No “compromise” over Maori Seats for Auckland Supercity

It doesn’t matter how the subject is spun by those Maori (and there isn’t a consensus) who want a different and separate form of ‘democracy’ based on race. Separatly elected seats for a group based on some ethnic or racial system is quite simply undemocratic and racist.

ACT and Rodney Hide are quite right to hang tough on this one, not only because it goes against the parties basic principals, but also because the whole local government reform process is a major plant of ACT’s agreement with National.

It’s a bit rich for Pita Sharples to say that it would be a pity for Rodney to resign over this small issue, Pita’s party already got the stuff they wanted from National, like the foreshore, and it now looks like in typical fashion, they are coming back for seconds. I would imagine there would be large amounts of toy throwing from the Maori Party if National had decided to fudge the issue on the Foreshore.

Anyway, isn’t it about time Maori learned to stand on their own two feet? Are they that lacking in confidence that they think Aucklanders wouldn’t vote for a Maori who stood for election and who happened to have good policies?

One wonders whether the real issue is that many things people like Pita really want are so unpalatable to the majority and undemocratic, that the only way for them to achieve this is by having an undemocratic system of them getting power in government, both local and nationally.

At some point Key need to stop being like Tony Blair and compromising with everyone who objects to anything he is trying to do. If they go ahead and compromise on Maori seats, then you have to wonder whether Kay’s government is being held ransom by every noisy minority with an agenda contrary to both National’s and ACT’s core values.

The Maori seats have to go at some point, and Maori who have an undemocratic agenda need to start to get their heads around this issue. Auckland Supercity would be a good place to turn a new page… so let’s just get on with it!

  1. bro the only racsit wun up in here is you!!
    for your information Maori were the first people to find this country so of corse they should have maori seats in the parliment.have you got any thing better to do than be racist and hate on the maoris.because it seems like it bro.

    • k
    • August 21st, 2009

    hardowt i agree

    • This is a typical silly reaction. It seems you can’t level any sort of criticism at Maori without being called racist, but on the other hand it’s quite alright for Maori to say things about other racial groups and somehow that’s not racist… go figure. The post was about how a separate system of voting based on ethnicity is racist. If you are unsure about the definition of racist suggest you do some homework.

      I’m sure I can go back through my ancestry and find some part of my family that was oppressed by a conquering force that occupied and changed their land. Maori don’t have a special claim to being the ‘first’ here, it’s happened all over the world.

      I could argue that although you might have “got here first”, people who came here after were were more powerful, and history has favored their strength over “being first here’. History shows that this have been happening for thousands of years.

      Don’t you think it’s time to accept the hand history dealt you and move on? If I forever lived in the past and wanted compenstion for percieved wrongs done to my assestors I’d never get anywhere in life. The sooner some Maori accept things and make the most of the opportunities available now, instead of constantly trying to use the past to benefit them, they will remain a people stuck in a time warp – fortunately a great many Maori are just getting on with their lives.

    • k
    • August 23rd, 2009

    bro i dont need a history lesson on who came about you do your homework on the treaty of waitangi and tell me about that yea shut up about it all.if you got a problem with maori people then just say it.stop using the excuse of history and politics to give racist comments..

    the past and our ancesters is part of our culture..but obviously you wouldnt undersatnd any of it..

    • minority
    • September 1st, 2009

    I happen to have just read a book on NZ history. Seems to me Maori wasn’t the first people to live here?

    Please forgive my ignorance.

  2. oh what an acomplishment..good for you!!

    maybe we wernt the first to find the ‘whole’ of nz but
    we were definatly the fist to come here..even if you history book
    says we wernt..

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