Wainuiomata residents banned from Hotel, Trevor Mallard show’s what a dick he is.

Some motelier in Palmerston North (Excitement Capital of the North Island, no, really!) has had a guts full of annoying visitors from Wainuiomata. I had to check Google Maps to find out where Wainuiomata is, best described as being down a culdesac from Lower Hutt.

Anyway, this trivia caught my eye because clearly this is a high risk business promotional technique, not for the faint hearted, it can, and does go badly wrong.

It looks like Mr Steve Donnelly (the owner) has hit pay dirt this time though. The press worked out he was Australian, so that’s always good for a bit of bigoted generalisation.

The good folk of Wainuiomata, rather than expressing disappointment at their students poor behaviour and leaving it at that, have come out swinging and the media has dragged “prominent” resident’s into the fray. Well, given there’s only about 17,000 residents, they ended up getting the local MP, Labour do gooder Trevor Mallard.

I’m now wondering if Steve actually paid Trev to say this, because it is priceless…

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, born and bred in Wainuiomata, said the move was absolutely outrageous.

“It’s stupid and very, very unfair. It shows the sort of blind prejudice I thought we didn’t have in New Zealand anymore. I’m not surprised the [owner’s] Australian.”

uh, right, good one Trev.

So next time your’e passing through Palmerston North and you want somewhere quiet to stay, clearly this is the place http://www.supremeaccom.co.nz/

Update: Oh dear, I see everyone else is blogging about this, I swear I saw it in the paper not on another blog.

Further Update: It’s get’s better, clearly trying to ride the publicity for all it’s worth Steve says today ” “is not a marae or a Housing New Zealand home”. Might be stating the obvious there, I thought he was running a Motel!

    • Fritz Chop
    • April 22nd, 2009

    Mr Steve Donnelly is a bloody legend… I can only ask why he hasn’t banned more New Zealand towns, or in fact perhaps an entire Island… I suppose if he finds more imperfect guests and bans their respective towns, he may run out of citizens to stay at his motel.

    • impugn42
    • April 22nd, 2009

    Since John Cleese claimed once that Palmerston North was the place to go to commit suicide, I find the comparison to Fawlty, hilarious.

    • susan petersen
    • April 22nd, 2009

    Trevor Mallard is not a dick, he simply showed Steve Donnelly up for the ban this ridiculous lodge owner has placed on the whole of Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt, not all its residents are like the said rugby players, he is bound to have invited his own problems having banned the town.

    • No sorry, I still think he’s a dick, I watched him on TV and he, well, he looked like a dick. The motelier looked fairly reasonable, he obviously keeps his place tidy and wants visitors to keep the place tidy and be considerate, it’s his Motel he entitled to do that. Trev on the other hand, just came across as trying to get a bit of publicity for himself.

    • huttnz
    • April 22nd, 2009

    Its a hard one to call this, but not sure if Trevor painted Wainui in the best light, but at least he has more gonads than most MPs when it comes to fronting up. It does make you wonder if TVNZ, knew he would front given his history in the past, and knew it would make great TV, which it was. In fact I thought we might have seen some biff, if it had run longer…

    • Fritz Chop
    • June 18th, 2009

    Aren’t these footballers better suited to camping?

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