Australia Re-exports Crime Family


Sun, surf, sand, Samoans, maybe we would be better off with Marian & Prince here???

You can sympathise with the Australian Police, they must get sick of dealing with NZders and their criminal behaviour. In this case they seem to have decided enough was enough and sent them ‘home, unfortunately for us, ‘home is NZ!

This ‘family’ is a real piece of work, Maria & Prince Brown will no doubt be relishing the chance to start afresh in NZ, especially with our grossly incompetent Corrections Department, this would be a bit like coming to Disney World. There is absolutely no doubt they will continue their crime spree in NZ.

I’m wondering if we shouldn’t be taking a leaf out of the Australians book.

I notice that Maria is actually from Samoa, if that’s the case then we should be looking at deporting her at the first sign of trouble.

Of course that won’t happen, because Barry Matthew’s and his crew won’t keep tabs on her and her delightful son, and they’ll probably kill someone while on bail. Then the tax payer would have to foot the bill to keep them in prison for 10 years and then the stupid parole board will let them out for good behavior.

As the Corrections Department seem to think the Samoan Justice system has something to offer NZ, maybe Barry could send them back as ambassadors… permanent ambassadors!

I’m sure the Samoans would be able to deal with them. Might save us some money just sticking them on the first plane out so they just stay in the transit lounge.

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