Fire Fighters Union needs to butt out and go fight a real fire


Stick to fighting fires

The NZ Fire Fighters Union are a charming bunch. Like most unions they specialise in ensuring that their continued existence is the number 1 priority. These are the guys who thought it amusing to send bullets in the post to people they were supposed to work alongside, they are also well known for their foot dragging and childish behaviour towards volunteer fire fighters who make up the majority of Fire Fighters in NZ.

The Union is also very good at ensuring continuity of it’s members very cushy jobs. Unionised fire fighters will only fight a fire for so long, three hours I think, possibly less, then bugger off and let the vollies do the rest of the work.

Clearly there’s more to the latest whining noises coming from the Union regarding latest appointment they don’t like , is it really because they don’t feel he is up to the job, or because the NZFS might be about to engage in another round of reform now we have a National Government.

Given that the Fire Fighter Union represents a minority of Fire Fighters in NZ, maybe they would like to concentrate on other things rather than personal politics and character assassination – but given past history I guess that would be a bit much to expect.

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