Silly Auckland Mayor’s start making stuff up

It’s fascinating to see Mayors from the Councils in Auckland well know for being heavily bureaucratic and wasteful of ratepayers money start throwing their toys out of the cot when they realise the gravy train is about it end.

Penny Webster, who’s Rodney District Council is all but insolvent and couldn’t effectively organise a piss up in a brewery because it would take six months to get a consent and cost tens of thousands of dollars, fires the first shot albeit too late, in a effort to slow her inevitable demise, by stating the obvious that rates won’t come down “contrary to the publics expectations”. Hang on Penny, no one ever thought rates were going to come down. They might stay the same, they probably will increase, but with the savings made we might get a better service that we currently get – particularly from Rodney District Council. Being a ex ACT MP you’d think Penny would know better, but clearly not so.

Then we have the Mayor of North Shore – the Rooster of Campbells Bay boldly states that “it will cost between 20 -40 million is restructuring costs” you know people are making shit up when they give those sort of figures, WTF was Andrew pissed when he came up with these figures? oh wait, probably.

Then we have the Waitakere City Council led by the  ‘Wag of Waitakere’ ex Labour Party head saying it will cost $550 a head for restructuring.

Penny Hulse Auckland’s deputy mayor helpfully points out that ratepayers are already burdened by rate rises and won’t be happy, well that’s correct, we’re not happy.

And that’s exactly why ratepayers generally support the changes. Councils have had years to sort out their patches, concentrate on core functions and improve services, but like the Labour Government, they just grew and grew hiking rates to cover costs and adding more and more non core services and growing the bureaucracy. I suspect they thought it they grew big enough no one could touch them.

They were wrong. Things are going to change and ratepayers are sick of the arrogance and distain with which they have been treated by their local councils for so long. Local Government is beauracry gone mad, and I for one am grateful to National for having the guts to finally try and sort it out.

No, it won’t be perfect, but anything is better than what we currently have. These whingeing Mayor’s and Councilors know their days with their snounts in the rate payers trough are rapidly coming to and end… the sooner the better!

I’ll leave you with the words of Auckland City’s Mayor, strangely the only one with something sensible to say, which is telling…


“Auckland City Mayor John Banks said it would be difficult to give details of savings at this stage, but staff relocation and the sale of surplus council property could give some.

Mr Banks did not know how much the transition would cost Auckland City ratepayers, but the council would probably borrow money to pay the bill.

“We will need to monitor the costs closely because they can run away very easily,” he said.”

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