Maori + Racially based Maori Rugby Team = Apartheid?

Our MSM who seem to go in for a bit of self censorship when it comes to stuff regarded as sensitive (read ‘PC’) haven’t given this front page coverage today. The BBC however saw fit to put this story on the front of their Asia/Pacific section today.

The South African Rugby team has said they cannot play the Maori Team because it is racially based, and they are not allowed to play teams that are racially based.

Fair enough, a sizable group of NZders screamed blue murder when the All Blacks played South Africa when it was under an apartheid regime, now that South Africa isn’t, and they have learned from this experience (well are learning), they have decided their team must not have anything to do with teams that are racially based. This is a sensible move and one that should be applauded. 

The NZRFU shows just how out of touch they are by descibing the position of the SARU’s as a  “Bolt out of the blue”.

Clearly the NZRFU have been living under a rock for the last few years, because it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that a country that suffered at the hands of those who dish out privilege based on race, should then do everything in their power to try are treat everyone equally.


Neil Sorenson (NZRFU General Manager) rather disingenuously…

“accepted that the Maori side was racially based in that “you have to be a Maori to play in it”.

But he chose to side with New Zealand race relations commissioner Joris de Bres who in a letter to Saru today said: “I have no problem with the concept of a Maori rugby team, or a European rugby team, or a Chinese rugby team, as long as our national, regional and local representative teams are open to people of all ethnicities.  This is ethnic diversity, not racial discrimination.”

Right, so our race relations commissioner says it’s ok to discriminate on race as long as he has no problem with it. 

What a bunch of crap.

If I tried to set up a rugby team and said only white people could play in it, people would scream their heads off and demand action from Mr De Bres, who would no doubt oblige. 

The Maori Rugby team is racially based and as such should not be allowed. It doesn’t matter whether it is Maori, Chinese, European or anything else, if it is selected along racial lines it should not be acceptable in NZ. And that applies to anything else, we just can’t continue with the PC bollocks where if it involves whites it racist, but if it’s just for Maori, it’s somehow OK.

Where’s John Minto now? Haven’t noticed him with his merry band of losers picketing Maori Rugby team games or practices, but if he was going to be consistent (fat chance) then he would be kicking up a fuss.

Granting privilege based on race or excluding people from participating in anything based on race is not OK, it’s racist, and we should be mature enough to say it, and ensure it doesn’t happen in New Zealand.

  1. wahtever the maori all blacks team is not ‘racially based’ just because it says ‘The Maori all Blacks’ dosnt mean that it is i supose the ‘All Blacks’ is racial iswel.wich is so not true because not everyone in either of those teams are all maoris,or all black!!!!!

    so stick that up your ass…

      • Rodney Allfrey
      • June 6th, 2010

      it is racist based because you HAVE to be of Maori descent to allowed to play in it.

      I would not be allowed because i am not of Maori descent

      that is why it is a RASCIST team use your head and think

  2. haha all your facts about this ‘Racist Maori Team’ are way way off..because my grandfather use to be in the maori all blacks and he was nowhere near maori.
    so i think you need to re check all your facts out because it just sounds to me that your trying to judge this particular race.sorry but its true.

    • Hi ‘Kelly’ or is it ‘Karina’ or any of the other names you’ve been using? Don’t forget I can see your email & URL so you can change the name you post under but it’s still the same person…. ‘bro’. You sure YOU got your facts rights?

  3. fuck i dont really care to be honest hahha..
    and BRO IM Postive i got my facts right but you on the other dont know whatt the fuck your on about..

    and i can see you ddnt answer ta my other comment..must not of had a good enuf comeback for it ae..hha

    • Rodney Allfrey
    • June 6th, 2010

    I agree that Maori rugby is racist since you have to be of Maori descent to be in the team.

    All you above how do you work out is not racist when it is picked on RACE only

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