Telecom launches 3G… 6 years too late

I see Telecom are apparently going to launch their 3G service “early”… in May.

I don’t know how this can be described as early when Vodafone rolled out theirs way back in 2004.

That’s 6 years ago.

6 Years too late Telecom… well done… again!

I see they are also hyping their “exclusive” Samsung 3G handset with… wait for it…. drum roll…. a touch screen.

Whoopdeedoo! I can hear the cries of admiration at Telecoms stunning marketing victory!

So, they have a 3G service 6 years after Vodafone did, and they now have a touch screen phone almost 2 years after Vodafone launched the iphone, and I guess they will now be able to finally offer global roaming too.

In what seems to be a dig at Vodafone, Telecom  CEO Paul Reynolds said they would provide  “best genuine coverage across New Zealand”. Oh I see, yes, right. This is in contrast to the imaginary 3G network that Vodafone launched years ago, along with the imaginary touch screen phones?

You have to admire the cheek of Telecom’s CEO to stand up and spout marketing PR such as this with a straight face.

So folks, you now have a choice, you can join Telecom and get the same service Vodafone’s offered for years. I guess you’d probably pause for thought though and consider that you may get stuck with a lemon considering Telecom are likely to be light years behind Vodafone when the next change comes along, and that’s just around the corner.

Telecom New Zealand, ‘Connecting New Zealanders with yesterday’s technology’.

    • Knowsmorethanyou
    • May 3rd, 2009

    Your ramblings aren’t really worth commenting on, so this could be considered a service, rather than a disservice to you. It’s better than what this trumpt up site, in particular this story, deserves.

    Not only have you not got your facts right, you obviously have great amount of bias. Here are just a few things to think about/correct with your story:

    * 3G is a marketing term for Vodafone, much like XT is for Telecom
    * Telecom currently uses the outdated CDMA, that much is true, but the new WCDMA network is the evolution of GSM, and Telecom is one of the first 25 or so companies/regional area’s in the world to use it (Vodafone International is only slowly upgrading to it now)
    * The two networks are quite different from each other…
    * WCDMA will give faster data speeds, is of higher voice quality and offers better coverage than any network in NZ at present

    So there’s a few things to think about. I have also been told by a mate of mine who works for them, that Telecom will have 19 handsets at launch, and new data devices. The speeds will be faster than Vodafone can offer, and thanks to the way they’ve built the new network, the coverage will be far less patchy than Vodafone. He’s also said Telecom will offer cheaper roaming to more destinations for both voice and data than Vodafone.

    Seriously though, for anyone who wants to actually know about the new network, it’s implications, or just to get a reasonably unbiased view of things, check out the guys at – at least they know what they’re talking about, unlike the author of the story I’m commenting on.

    • Your ‘service’ is appreciated!

      I’ll point out a couple of things you’d have noticed if you had taken the time. 3G is a generic term for third generation mobile phone systems that superceed 2.5G (which is what Telecom has been using).

      It doesn’t matter what they actually brand it as – in this case ‘XT’ it’s still a 3G network system.

      I’d hope it offered some kind of improvement on Vodafone’s service, because if it didn’t it would be an impossible marketing proposition! You can have the best service in the world, but if you can’t communicate this to the public then they will never know. Over the last few years Telecom has consistently failed to engage with the market and it’s marketing has fallen flat. Possibly they might break Vodafone’s strangle hold this time, but then again using a limited appeal celebrity with a service that’s been around for a while is going to be a challenge.

      The marketing stuff about ‘coverage’ which both teleco’s blur the lines on is all rather dubious, and I’m sure there are years ahead of us with them splitting hairs about just how good a coverage they offer and how it’s better than the compeitions.

      “Your mate” may well have the inside running, but it’s not rocket science to assume that Telecom (as you acknowledge) as a very latecomer to 3G, will have to compete on price because it’s nuanced ‘improvements’ won’t be easy to get across to a market already dominated by Vodafone. I’m sure Vodafone will be matching the pricing, and bettering it because both companies have plenty of wiggle room in their pricing for discounts.

      My main point – which you agree with – was that Telecom is a very late entrant to the 3G game, sure ‘XT’ will offer “improvements” technology isn’t standing still. Telecom got caught out backing the wrong horse with network systems last time, maybe they are onto the right track this time, who knows.

      Naturally geekzone know what they’re talking about… um, the domain name says it all!

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