Blackout Day

I wouldn’t want anyone to think I didn’t support freedom on the Internet – or anywhere else for that matter – but I would have thought the whole ‘Section 92A’ issue was so bleeding obvious that National would have included it in their 100 day plan!

That they haven’t worries, but doesn’t surprise me.

I’m just hoping they have learnt from Labour’s arrogance and don’t start to repeat it. If National are sucking up to the recording industry who are always blaming the latest method of self recording for their downfall, that is just pathetic.

It’s concerning that Simon Power just seems to be silent on the issue, when in fact it’s really quite simple, they have the majority in parliament and it’s doesn’t look like they would cop any flack from the public for repealing it, so what’s the hold up Simon?


Simon…. are you there Simon?

Earth to Simon????

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