers between his children and the Auckland Museum.

The Auckland Museum is now saying that they have;

“complex and nuanced points – when it appears we can get them across without being screamed at by the public for being disrespectful, we will reengage

Does anyone see what’s wrong here?

This is a public organisation, but it clearly is not used to having it’s agenda challenged, especially publicly. Vanda Vitalli hasn’t given any interviews, won’t discuss it expect through finely crafted press releases, won’t speak to the Hillary family (but claims they can ring her any time), and now they feel that we’re all a bit hysterical for questioning their motives over ownership. They’re lack of communication skills is clearly annoying the Herald otherwise they wouldn’t have published that letter (what on earth were they thinking???)

How about you put out a press release with your “complex and nuanced points” so we can all make our own decisions?

Or do you think we’re all a bit thick to understand them Vanda?

Top claim that they will reengage on their terms, when they feel ready, smacks of arrogance. They could have put out a press release with their points right when this all was made public. Like I said, this didn’;t happen overnight and they surely must have seen where events were headed – into the public arena. 

Vanda and her PR team are making a really bad call here, the longer they leave explaining what they were doing the worse things will get, and currently they have handed the stage, and the mor5al high ground, to the Hillary family.

Vanda and Co and being “disrespectful”, to the public. Clearly they think the issues are too complex for the great unwashed, and I suppose a bunch of academics stuck in a stone mausoleum overlooking Auckland might be forgiven for thinking they were a bit too special  to have to justify their actions to the public who provide the money for their operations.

Bad mistake. 

As a story for the MSM to pick up and run with, this is great, it has a feud over property rights, a famous deceased NZder, a public institution, and an American. 

A suggestion to the museum would be to get a new PR team, do a press conference and explain yourselves. This won’t go away and you’re inability to state what you are trying to achieve leads everone to suspect the worst. If this isn’t the case it shouldn’t be too difficult to explain that, should it?

If your’e planning to dig your way out of this hole, you’re going to need some pretty heavy equipment. I’m not sure people thought you were being disrespectful, just a bit money grubbing and sneaky, now we can add arrogant to the list – disrespectful is about to be added.

Government double standards on Myanmar / Burma

There was the usual tutting and “dismay” as the loathsome Military Dictatorship in Burma once again engaged in slapping Aung San Suu Kyi around. Nothing like kicking someone when they are down.

Captain Orcon, cuddling up to dictators and repressive regimes since 2006

Captain Orcon, cuddling up to dictators and repressive regimes since 2006

Our latest Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, made all the right noises, but right under his nose a Government/Taxpayer owned company is still trading in that region and quite possibly doing work for the Military Dictatorship.

Kordia, the parent company of Orcon, apparently thinks just fine to do business in Burma, and still advertises the fact that it has business there on it’s website, it also throws in another repressive regime, Laos into the mix for good measure. 

I’m not sure how Kordia/Orcon justify doing business in Burma, no doubt some bollocks about not doing business with the regime, although it’s impossible to do any business in Burma without dealing with the military, who in turn are controlled by the regime, who are just there to line their pockets of the backs of the Burmese.

I don’t see the consistency it Government policy by making a fuss about Fiji, ignoring China and it’s appalling human rights record, and then allowing a state owned enterprise to operate in what is universally agreed, is an appallingly despotic and venal regime in Burma.

Next time you are thinking about switching your ISP, or some ‘dude’ from Orcon shows up trying to sell you some new service or an Internet package, maybe you’ll want to consider that this is part of a company that’s done business with a regime that stood by and let thousands of people die a while back during the cyclone, they refused international assistance, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Burmese Military Regime is a disgusting excuse for a government. No state (read taxpayer) owned business should be doing any business there. 

Possibly a bit of pressure is required to make Orcon/Kordia come clean about what there business interests are in Thailand (usual launch pad for Myanmar/Burma) and Laos?

That could start by customers deciding there are other options for internet providers, ones that don’t deal with repressive regimes, like (dare I suggest it) Telecom.

Chinese propganda right here in NZ

You’d probably think that when someone immigrates to a new country, that they will in some way embrace the life style and culture of that new society – otherwise they would have been better off staying at home.

So with Chinese immigrants you’d naturally think they would be willing to embrace the freedoms both political and economic offered by immigrating from a Nationalist Dictatorship with Communist trappings, to a liberal democracy in NZ.

But maybe this isn’t what’s happening.

Anne-Marie Brady is an expert in Chinese propaganda and is such a high level expert that she has given a presentation to a United States security commission.

Unfortunately she says, and this is not difficult to confirm, that in fact many ‘local’ Chinese immigrants and still heavily influenced by the Chinese regimes propoganda.

There would be an easy way to counter this, starting in schools, and all NZders have something to learn from it. Start teaching history, make it compulsory and include Asian history in the curriculum.

China is going to be an important player in our area in the next decade, better we start teaching our young about their history and what has happened, and immigrants offspring the truth, so that they are able to make informed decision without being influenced by the Chinese regime.

The last we we need in NZ if we run into difficulties with the Chinese is a sizable domestic population in thrall of wrong headed and untrue propaganda!