Air NZ CEO now running Finance Ministry – Bill English to resign


I know you want tax cuts up here, but this is where I say they should be, down there!

I see Rob Fyfe has decided that he’s got enough time on his hands to start making comments about Government Tax Policy.

I’m going to assume this is the same Rob Fyfe who has presided of Air NZ’s latest impressive profit announcement? The one where profit fell 84%. Apparently Air NZ hope to “pull up” from this, but on the other hand, Rob probably won’t sweat it too much because as the tax payer owns Air NZ if things get really messy then he can ask the tax payer for a bail out.

Which makes me wonder if that’s why he doesn’t want the tax cuts. Maybe he’s planning even greater losses, catastrophic losses that might require billions of dollars pumped into the airline, if it goes on tax cuts, well Rob might not be able to get it.

I, and many NZd’ers have been waiting years for tax cuts. We are sick of paying taxes only to see them spent on stupid things like… well like bailing out Air NZ when in fact it would have been better for everyone if Singapore Airlines had been allowed to buy them (BTW, thanks for nothing Dr Cullen you twat).

Of course, as shareholders in Air NZ we taxpayers are naturally unhappy with Mr Fyfe’s performance, and we all accept his offer to drop his salary and performance bonus gratefully, this shows real corporate responsibility on his part… oh wait, no he didn’t, I must have made that up, not a bad idea Rob don’t you think?

It’s bad enough that Air NZ is a generally crappy airline, with indifferent staff and service, uncompetitive fares and the propensity to screw frequent flyer’s at every turn, but now the CEO thinks we shouldn’t be getting a tax cut either.

I’d respectfully suggest that Rob Fyfe gets back to running the Air NZ and ensuring the service is a hell of a lot better, and they make a profit each year avoiding the requirement for any further funding from tax payers.

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