Susan Boyle is like….. Eliza Doolittle (haven’t we seen this before?)

Arrrrrrgh, I’m glad I don’t watch TV, but even that hasn’t helped me escape the insane clutches of the ghastly ‘reality singing’ industrial machine.


Yes, she's had a make over, surprised?

The cynic in me says that Simon Cowall (who is a hugely cynical guy) has set everyone up. Found some dowdy old woman who has a good singing voice. Her voice is OK, but she’s so, well, flipping ordinary that we’ll all think her voice is “heavenly” and cry. This trick will only work on TV, because you have to see her for it to work, if this were the ‘old days’ this couldn’t happen.

Surely this has been lifted from the musical ‘My Fair Lady? Simon is Henry Higgins ‘rescuing’ Susan – Eliza – from obscurity and giving her a new life. This is just like that, with the singing and dancing. Read the script, there’s nothing very uncanny about any of this, or lucky, or particularly spontaneous.

I’m sure Simon has seen My Fair Lady, and can’t help wondering if he thought that the “perfect musical” (according to Wikipedia) would work perfectly as a script for “Britain’s got talent“. 

This sort of stuff works perfectly in a recession, it’s a virtuous distraction, the MSM love it because they can look virtuous, we love it because we can go “ahhhhhhh how nice” and cry at her singing and tell everyone about how we cried and this shows there is still humanity in a cynical commercial world plagued with financial disaster.

Statistically there must be thousands of people out there just like Susan, very ordinary people with good singing voices.

I’m sure Susan is a nice person, and good luck to her. But the whole reality TV thing is a careful setup designed for maximum entertainment (oh, and advertising revenue).

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