iphone app review; Find NZ, Kitty!, Zenbu

This week, a couple of NZ apps that both do the same thing, in amost the same way but one looks better. And a completely useless app of the type you show your friends in the hope they’ll be impressed with your cool phone, but who actually think your’e pretty lame – and if you show them this one, it will confirm their suspicions!

Find NZ (speaks for itself), Kitty and Zenbu… click below for the review and screen shots.

Find NZ

App that lets you find businesses, services and other stuff  in you area (wherever that is). 

What does it do?  Finds services in you area. For example, enter in ‘ATM’ and it will find all the Atm’s in your immediate area.

So what! Well it’s actually really useful. Short of cash? want to find a bank or atm? this will find them plus give you contact details of the business and a map (in my case using Google maps) with the time and instructions of how to get there. 

Cost?  Free

Looks... Not too bad, certainly a bit nicer looking that Zenbu’s app (see below) which does the same thing. 

Ease of use… I may have to update this, but so far it works fine. Sometimes these sorts of apps fall down when you are somewhere obscure – like say, Wainuiomata. But so far, in Auckland it works well. Nice intuitive interface, easy to understand and based on what is now a common type of iphone app interface with small buttons on left hand side of each business for more details. So far so good!..  

Criticism? Nothing major, it’s a tiny bit slow and for some reason slower than Zenbu – not sure why – but it’s not a reason not to use this app.

Rating… 9/10  

iphone-22-10-0011 iphone-22-10-0021 iphone-22-10-0031



I got another app like this – NZ Birds (which I’ll review later) it’s actually not bad. Kitty, however, looks and sounds like it was done by some bored IT geek at home on a Sunday afternoon. 


It’s basically an interesting concept (sounds you cat might react too) poorly executed, in fact execute is what should be done with this app, if this hasn’t told you your’e wasting precious time and finger muscles, read on!

What does it do?  Has a selection of (very) badly recorded cat sounds you can play back.

So What! Yeeesss, so what? Well the cat did react to the first sound (hence 1/10 rating) but the others he didn’t, because the sound quality was terrible, and was that people talking in the back ground????

Cost?  Free

Looks… Judge for yourself

Ease of use…  Well this was the only good thing about this, you just hit the button and a sound came out, hardly rocket science.

Criticism?  WTF is all the back ground noise, there’s people talking, laughing, doors closing and the kittens sounds like it’s being done by people.

Rating 1/10 Don’t waste your time.




Zenbu is an NZ company that runs an online directory. This app uses that directory on your iphone coupled with location services to pin point your location and the services available close by.

What does it do?  Finds businesses and services etc near to your location and provides directions and contact details etc.

So What! Useful if you need to find a specific business nearby – it doesn’t the same thing as Find NZ a bit faster but with slightly less style

Cost?  Free

Looks… This is a good app, but it lets itself down on looks. Am I being fussy? well one of the things I like about Mac is 90% of the programs have some visual style which makes them a pleasure to use. It also shows the developers have put some thought into the whole package. Zenbu uses a variety of colours and type faces that make this looks messy and decidedly unattractive. Pity, because it’s really it’s only fault.

Ease of use…  Straight forward although I found some of the link buttons hard to ‘locate’ it took a few tries to get the right spot on the screen.

Criticism?  Apart from the visual disappointment there is little else to gripe about.

Rating 8/10 Graphics could do with some work.

iphone-22-10-005 iphone-22-10-006 

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