Chinese car industry… shows off rip-off cars

Sorry, two posts on China in one day, I’ll give them a rest until next week, promise!

I couldn’t resist this… Shanghai International Auto Show

If you look (at the linked slide show) every Chinese made model is a rip off of something else, can’t the Chinese design anything orginal themselves???

Slide 1 – I assumed this was a BMW, actually it’s a ‘Brilliant FSV’

Slide 2 – actually a real Porchse

Slide 3 – no, those aren’t Mazda’s, they’re ‘Chang-an’s

Slide 4 – a ‘Chery Riich’ (their spelling not mine) not a Toyota Yaris

Slide 5 – I have no idea WTF that is, but don’t panic, it’s a concept car

Slide 6 – a real Lambo

Slide 7 – A Rolls Royce? nup, really, it’s a ‘Geely GE’ complete with a Rolls figure on the radiator grill!

Slide 8 – A “Red Flag’ concept car, not a… god knows.

Slide 9 – Mini (didn’t the Chinese buy Rover?) & 10, a Ford (who are still in business aparently.

Slide 11 – That has to be a Mercedes right, I mean re badged right? No, that’s a ‘BYD S8’ which wins the prize for the most brazen knock off of the lot!


    • dh
    • November 17th, 2009

    The Chinese did by Rover, but the Mini (now renamed MINI) has been part of BMW for years.

    • hung lo
    • December 19th, 2009

    wow you sound like someone that is really bitter and jealous. you need help man. idiots like you complain when china is communist. now they become capitalist, morons like you are still complaining. before you post stupid blogs like this. look at your own country’s problems and deal with them, along with your own mental problems.

    • Oh sure, I am totally bitter and jealous about some cars that are completely lacking in originality. If the best you can do is claim I have some kind of mental problem and attack me personally that’s pretty pathetic. Your reaction is sadly a typical knee jerk reaction from oversensitive Chinese nationalists that cannot stomach any suggestion that things like ripping off other peoples IP might be a bit silly and immature. Democratic countries accept their failings and deal with them, sadly some in China, possibly like yourself, fail to accept that things there are far from perfect and are hypersensitive about any form or criticism. And by the way, officially, China is a communist state.

  1. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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