NZ Immigration department really are stupid… Marina Lewycka fiasco.

Having had a fair bit to do with the Immigration ‘Service‘ over the years there is one thing about them that is consistent, they aren’t too smart.

There’s corruption on the fringes and possibly within the department, they suspect it, but won’t do anything about it because of the repercussions. People get into NZ who have no business being here and they usually lie and cheat to do so, potential immigrants who follow the rules slavisly are rewarded by being treated with the utmost contempt, in fact I’d hazard a guess that the Prision Service treats it’s clients better.

The problem is that ‘ordinary’ kiwi’s don’t actually deal with the Immigration Service, by it’s very nature it’s clients are not New Zealanders and therefore cannot complain about piss-poor service. Oh sure, they can complain, but it would guarantee that their application would take so long they’d have about as much chance of getting here than of winning Powerball this week (and the odd’s of that are stacked against you).

So if you needed any more confirmation that the beaucrates running NZ immigration were lazy and inept this story would confirm it.

Now, what do you do when you want to know something about anything? Google it right?

It didn’t take me very long, less than 10 minutes to find out all about Marina Lewycka and her husband David Feickert, who is, erm, a trade union researcher by the looks of things (great).

Granted, it doesn’t have a wedding date, but a bit of digging shows this isn’t some ‘marriage of convience’ or that these two are about to cheat their way into NZ, Mr Feickert is allowed to be here being a New Zealander.

You’d think someone in immigration would have just jumped online at the mention of Marina’s profession being a writer, checked it out, and gone to a manager. But ohhh no, they just kept on digging, just not on the net, into a hole. Possibly I’m being harsh and Immigration doesn’t allow it’s staff online because maybe they tried to sell visa’s on ebay or something.

One could say that this shows that immigration are doing their job, but sadly it doens’t as every week people arrive here who shouldn’t and then we find down the track their highly dubious stories weren’t in fact true, mainly because immigration didn’t do it’s job.

Immigration would get ‘Dick of the Week’ but sorry guy’s Trevor Mallard beat you to it, better luck next time.

    • Mike
    • April 24th, 2009

    Totally Agreed. They are hopeless, to get a travel visa, i have to go there 3 times … WTH, and I waited 2 hours then they talked to me 5 mins, WTF

    • Oh yeah, they still have two hour queues??!?! Do they give you a number and make you wait to be called? it’s like some Eastern Bloc set up, queuing for hours to be told you have the wrong documentation, come back next week, week after week… the only difference here is that slipping someone US$20 won’t speed things up. I cannot think of anywhere else, except possibly the Health Sector where an organisation would make it’s customers wait in a queue for two hours, in day and age it’s unacceptable.

  1. I have 5 years experience in Department of Labour. I’ve come across many positions including that of an Immigration Officer and a Business Immigration Specialist. The least I could say is that Immigration is my forte. I would have to say that Immigration New Zealand does have its gaps in some areas. From your story, the couple named went through the partnership category. This couple mentioned didn’t manage to find the gap and slip on through. Applications are assessed stringently, hence the time it takes to assess (apart from the inadequate staffing problem every public sector faces). Instead of slipping through the gaps, they were smart enough to instead fill the gaps. Sufficient documentations and information to support their application. I have to admit, the system is VERY beaurocratic.

    I have now come out of the public sector into a private sector. I figured, the reason why I entered Immigration is because I want to help my country facilitate a more welcoming but stringent access for the world. Afterall, our money comes from mostly export of agricultural products. As an International Advisor for Woburn International Ltd (, I’ve started up a blog today for information about Relocation and Immigration to New Zealand. I personally know how friggin frustrating it is, not just for applicants but also for Immigration and Visa Officers to go through the beaurocratic system we have in place.

    If you wish to have any information regarding Relocation and Immigration to New Zealand or you would like me to post answers to your questions, let me know:

    Why battle with Immigration Officers, they’re job is to process applications NOT sympathise with your lifelong story. Talk to the experts:

    Ivan Flinn
    International Advisor
    Woburn International Ltd
    +64 4 939 6837
    +64 272 325 036

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