Pssssst, want to live in NZ, permanently? Ali Panah discovers a shortcut

If you don’t meet the standard criteria for immigrants, don’t want to spend the money, can’t be arsed dealing with the Immigration Department (who are really a bunch of tossers), then there is a slightly easier, and definately cheaper way to come and live here, especially if you are from a Muslim country.

I know this sounds red neck, but this is no different from marriages of convenience. It just opens the opportunity for abuse. What would happen if all Chinese immigrants converted on mass to Falung Gong, and then used that to argue, quite rightly, that they would face persecution if they were sent home? 

If Mr Panah converted once, like anything, what’s to stop him converting back once he has citizenship? Would he be deported immediately? Wouldn’t that be a breach of his rights as a NZ citizen? 

There are many well deserving people wishing to immigrate to NZ, they have waiting months, usually years, and suffer all sorts of indignities at the hands of the immigration department. People like this just throw on a hunger strike, get some left wing Christians around them, and jump the queue!

The message here folks is, if you are thinking of coming to NZ, there are easier ways that going through all that fuss with NZ Immigration.

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