Replacement NZ Flag

Well it’s Waitangi day tomorrow, and already the usual immature antics have started.

There wasn’t a lot I agreed with Helen Clark on, but one thing was her decision not to bother with the annual visit to Waitangi after her treatment there.

Some Maori have no respect for democracy, why else would they show such appalling disrespect for our elected leaders? Sadly this is the day where their intolerant behaviour gets on National NZ, setting the advancement of Maori in modern NZ society back. 

Hundertwasser Flag

Aside from all the usual BS, I have been doing some thinking about our flag, especially after the last round of Harbour Bridge discussions.

I did used to be a fan of the Hundertwasser’ flag with it’s green Koru. However, I now think it is a bit drab, and curiously dated.

Some of the other suggestions are bloody awful, the worst being the Dignan flag which looks like a kids mucked around with some crayons and All Blacks logo. Right dogs breakfast.

My pick is the United Tribes flag.

Why pick something that’s old?

  • This was the first attempt by both the English living in NZ and Maori at a ‘New Zealand’ flag. 
  • It was one of a number of designs and was chosen by the dominant Maori Tribes at the time.
  • It was actually used as our national flag for some time.
  • It doesn’t look like the Australian flag, I’ve nothing against Australian’s, I just don’t think we should have a flag that looks almost identical.
  • It doesn’t have a Union Jack in it, but it does have the ‘St Georges’ cross so there is a historical connection with the majority of New Zealanders history.
  • It also has elements of the Southern Cross, and colours that were agreeable to Maori.
  • It is simple, uncluttered and easy to recognise.
  • It isn’t being too clever, trying to work all sorts of current day PC meaning into it – this flag has to stand the test of time – not some current fashion or popular sport.
  • It’s stuck around for so long because it is actually a very good design.
  • Maori have used it for years, but it has elements acceptable to many other New Zealanders, so surely this shows it’s strength and good design.
  • It meets all the design requirements for a timeless, simple, clear flag with some meaning to the different groups that now make up NZ.

United Tribes Flag

I really believe that any attempt by Maori to push some completely Maori themed flag is simply not accepting modern reality – they are in no position to demand acceptance of a flag that does not represent all NZders.

The United Tribes flag does however have many elements I personally find relevant to my ‘ethnic’ history as a white New Zealander.

This flag also gets rid of the Union Jack which really now has no place on our flag, but does so in a way that still recognises the huge impact England has had on forming this countries modern history.

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