Obama to get rid of nukes… not

In NZ whenever a politician needs to distract voters from something unpleasant they drag up Republicanism. This allows commentators and academics to have a field day, spurred on by the media, spouting forth various objections or improvements. From the politicians point of view it serves a useful distraction and by the time the dust settles the original problem has been forgotten, and the issue of Republicanism is “firmly off the table for the foreseeable future”.

So it must surely be with Obama’s latest proclamation that he wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that this isn’t going to happen. Lets just suspend belief here and say that the USA decided tomorrow to ditch all it’s nuclear deterrent, does that mean Israel, France, Russia, Britain, China, Japan, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Brazil and Iran are going to get warm fuzzies and chuck away their weapons as well?

For small not so wealthy countries feeling threatened, a nuclear deterrent is a cheap and effective way of holding your rivals and enemies at arms length. Not one of these countries is going to give up either their public of clandestine programs for very obvious reasons.

I know Obama says his role model is Lincoln, but I still think it’s Blair – Tony Blair. Despite a pretty average performance when it comes to governing, he has a silver tongue and the ability to play the media like a harp. This latest suggestion is as silly as Bush’s “War on Terror” – sure it’s warm and fuzzy, but it’s just as silly. The world is on the edge of economic collaspe and Obama comes up with world peace.

This is a distraction and nothing more – I guess the other leaders will thank him for it as they have plenty they wish to distract their voters from presently.

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