Tony Veitch to return to TV thanks to Murray Deaker

I see hidden away on on Sunday was the news that Tony Veitch is set to return to the TV screens.

Murray Deaker has decided he “couldn’t care less” about what people think and that “He hasn’t had any work for six months and the case is many months away from being heard so, in my opinion, it’s time he got back on the horse again.” Murray is going to have Veitch on his Sky TV show, I’d heard it was going to be renamed ‘Misogynist Sports Buffet’ but I could have miss-understood.

Well having listened to Murray a bit (not by choice) I never thought he was a particularly considered or thoughtful person, so this really just confirms my suspicions. Murray does say that he has “thought this through and I don’t care. I firmly believe people should be given a right to use their skill and to work”.

I guess it’s just lucky for the rest of us that people like Murray Deaker aren’t running the country, because if you extend that sort of logic, then I guess you could argue that anyone currently locked up, or awaiting trial should be allowed to work, hell, lets just do away things like bail and holding people in custody until trial, because they have the right to “use their skill and to work”.

Of course, I suspect when Murray gave it his considered thought he was really thinking about a fellow talking head, and naturally, they should be treated differently from us mere mortals as they have special celebrity status. We should forgive them for their little weaknesses because they have special talents that benefit society… uh right.

Speaking of ‘talent’ I see Murray is listed on Talent Online as a speaker whose “no nonsense” style is exciting and entertaining”. Whatever. Anyone can be “controversial” and “no nonsense” by being an misogynist dinosaur who thinks giving people a bit of a slap is OK sometimes, especially if you are a celebrity. It doesn’t require any special talent to bare your soul to Listener in promotion of your book either, just a motivation to build your public profile. 

As we see so often in this world of instant gratification and glossy, slick and shallow TV becoming a celebrity just requires a laser like attention to self aggrandisement, and an ability to turn your fuck-ups into opportunities.

Obviously Deaker and Sky TV are working to rehabilitate this towering talent that Veitch represents, and so turn his exceedingly poor judgement (that would get you sacked instantly in any other field) to his advantage. I expect Murray is going to help him put a book together explaining how he got through this “dark time in his life” and how he coped with his depression and climbed his way back to fame and fortune. No doubt in that condescending ‘self help’ tone that these sort of celebrities take – ignoring the fact that other women bashers and alcoholics don’t have the highly paid jobs and employers willing to turn a blind eye to their weaknesses if there’s a buck to be made.

I don’t know whether Murray has a daughter, but if he did, and she was treated the way Veitch allegedly treated Kirsten Dunne-Powell, I wonder just how “no nonsense” or forgiving Murray would be with Vietch. I expect he’d probably want to take a visit to ‘sort him out’ rather than welcome him onto his program.

On the other hand maybe Deaker the Dinosaur really has miss-read public opinion on Veitch. I sincerely hope so, because I’d rather hoped we’d all matured a bit in NZ enough to get past superficial celebrity and realise that sometimes you just have to take responsibility for your actions and bow out with some diginity. Sometimes in life there isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card, and I don’t think Deaker is in a position to be dishing them out.

There’s plenty of other fish in the ‘sports news reading’ sea and it’s a big pond, do we really need to try and pump life back into damaged goods like Vietch?

  1. February 16th, 2009

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