Have New Zealanders become a bunch of whinging girlie men?

Scrolling through the news this morning would give anyone the impression that New Zealanders had become a bunch of PC softies.

As the dedate about smacking rages in the papers and on the talk back channels, and kids assault teachers and everyone wonders why there is no discipline in the class room anymore, elsewhere there is more to show have pervasive political correctness has become here.


Stupid humans, exploring garbage compactors in galaxies far far away.

First off the rank, a former New Zealand teacher, resident in the UK goes on the piss, and decides to sleep it off in the dumpster, the fatal flaw in this plan is that he is crushed to death when the rubbish is collected. Don’t get me wrong, this is a tragedy, it’s awful. But his family are now calling for better safety measures to prevent this from happening again. At first I was thinking maybe they meant some sort of screening program for genetic stupidity, but they actually want something done about the bins t0 make them safer for people to sleep in… Folks, I know this is hard to accept, but that was a r u b b i s h  b i n, they are for rubbish, no sleeping in. Everyone on the planet knows that a huge truck comes along and empties the rubbish into a rubbish compacter, so therefore sleeping in one is just plain stupid. It would be great to legislate against human stupidity, it would save a great many lives, but so far it’s proved impossible – OSH being the closest thing we have to that.

Second, a toy shop somewhere south of the Bombay Hills ran an ad for some toys, which included some soft air guns. Had the store owner been pedaling P, or dolls that looks like Pol Pot or Mao, probably this would have gone unnoticed, his mistake was to try and sell some plastic replicas of guns that shoot little plastic pellets – every young boy’s wet dream. It seems that these days even perfectly legal businesses are not off limits to those that feel they need to control every facet of our lives. A complaint has been made to the Police – what on earth for I don’t know, as no crime has been committed and last time I checked the Police were overrun with work fighting real crime. What’s even more extraordinary, that the apparently overworked and underfunded Police are actually sending someone around to tell the business owner how to suck eggs.

The Police couldn’t even manage a software contract so what they could possibly offer store owner Tony Allen in the way of business advise has me stumped. The Police acknowledge that he has done nothing wrong, but they’ll have a chat with him anyway. It appears the Police are now tools of every PC nutter out there.

And finally today, apparently John Key is worried that some of our http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meth… Whenever we are feeling a bit inadequate about our military (with good reason) we love to harp on about how hard arse the SAS is. Highly trained killing machines they are apparently. Just don’t send them where they might get killed.

I’m actually kind of lost for words. Having just returned from the UK where I witnessed a daily MSM led hand wringing about about British soldiers being killed in Afghanistan, and wondered what people thought the army did for a living, it’s remarkable to see that John Key has figured that are supposedly elite armed forces are better off at home because it’s safe and they won’t get killed. As a society we have reached a point where the military is some sort of glorified police cum litter collecting service, as a career there is little risk that you will either fire a shot or be shot at, let alone killed.

John, if this is how you are your government feel, then it’s better you finish the job Labour started and disband the army, navy and what’s left of the air force. It’s just plain embarrassing now. We are pissing off the only allies we have, to the point that we cannot expect any help when the shit hits the fan… and for anyone out there who really believes we live too far away to be affected by countries like China who don’t give a damn about anything other than their national interests, go study some history.

At least with no military we can stop annoying the Americans whom we should be going out of our way to please, and we can start accepting that we will be totally vulnerable to the whims of undemocratic dictatorships like China.

I had personally hoped that the National Government would see that it was in every ones long term interests to warm relations with the USA and Australia, starting with the military. And at least allocating resources and spending in a direction that demonstrated that we understood the strategic importance of an ally like the US. Not only are we consistently failing to do this, but we are provoking the US to the point where they will tell us to go to hell. Currently there is absolutely no strategic reason why they would lift a finger to help us out.

What a bunch of pansies we have become!

  1. We probably have become a nation of whingers. Trouble with something on a blog? Call a lawyer. A relly gets squashed by a rubbish truck? Complain to the government about rubbish bins. Like you, I agree it was terrible the bloke was killed by the compactor, but we need to show some responsibility for our own actions. Sure we need to show some reasonable safety, but making more comfy bins for sleeping sounds like overkill to me. If successful, the result of that is that we have nicer looking bins and our rubbish will look more pleasing inside—and last I looked, that wasn’t the point of rubbish.

  2. Fabulously unprejudiced posting this expose to tell that I drop in on your blog daily.

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