Courage Beer ad a master stroke

Courage Beer’s ad in the UK is an advertising master stroke. Either was it was destined to be a winner especially when you take into account the predictable reactions from silly politically correct people.

In a rather silly ruling by the British Advertising Standards Authority they have guaranteed the ad’s viral success on the internet (I wouldn’t be posting this otherwise) a mildly funny ad about the perennial “does this make my bum look big” gag, will now be a highly successful advertising for their beer, far more so than probabaly originally intented and completely undermining the decision by the ASA that the ad promoted drinking and suggested that drinking the half glass of beer on the floor would give the guy the courage to tell the truth.

In real life the beer would probably have little effect on the lad, it was probably his first one of the evening.

Cheers to the silly tossers who complained, and cheers to the British ASA. I guess Courage Beers are delighted as this has now brought them international attention to their brand which they could never have afforded previously.


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