Cheap building permits – $2500 with unlimited scope!

If your’e one of the thousands of people who go through the frustration and huge cost of getting a building permit, then there is now a much easier and significantly cheaper way of building your dream house.

For about $2500 you can build anything you you like.

Yes, that’s right $2500.


My new (unpermited) Wharenui

Obviously it would be a good idea to call it a meeting house, or if you want to be really PC, a “Wharenui”, but considering you could be saving yourself anything from $20,000 to over $100,000 for a building permit, I’d personally be happy to have a sign outside call it a wharenui if that’s what it takes.

This is all good news and is clearly part of National’s promised strategy to remove some of the more crazy aspects of the RMA. 

I guess no one quite saw this kind of reform, but it’s obviously going to be welcome news to anyone building a house.

No more idiotic Council requirements, engineers over spec’ing everything at huge cost, arbourists, geotec reports, months of agonising waiting, being nice and polite to Council bureaucrats even though they are just damn lazy and know it, 10’s of thousands of dollars gone from you precious building budget before the first soil has been turned.

No folks, just go straight ahead, get you plans, wack up that building, call it a ‘wharenui’ and send that cheque off to the High Court. 

Hell, after that the Council will actually come along without you waiting and make sure your house is all OK – how’s that for service and pro-activeness!

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