Star Trek movie – if you like scifi, see it!

backgroundWent and saw the new Star Trek movie last night in a half empty cinema (and that was the opening night too).

I admit although I like scifi, I’ve never been a huge follower of Star Trek, more of a Star Wars fan I guess.

The movie is the best piece of scifi cinema to come along for a long time and I would recommend it. I’m not going to write an in depth review, too lazy and well, Russell at the Herald has done it already.

I went with some Trekkies and they thought it was great, and for someone like myself  who’s only taken a passing interest, it was fantastic, maybe I’ll be converted (from the dark side).

It’s very entertaining, fast moving with some good acting, great special effects which have been done seamlessly and not too many of them either unlike the last/first Star Wars movies. 

Go see it, you won’t be disappointed!

Oh, and a plug for Village cinema’s online service, it works well if you want to book your tickets before you get there.

  1. this new Star Trek is high quality cinema indeed, except at the theater i went to the reel kept jumping and the sound went out a couple of times… why are movie theaters still using film i wonder?

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