Jetstar ‘specials’ great for high blood pressure

logoJetstar, or maybe it should be Jest-star, have managed to get a fair bit of publicity in the MSM about their $1 air fares they were offering from 12 – 2pm today.

Fantastic, I thought, I need to go down to Wellington for work so I figured I would grab a seat down in August.

I got onto the site at about 12:10pm, it’s now 2:14pm and finally after about 25 tries, getting through to various stages and receiving various messages from ‘service unavailable’ etc etc, declined cards (why the fuck offer Amex as a payment option if you keep declining it), I finally got a ticket.

Lucky I guess because I was starting to get a bit stressed I had decided this was the last try, sometimes life is too short!

I did notice that they managed to get me signed up to their newsletters on the first attempt as I got a confirmation email just after 12pm, but actually securing a ticket was a different matter.

I wonder why companies offer this sort of service online, publicise it, and then ‘discover’ that their system can’t handle it, leading to more publicity (maybe I just answered my question) that could be negative.

If you sell anything for  $1 these days you msut expect everyone to pile in, surely you either spread the time out, warn people there could be delays, or make sure you systems can cope?

I hope they fly their planes more effectively than they run their web site!

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