China shows off Navy – sells uniforms on Trademe


On display yesterday in China...

I’ve posted about our defence review and and feel that many New Zealanders have failed to comprehend the threat to New Zealand that China potentially presents.

No, I’m not suggesting we’re about to be invaded, if anything does happen it won’t be that sort of confrontation. Many people here cushioned by our distance from Asia are complacent about what China represents, they tend to dismiss the sorts of assertions I’m making a a bit hysterical.

The fact is that China is a quasi-Communist Nationalist Dictatorship. The people in power do whatever is necessary to stay in power, and this is something that people just don’t seem to get. These aren’t fuzzy friendly Panda’s, China’s leader are ruthless, if they wouldn’t hesitate to gun down their own people, they won’t think twice about strong arming some little resource-rich but weak country in the South Pacific.

But I digress. This post is about celebrating China’s Naval power.

... available on Trademe today!

... available on Trademe today!


They had a display of this yesterday, showing the world how things are changing there and this display is probably a precursor to the launch of their blue water Navy sometime in the next year when they finish their air craft carrier.

Take a look at the photo’s with the flash ships, submarines and as usual the dashing uniforms.

In true Chinese tradition of flogging anything off for a buck, if uniform excite you too can join in the fun by buying (what looks like a current) Chinese Navy uniform on Trademe.

Possibly our Navy might be able to pick up one of those submarines they have on Trademe some time soon – looks like we might need them!

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