Eskimo sweets attacked by PC brigade

Sometimes I read about consumer complaints and you empathise, on other occasions I just wonder what side of bed they got out of and there is an obvious need to take a chill-pill.

2100002809255The ‘fuss’ over some Inuit (that’s an Eskimo) tourist has had a small fit over the soft marshmallow sweets called Eskimo. She’s incensed that Kiwi’s actually eat a representation of an Eskimo and claims is culturally insensitive… WTF!

Seeka Lee Veevee Parsons is from Canada and needs to chill out… probably heading home and getting waaaaay up north will enhance the serious amount of chilling out she needs to do.

I also see the MSM managed to dredge up and indignant acedemic, wow, there’s a surprise. Apparently Dr Nicole Gumby Gombay claims she was “shocked” to see the sweet on sale here, this was when she arrived here to study Inuit politics and culture… at Canterbury University… in Canterbury… in the South Island… of New Zealand. Maybe Dr Gombay is in the wrong place to study Inuit don’t you think?

Anyway, Seeka is going to send the sweets to her Grandfather (who’ll probably think they’re yummy) and the Canadian PM, presumably with the view of getting them to invade NZ and set things right.

Fortunately the maker of the sweets essentially told Seeka to get a life, and will continue to make the sweets.

I didn’t even know these still exsisted as I remember buying them at the corner dairy when I was a kid. 

Next week, Seeka teams up with Sue Kedley & and Greens to launch a campaign to rid the world of Eskimo Pies.

    • Tony Steeves
    • May 8th, 2009

    Firstly you have to understand the Inuit people, and their continued need to pull the race card. Any issue will see the Inuit race screaming racism at every turn. However, once you understand the level of their uneducated, small minds you can see how something like this can happen. Attendance in schools in Nunavut is under 30% in most communities, they have little understanding of any other culture, and see only theirs. To my knowledge “Eskimo” mean eater of raw meat…hummm…THEY DO EAT RAW MEAT! Ten years ago, the government of Canada set aside Nunavut (our land) for the Inuit people, and they governed themselves. Since that time the pollution of their land and the levels of corruption in their own government have blown the minds of many Canadians. In her report Shiela Fraser noted that the Inuit government has not followed even one of its own policies in the past ten years. Do the inuit people really believe that with a population of only 30,000 they are generating enough revenue to support the 80% on welfare? They bitch about overcrowded housing – try BUYING a house like the rest of us. Try not getting pregnanat at 13!!! A candy in New Zealand now upsets them…good grief whats next the Christmas song where “folks were dressed up like eskimos”. They need to spend more time on education, work and fixing their own problems (48 x the suicide rate than in southern Canada)…. OH wait…maybe show up for work and you will not have time to worry about a NZ candy.

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