Sharples willfully stupid

The Maori Party has come up with some sensible sounding stuff, but then every now and again we get a glimpse of some really, really stupid stuff...

Is this really how they think in the party?

Pita Sharples is either mindlessly being populist, or just willfully stupid. He correctly points out that “Pakeha was more than 20 percentage points higher – 83 per cent of young men and 89 per cent of young women” make it through NCEA vs 63 per cent of young Maori men and 67 per cent of young Maori women left school with at least NCEA level one (given history I’d say that was a good thing as it’s improving).

To solve this ‘imbance’ Sharples says Maori should be given open entry to University.

How does Pita think every other NZder made it into Uni? By being given a free pass??

Not at all, it is a level playing field – the only group that currently gets special treatment is Maori. They already get affirmative action slots for Med school and the like. This means they are not required to meet the same high standards that every other NZder is required to meet.

Say, hypothetically, the rest of us accepted Pita’s logic and gave Maori a free pass to Uni. Is it a finite thing? Does it last for 5 years, 10 years, for ever? Like every other privilege that’s handed to Maori, can it be withdrawn later when it’s shown not to be of any further benefit?

Isn’t this dumbing down of education? Isn’t Pita suggesting that Maori are mentally inferior to everyone else so need to have everything dumbed down so they can get the same paper qulifications as everyone else?

It sure looks like it.

Yet again the Maori Party knows best, and yet again they are treating Maori like a bunch of special needs children that need to be wrapped in cotton wool and given preferential treatment.

Affirmative action is pointless and does not change reality.

Pita would be better to concentrate on pushing Maori parents into taking responsibility for getting their kids to school and feeding them and clothing them properly. Get the basics right, look at what other NZders do to help their kids into Uni and then emulate that.

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