Guantanamo Bay prisoner releases not so succesful

SEPT 11While all the bleeding heart lefties will be rejoicing (possibly prematurely) Obama’s decision to close down the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, attention should be turning to what’s going to be happening to the freed inmates.

With the latest detainee Binyam Mohamed making it ‘back’ to the UK (rather than Ethiopia where he was originally from) and the usual MSM hand wringing about torture and Mr Mohamed has played it up for all it’s worth, it’s possibly timely to take a look at what’s happened to Mr Mohamed’s cell mates who have already been released.

The Economist has an excellent article about how some ‘failed’ states like Yemen are now becoming a safe area for the former prisoners to ‘start afresh’. Apparently the ‘rehabilitation’ has not been as successful as expected and the former inmates have gone right back to doing what they were doing when they got caught – being terrorists.

People seem to forget that these people are not like Mrs Smith next door, they don’t play by the rules of ‘civilised society’, they are quite happy to fly an aeroplane into a sky scraper killing thousands of people, and will work for years quietly to achieve that goal. Being nice and giving these people rehabilitation and fawning coverage by the MSM will not change their world view one bit. 

Funny how quickly people forget.

The inmates at Guantanamo Bay and their fellow jihadist’s are people who want a system of ‘government’ where women are treated little better than cattle (and with even less rights), justice involves cutting people hands off in public, and the education and freedoms that you and I take for granted are simply not allowed, at all. Their aim is to see the entire planet operate like this and they will go to any lengths to achieve this.

They see our liberal democracies and the extension of rights to terrorists (that they would never give their hostages) as a sign of how weak and morally corrupt ‘western’ society is, simply confirming that their world view is correct.

Releasing these people will not change a thing, and it may well be that now Obama has the full facts before him he is coming to the realisation that simply letting these people go is a huge risk. This is why although these people may be leaving Guantanamo, they may well end up somewhere else under detention in the same way.

    • mooseburger
    • February 24th, 2009

    When the Nazi forces captured Jewish resistors, they could not turn them loose either, because they would return to stand against the existing government. Ronald Reagan said “Government is the problem” and how right he was! When any government abandons basic human rights, does not apply the rule of law to those detained for whatever reason, they are on the wrong side of history. Why not apply your logic to any criminal who is in our own jails today, who is a citizen of the USA? Why not say that a wife beater has committed an act of terrorism on his wife, lock them up, and no trial, forget that person has existed and leave him to his fate? Why should anyone ever arrested for anything be allowed to challenge their incarceration? You are promoting a value system just like the Soviet Empire sending those the State has deemed an “enemy” to Siberia. If these Combatants are bad people, we can press charges, prove them in a court setting that doesn’t need to be public, but with fairness applied, and put them away, just like we do every single day to murderers, rapists, and the like. No one seems to have a problem with these murderers being locked up in maximum security prisons here in the USA. To use your own worst fears against you, lets say a “Liberal” President calls you an enemy combatant because of your views and public protests, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time… very careful what you advocate for ones you hate, for someday, some in power may just hate you and apply the same standard.

    • When the Nazi’s got hold of Jews they didn’t release them because they intended to wipe Jews from the face of the planet!

      The very freedoms we now take for granted, and in fact are debating here, were fought for with lives, often horrific things occurred to get where we are today and ‘human rights’ were not often high in the combatants minds. While I am disappointed that the US Government has had to go to the lengths it has, and while I acknowledge that in fact they have stooped to some degree to the level of those they fight, sometimes it is impossible not to do so if we are to defend society as we know it.

      Lets not fool ourselves, there are people in prison now who went through a ‘fair’ justice system but were still imprisoned wrongly, likewise there are some criminals who on release will simply go and repeat the crimes possibly because of their phycological state. Who’s to say the US Government hasn’t got a bunch of complete sociopaths locked up at Guantanamo Bay? It’s entirely plausible as the real leaders of the jihadists movement are not the ones who fly the planes of detonate the bombs.

      The legal and moral issues encapsulated in Guantanamo are ones many societies grapple with every day with their existing criminals and prison population.

      People are challenging the incarceration of inmates at Guantanamo Bay, this was an election issue in the US, and there are protests and legal challenges on a regular basis, so these people have not been forgotten, far from it.

      I was pointing out two things, firstly that Obama is now engaged in subtle fudging of the issue of incarceration of ‘enemy combatants’, sure he might not keep them in Guantanamo, but he hasn’t said he was going to free these people either. It’s likely that he has now seen evidence to make him change his mind. Secondly, we need to consider why these people are there in the first place, they didn’t get there randomly, and turning them loose isn’t going to make the problem go away.

      The aim of the people who carried out September 11th was to bring down western liberal democracy, their leaders calculated the effects of their actions, and in some ways they have been successful – our rights have been curtailed in all sorts of ways as a result. If we allow this to happen again more of our rights will be removed. As unpalatable as it is, I would rather see their rights curtailed if it prevents another 9/11, simply because another 9/11 event would see my rights are freedoms limited even more.

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