9 day working fortnight idea nutty

I genuinely thought the 9 day working week idea was one of those headline grabbing ideas from the ‘economic summit’ that would whither and die when the MSM got bored and moved onto the next exciting thing.

It immediately brought to mind the 40 hour working week the socialist French Government imposed a few years ago. ‘Strangely’ enough productivity dropped and now they are unraveling the whole mess.

I can’t believe people actually take this concept seriously, and that there is a seemingly serious suggestion that the ‘Government’ – i.e. taxpayers – should pay for working to have a day off, so they can keep their jobs.

Lets get this straight, we’re in an economy where we need to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of workers and we are proposing to give them a day off a fortnight paid for by taxpayers. The cost of this alone will limit how many ‘workers’ could participate therefore it will be a majority of taxpayers subsidising a day off for a minority of taxpayers.

This sounds like one of those wacky ideas that came out of the Communist Chinese “great leap forward”, in this case a “great leap backwards”.

Maybe the best idea, if productivity is what we want, is that workers volunteer an extra 2-3 hours a fortnight for ‘free’ to help employers be more productive and competitive. Plenty of salaried workers have to do this, and do doubt are doing this right now.

Naturally the Unions think the 9 day fortnight subsidised by the government taxpayer is a great idea and doesn’t go far enough. I guess to justify the union fees they deduct from their members it’s important to be delivering the goodies, and an extra paid day off a week certainly meets that criteria!

It doesn’t achieve a thing if we are interested in productivity, which in our current situation should be the prime consideration. I doubt that companies who are really in trouble are going to find one day a fortnight is going to make a big difference to their situation, if jobs are going to be lost this won’t help and it’s interesting that businesses are all pretty quiet on the scheme.

Transferring money from the productive part of the economy through the sponge of Government through to a minority of workers in order to give them a paid day off is a waste of money, the idea should be thrown out immediately.

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