iphone app review: 1-day, National Bank, eWallet

1-Day app…

This will only be of interest to NZ (and possibly Australian) readers as 1-Day is an online offshoot of Torpedo 7 a sports store. Briefly 1-Day offers three items a day on a simple website, they are (usually) heavily discounted and the products range from, electronics & sports gear, to well, just about anything. There are a limited number of items available and once they go that’s it, another three items get listed the next day.

What does it do?  The app gives you a quick view of each item (one in each screen) the ability to quickly see the detail and buy the item off your phone.

So what! Well previously you could open the email they send each day, but the images didn’t always download, and the links were slow. It wasn’t worth trieing to buy using the online version with Safari.

Cost?  Free

Looks... Nice crisp graphics, clear layout makes the app self explanatory (but then so is the web based site).

Ease of use…  This is a nice simple app and if you are someone who goes in each day to cheque 1-Day, then this is great… one more reason to buy an iphone.

Criticism? None really, just wonder why they haven’t publicised this on their main page, I stumbled across it in the apps store.

Rating… 10/10


nbnz_logoNational Bank

 Another app that is NZ based. This app is the online access to National Banks manage your account online.

What does it do?  All the things you would normally do if you go online to manage your account. 

So What! There’s no way you’d bother going online using Safari on your phone, in fact I couldn’t get it to work properly, this is a scaled down version. I notice Westpac have also now done an app for the iphone too.

Cost?  Free

Looks… just like the web version, except it’s fit onto your screen properly. Nice tidy conservative graphics.

Ease of use…  once again, this is just like the web version so it’s relatively easy – this isn’t a review of National Banks online interface which I think could be improved a lot.

Criticism?  Why aren’t they promoting this on their web site, something like “now on iphone” would make sense surely? 

Rating 10/10





The ewallet by Ilium Software is an ‘electronic’ wallet, or safe box, for your passwords, account details and credit cards etc. This app allows you to enter all the details and create categories for them, plus have graphics to identify what they are. There is also a version for your desktop (pc & mac) so you can synchronise them, but at USD29.95 and our crappy NZD/USD exchange rate I decided to give this a miss.

What does it do?  Allows to to file passwords and other confidential details into your iphone. It’s apparently uses “256-bit AES encryption” which is apparently pretty good, although only as good as you password I guess, so you’re birth date might not be a smart idea considering if you stick all your credit card details into this (as I’ve done) someone who finds your phone could have a field day doing some early Christmas shopping online!. It has a fair degree of customisation and you can group you stuff how you like – you can change the categories and sub categories plus the graphics.

So What! If you have heaps of passwords for various sites, banking passwords, account numbers, a collection of frequent flier cards etc etc, you’re going to need somewhere safe to store this information – this app does that all for you – well, actually you do it, so set aside 20-30 minutes!

Cost?  $13.99 (NZD)… no, that’s not cheap, there were cheaper apps doing similar things, but they didn’t seem to have the level of customisation or security, and security should be your primary concern here, and this is only a bit more expensive than a combo at McDonalds!

Looks… I didn’t think any of the apps that didn’t this had really good graphics, probably this was not high on the developers agenda. They are OK, one of the things that attracted me was the ‘virtual’ credit card (or a range of other card) layouts available with logos etc. If you’re like me and respond to graphics then this is a nice feature.

Ease of use…  OK, it was a bit fiddly to set up, and I ended up with two accounts and it took a while to get rid of the other one, but after playing around with it (and you’ll do plenty of that setting it up) it was pretty straight forward. It could be better but once again it was the best of the bunch, and I suppose there are different considerations for developing such an app.

Criticism?  Little bit fiddly to set up and use, not exactly intuitive, but I might be being a bit harsh. The desktop app is expensive and I think Ilium are missing an opportunity to get more users on board – if they had offered me the desktop version for under $20, I probably would have got it.

Rating 7/10

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