Jackie Chan Communist Lap Dog

The Chinese regime still loves using terms like ‘capitalist roader’ and ‘colonialists’ so I’m quite comfortable with calling ‘Movie Star’ Jackie Chan a communist lap dog.


Chan & Friend demonstrating loyalty to the communist party.

I noticed when the Chinese were having a good old squeak about the bronze statues a month ago that they rolled out Jackie Chan presumably because they figured he’d be a credible mouth piece for Western audiences, I guess they figured if people will listen to the likes on Bono about Africa and climate change, they’ll feel Chan will be accepted as a good guy with some valid opinions.

You have to say it’s kind of unexpected that someone who had all the benefits of the relative freedoms of Hong Kong would suddenly side with a bunch of communist dictators.  After all surely Jackie would want ordinary Chinese to enjoy the same freedoms he’s enjoyed, right?

Apparently not.

Mr Chan’s now come out and uneqiviolicly sided with the communist dictators that run China. 

I guess like many western celebrities that go off the tracks, Jackie’s self importance has gone to his head.

He’s now suggesting that actually (other) Chinese are all a bit stupid and need to be controlled. Naturally this doesn’t apply to himself as he should be free to say whatever he wants and travel freely around the world living an opulent lifestyle while ordinary Chinese struggle under semi feudal conditions.

All this bollocks and rank hypocrisy goes down well with the Communist elite in China and soon they’ll have him sitting in their rubber stamp parliament. If I were Chinese I’d be hurling his DVD’s onto a big bonfire in protest.

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