Adobe signs contract with Green Party

Well I know I said I was going to ignore them,

I even managed to semi ignore the silly poll on today, mainly because I wasn’t sure who the person on the left was… Whale Oil helpfully informs us it’s actually Sue Bradford.

Bugger me, I genuinely didn’t realise it when I saw the poll, I thought it was someother Green Party nobody pitching for co-leader.

WTF is it with these wimmin, they wank on about how superficial the beauty industry is, and then suddenly decide to forget their supposed principals and break out the photoshop.

Sue now joins the gallery of pathetic humans, occupied by Glucina and Miss Clark….

While I’m on the Greens, isn’t it odd how a party can fight discrimination by so called ‘positive’ discrimination and require the party to have a male and female leader, quality of said leaders isn’t an issue, they must have a male and female.


apparently this person is the same person (Sue Bradford) as the one on the left in photo below (far left sorry)


Sue Bradford on right, no left, um, no the right... oh I give up.

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