Traditional Honors to be restored

Personally I didn’t ever see this happening, so it is interesting that John Key has decided to reinstate the UK based Honors system (and retain the PC version Labour introduced).

I always thought the Labour system was a joke, if you were ideologically against something, why replace it with a meaningless half baked facsimile, why not ditch it altogether?

Whether or not the people who can now retrospecivily accept a knighthood will take it up, will depend on where they stand on our relationship with the UK, it will be interesting to see who accepts and who declines.

It would be nice to think that this symbolic gesture from Key means that we are going to move away from the PC attitudes of the previous government and maybe this means that many of the ideological political correctness will in fact be ditched for a more pragmatic view of life and society – one based on the reality of winners and losers rather than some kind of mushy ‘achieved’ system where everyone gets a prize even if they have done nothing of note, and I’m not just talking about our honors system.

This change might also subtly indicate that the issue of becoming a republic is off the agenda in this term – and maybe it also tells us that the influential members of the National Government and their partners are not really interested in the concept. I suspect Maori would like to retain their relationship with the Crown as after all, that’s who they signed the treaty with. ACT too is probably more interested in achieving other things and in any case politicians seem to use the issue as a diversionary tactic and this Government has got more than enough on it’s plate for the next three years without worrying about becoming a republic and all the constitutional issues it raises.

I persoanlly think the old (now current) honors system while serviving little practical purpose is a warm fuzzy thing that symbolisies our ties with the UK and the historical links we still have with that culture. There’s little doubt that one day we will become a republic, but in the mean time we should not be shy of embracing something is part of our history and culture.

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