Is Shell really ‘leaving’ NZ?

This story seems to have been ‘developing’ for a while. When I mean developing, I mean that the MSM has been developing a story out of something that on the face of it appears to be routine.

I can’t find any press releases of Shell’s reported departure from the NZ market on either their NZ or International web site, so all we are left with is some carefully crafted stories from the MSM. It doesn’t appear that Shell have actually uttered the words “we are looking at selling 200 petrol stations in New Zealand”, but why let the fact get in the way of a good headline.

Shell itself say the current review of all operations is something it does all the time and I note that it hasn’t actually said anything about getting out of any of it’s businesses. Any company who is operating responsibly reviews it’s operations on a regular basis, so quite possibly there is ‘nothing to see here folks’. 

If, on the other hand, Shell are about to pull out of some businesses, then this might not be surprising in view of the big picture internationally. Something the MSM might have missed is that this could well be the first signs that the financial crisis occurring overseas is about to hit NZ.

Up until now we’ve had a few dodgy finance companies fall over and a few local corporates engage in a bit of belt tightening possibly using the ‘crisis’ to try out some off shoring without meeting too much public opposition. What we haven’t suffered is the GM type 20,000 worker lay offs, but if Shell is really looking at rationalising it’s business in New Zealand then maybe this is going to be a sign that the financial crisis is finally hitting us?

    • whocares about shell in nz
    • February 15th, 2009

    Tell me something – why does it matter what Shell does to your country – have you seen what’s Russia has done to Shell and BP? See that’s big boys games, big boys rules. NZ does not amount to that level of anything.

    Instead let’s talk about something that NZ’ers can actually perk their ears up about and start taking action.

    Your dim-witted population – those not allowed into the other countries in the world and left to rot on the carcass of a big whale (that is the story of Aotearoa right?) – ie: the population that did not get the memo that other parts of the world pay for hard work and respect the rule of law. You know the “export quality”.

    The remaining population in NZ should finally stand by John Holmes or whatever that ponce’s name is – you know the one with the daughter that likes the black c*ck and a p-pipe. (Just exercising my free speech). Well apparently this do-gooder Holmes has decided to take on the “gangs” (mongrel tops, black poopers, hershey-highway69’ers, and satan’s sluts).

    If I lived in your shithole of a country – and thankfully I managed to make it to the export quality list – I would highly advise you lot to stand by this man Holmes, take up his cause, don’t let him just get attention for the things he is saying – actually stand up and say


    The rest of the world -while tremendously corrupt at all governmental levels – does not allow biker gangs to rape and pillage an entire country. Ever hear of RICO laws.


    *for the first time in a while you do not have a female leader fucking shit up. so perhaps use that opportunity to straighten up what she broke. otherwise you are just as useless a country as fiji. and i am not joking.

    now fuck off and do something productive today.

    (and Veitch – did that pregnancy that should have been aborted kill himself yet or is he still “explaining his side of the story” – and more importantly has the dimwitted population of NZ forgiven and forgotten his actions? Knowing your justice system – or lack of it – I suspect his punishment will be a role on talkback debating with two douchebags about something that no one else in the real world cares about AD NAUSEUM – which I suppose really is punishment).


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